Bento Your Gold Seas with Tuna Cakes

When I learned how to do bento several years ago, I've been on and off with my efforts to prepare bento-style baon for the kids. Well, the boy couldn't care less, haha, so no more bento for him. For the girl, it's only when I'm in the mood and have enough time to be more creative. I had the pleasure of attending yet another bento-making event that gave me fresh ideas to try. And this time, it's with our favorite ready-to-eat canned tuna -- Gold Seas Tuna Chunks.

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Raising the Barre at Physique 57 Manila

I am so into self care right now that I find myself trying all sorts of treatments and activities that come my way. What's funny is that I never thought about any of these beauty and fitness stuff when I was younger. At 45, I am more conscious now when it comes to overall wellness. I'm motivated more than ever to continue my fitness journey, for myself and for my family. And the latest workout I've tried was barre at the newly opened Physique 57 Manila.

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Escape to El Nido (part 3)

Monday, June 4, was our last day in El Nido and I didn't want to leave. Bitin eh, and it rained pa the first two days. We wanted to stay for four days, but Lagen island resort was fully booked before and after our three-day stay, so too bad for us. But we are still so thankful that everything went well, and the sun finally shone brightly that morning, with the bluest of skies and fluffy white clouds.

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Blushing with K-Palette Lasting Cheek Tint

When it comes to makeup, I've always stuck with the bare essentials. I can live on just face powder, and lip color. It was only two years ago that I've come to appreciate eyebrow pencils and liners. I got hooked on K-Palette Lasting 2-way Eyebrow Pens, and eventually had eyebrow microblading from Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic. Mascara, eyeliners, and blush powder are reserved for events and special occasions. With blushers, my skin tend to feel drier when I use them. Then a few weeks ago, I was able to try for the first time the cream cheek tints from K-Palette. I'm in love!

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Escape to El Nido (part 2)

Our amazing first day in El Nido has set the tone for the rest of our stay on this island paradise. Everything was booked with Lagen Island resort's activities coordinator upon our arrival, so we all know what to expect during our stay. Despite the rain showers during the island-hopping on day one, we still had a great afternoon and was looking forward to Tour 2 the next morning. The half-day tour will cover the most awaited visit to the small and big lagoons, snorkeling in Miniloc Island resort, and beach side lunch.

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Escape to El Nido (part 1)

El Nido is in my wish list of travel destinations for the longest time, and last weekend, I got my wish and was able to experience the beauty and wonders of the islands with my family. After our first day, gusto na namin agad mag plan for our next trip! It's a different world out there! While my photos don't do justice to how beautiful El Nido is, I will just let my pictures do the talking and briefly share what we did over the three glorious days in this little piece of paradise.

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Always Panalo si Mommy at Puregold

I have a confession: I consider grocery time as "me time". Feel ko talaga mag-grocery shopping mag-isa coz I find it relaxing while I take my time browsing through the aisles, comparing prices, and discovering new products and good deals. Marami niyan sa Puregold 'coz they priced their goods at more affordable prices. I even made hashtags #MomGrocer and #MomFindsPH because aside from eating, I truly enjoy going to the supermarket. Mana ata ako sa mama ko, eat and shop, heehee. But, there are days when my kids make it more fun to shop too, kasi I learn about their preferences. Sometimes, they even surprise me by picking out grocery items they know I like and what we need for home. That's always panalo for me!

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Hair Makeover with Seamless Balayage at Piandre

Two hours and forty-five minutes. Would you believe me when I say that's the longest I've sat through a salon treatment in my entire life? Well, it happened yesterday morning at Piandré Salon when I was treated to their Seamless Balayage hair color treatment -- and the wait was so worth it!

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Up and Away on the Flying Trapeze

I never imagined I would be able to do flying trapeze. I wasn't even aware there's a rig here in the metro until recently. If I wasn't doing pilates, baka hindi ko kinaya ito, hehehe. But I did suspension pilates, and I know I can hang and do inversions, so I literally took the leap and went for it.  Together with my pilates buddies and our kids, we booked a private class last week and had a nerve-wracking and exhilarating experience.

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Eyebrow Microblading at Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

I took the plunge. I had microblading procedure at Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic for eyebrows on fleek. =) I'm late in the game when it comes to eyebrow aesthetics kasi I never had any concerns on that part of my face until two years ago. After college, I just pluck stray hair to maintain the shape of my brows and that's it. In 2016, I learned about microblading from friends who have undergone this procedure. It got me very interested coz you'll literally wake up to perfect brows everyday!

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Tokyo Winter Holiday, part 3: Shizuoka - Mt. Fuji and Snow Town Yeti

The closest to snow we ever got to experience was at Star City Snow World several years ago. When the kids tried ice skating, nag-collect sila ng shaved ice, formed into balls and pretended it was snow, hahaha! Since then, they kept asking when we can exerience actual snow. It was only last December that we got the chance to visit a ski resort in Tokyo, saw the snow-capped Mt. Fuji, and witnessed a (light) snow fall on our last day. Swerte! Very memorable talaga especially for the children.

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Tokyo Winter Holiday, part 2: Tsukiji - Akihabara - Ikebukuro

When we were planning our trip to Tokyo late last year, one of the must-see places I included in our itinerary is the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. My foodie brother and I really wanted to visit the market and sample the freshest seafood we can try, even if we had to drag the kids there early in the morning.

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