Steamed Lapu-lapu (Grouper) in Light Soy Sauce

Lapu-lapu is one of our favorite fish. It's in the top of the list when we order from Chinese restaurants since they are live and best served steamed. I used to watch my mother and my Cantonese gwa-kong (maternal grandpa) prepare this delicious dish and enjoyed by family members. So, whenever I get a chance to have fresh lapu-lapu, I try to make this recipe, no special occasion required.

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Shop and Ship from the U.S. and Europe with My Shopping Box

Online shopping is a hard habit to break. The ease and convenience of shopping with just a few swipes and taps make it all the more enticing and satisfying. It saves me a lot of time and effort while being free from traffic! For international purchases, I've been ordering from Amazon for almost two decades now. Items are shipped to my sister-in-law in the U.S., who consolidates all our orders in a balikbayan box. We just have to wait long since it takes at least a month by sea to get here. But I got introduced to My Shopping Box, an international parcel delivery and courier service company that ships orders from the U.S. and Europe, by air or sea, and delivers directly to our doorstep here in the Philippines.

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M Baldemor X beabi Floral Symphony Collection

Fresh off the launch, I am sharing with you the latest limited edition collection from lifestyle brand beabi, who is celebrating its 10th year, in collaboration with world renowned Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor. I am familiar with Baldemor's masterpieces because I like his colorful little houses and lively geometric style in painting. Look him up to see his beautiful works of art. With his first brand collab, we saw another side of the artist with the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection.

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Grilled Keta Salmon (Yakisake)

Salmon has never been a staple fish in our household. It's more pricey than other fish in the market and has a very distinct flavor that I believe is an acquired taste. Somehow, salmon intimidates me, that's why I rarely cook with it.  I personally enjoy salmon dishes from restaurants, and buy smoked salmon as canape from time to time. Recently, I received a batch of frozen wild-caught Alaskan salmon to try. This is a new line from Seaking brand. I regularly buy Seaking's marinated bangus belly so I welcomed these new salmon packs and got excited to come up with something in the kitchen.

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Arroz Caldo and Rice Toppings with My Tacook Ricecooker

Hey all! My Mom-Friday is still alive and active, heehee... just haven't been blogging as much as I used to. So, for today, I'll be sharing something that I've been using for a few months now, and it truly deserves a blog feature. Tiger Tacook JBX Rice Cooker -- the multi-tasking, multi-use, micro computer controlled rice cooker from Japan!

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GoodFood.ph Ready-To-Drink Subscription and Delivery Service

Moms and homemakers like me will always find ways to make our days more organized, productive, and less stressful, even when spending many hours a day online.  Whether for work, socializing, or shopping, I try to find reliable online services that offer the best value and convenience.

From travel needs and electronics, to fashion, food and groceries -- I love the ease and time-saving elements of purchasing our needs and wants at the comfort of our home or on my mobile phone while on the road. Ultimately, we all want to be able to spend more time with family and on things that matter. Weeks ago, I attended an event that introduced us to Nestle's baon subscription service through GoodFood.ph and I was impressed by this initiative. Read on!

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Prawns in Oyster Sauce

Half the year is over and I have so much to share! I really need to get my blogging mojo back na, hahahaha... but please be patient and watch out for my upcoming features, okay. For today's Foodie Friday post, let me share this very easy and tasty Chinese-style ulam, which is one of J's favorites, kasi mahilig siya sa prawns.

I just posted on my IG Stories but got several messages asking for the recipe. So, here's a full feature na para mas maraming maka-try. Sorry, no prep photos coz I was not prepared to write about this, hehe... anyways, here's the recipe.


8-10 prawns (bulik)
(Rinse, trim, butterfly and de-vein. Rinse and drain well. Add some rock salt and set aside)

1 Tbs. minced ginger
1 Tbs. minced garlic 
Chopped leeks
3 Tbs. Oyster sauce diluted in 4-5 Tbs water 
Drops of sesame oil
1/2 tsp sugar
cracked pepper

To cook:
Heat little oil in wok, and saute minced ginger. Over high heat, add prawns. 
Cook for about 3-4 mins. on high heat, flip until cooked evenly. Remove from pan and set aside.
Lower heat.

In the same wok/pan, make sauce:
Add oil, saute the rest of the ingredients.
Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking (you can add oyster sauce, sugar and water little by little).
Put back prawns in the pan, saute and coat well with sauce.
Cook a few more minutes. Garnish with leeks. Serve immediately.

Previous to this, I made a different recipe - a simple Lemon-Garlic-Butter Butterflied Prawns, pan-fried on a pan.

Hope you'll try both and like it! Let me know! (",)

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My Summer Beauty Finds

My beauty routine is boring. But when I find a good product that suits me, I stick with it for years. This summer, I had a chance to try awesome new products that are now part of my basic skin care and beauty must-haves: A face mask, a face powder, and a lip tint.

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Mom-Grocer Shops at SYSU Food Hub

I've always expressed how I enjoy grocery shopping. I consider it my me-time, and during those weekly rounds, I've discovered lots of good products that became our kitchen staples. Many of my favorite Mom-Grocer finds are from SYSU International, and it's not surprising. SYSU is a leading distributor of global brands that we have patronized for many years, such as San Remo, McCormick, Lee Kum Kee, Tabasco, and homegrown brand Clara Olé. And here's a new discovery that's worth sharing with all of you -- The Food Hub by SYSU, their retail store in Quezon City.

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Holiday Fun in Taiwan - Window on China Theme Park

XIAO REN GUO Theme Park a.k.a. Window on China Theme Park was in our must-visit list while I was planning the itinerary for our holiday trip to Taiwan last December. J insisted on it. I've never heard of this until J told me about it. Childhood dream daw niya na makapunta dun, kasi he was fascinated by this miniature theme park ever since he learned about it when he was a little boy. I was reluctant at first because with all the Taiwan tour recommendations I've read, not one source have mentioned about this theme park. True enough, this Window on China (WOC) still exists and is thriving. WOC is the oldest theme park of Taiwan, located in Taoyuan City, which opened its doors in 1984.

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Auntie Arnie's Ready-to-Heat Heirloom Recipes

I'm slowly getting my blogging mojo back (fingers crossed) and lately, I've been drawing inspiration from new experiences and discoveries that I cannot wait to share with you. I used to follow a weekly theme for my features, like Foodie Friday for the first Friday of every month, Family Friday for the second Friday, and so on. Today is the first Friday of April, hence this food post. I was introduced to these great-tasting meals during the event I attended yesterday. Yup, this is hot off the press! =) So, say hello to Auntie Arnie's!

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7 Travel Planning Tips with Tweens and Teens

It's summer time and I'm sure many of you are planning your vacations, if not planned out already. I have friends who made arrangements as early as last year pa! We don't travel often but when we do, I take a considerable amount of time and effort to plan each trip, whether it's to a local or an international destination. Iba kasi when traveling with kids -- major considerations would be the budget, interests, and comfort. But there's always a compromise when it comes to our itinerary.

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