What To Expect from Saltwater Floatation

I changed into my swimsuit, took a shower, opened the pod and went inside. I was kneeling as I pulled down the cover, leaving a small gap so I can still see the room. I lied down on my back and floated instantly over the saltwater. The light was changing colors as I tried to look around inside the chamber while I float. Everything was quiet, so still, and so soothing. I still can't decided if I'll leave the light on, if I'll enclose myself inside or leave the pod open. The water temperature was perfect, and I just closed my eyes and relaxed.

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My Introduction to Essential Oils

I have recently come to appreciate the wonders of essential oils after attending the Mod Moms event with Amara Lab. There, I was able to learn more about the e.o. varieties, its uses and benefits, and even made my first oil blends using Amara Oils. 

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How to Breathe Better in Any Weather

I've been having on and off runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing for over a week now and I can blame it on the weather. Even my son's allergic rhinitis got worse lately. Do you notice that sneezing becomes more persistent during the rainy season and windy parts of the year? It's usually between June to October here in the Philippines. While there may be a difference in how the two can trigger allergies in our body, dry yet harsh winds and damp weather can both activate the sneezies and affect our breathing.

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Only Good Hair Days with Himawari

It's rainy season once again so expect humidity to be off the charts, thus, frizzy hair!!! Even my skin feels different in this weather so I take extra care. As much as I want to wear my hair down more often, I don't have enough patience to give too much attention to it. I know that having beautiful and healthy hair always gives a good impression. That is why I always try to keep my hair neat and in place. But my naturally buhaghag hair requires some time and effort to style. Even on a good hair day, my laziness kicks in and I end up with a ponytail just to keep hair away from my face and not have to think about it the whole day. One brand I can depend on to tame my pouffy thick hair without blow-dryng is HIMAWARI. I just brush and air-dry, then give it a few passes with my hair straightening iron and I’m good to go.

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First-Timer's Shopping Guide at Honestbee

My shopping habits have never been the same in recent years. I can't remember my first online transaction, but I know one of my earliest purchases were from Amazon.com around fifteen years ago. Late adapter nga ako eh coz I really prefer seeing and feeling the actual merchandise before I buy. The usual items we order there are electronics, toys, clothing and footwear, and dry goods. Locally, items I shop for online are specialty foods, apparel and accessories that I may not find in stores. Nowadays, I think I spend an equal amount of time buying stuff online and in retail shops. Then last week, I was introduced to honestbee -- a game-changer in the whole online shopping experience.

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Hydrate Inside and Out for Healthy Skin

Over the past couple of years, I've added a few steps to my very basic skin care regimen, kasi tumatanda nako, hehe. Seriously, after I hit the 40 mark, my skin drastically became drier and more prone to irritation, and worse, occasional eczema flare-ups which I never experienced in my youth. Top priority is really to keep my skin hydrated everyday. Aside from drinking more water than I'm used to, I also go with my trusted skin care brands na hiyang talaga ako. So, let me share what these #WaterfulSkincare and #PurifiedByNature brands are, plus some practical tips that can help us achieve healthy beautiful skin.

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Bento Your Gold Seas with Tuna Cakes

When I learned how to do bento several years ago, I've been on and off with my efforts to prepare bento-style baon for the kids. Well, the boy couldn't care less, haha, so no more bento for him. For the girl, it's only when I'm in the mood and have enough time to be more creative. I had the pleasure of attending yet another bento-making event that gave me fresh ideas to try. And this time, it's with our favorite ready-to-eat canned tuna -- Gold Seas Tuna Chunks.

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Raising the Barre at Physique 57 Manila

I am so into self care right now that I find myself trying all sorts of treatments and activities that come my way. What's funny is that I never thought about any of these beauty and fitness stuff when I was younger. At 45, I am more conscious now when it comes to overall wellness. I'm motivated more than ever to continue my fitness journey, for myself and for my family. And the latest workout I've tried was barre at the newly opened Physique 57 Manila.

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Escape to El Nido (part 3)

Monday, June 4, was our last day in El Nido and I didn't want to leave. Bitin eh, and it rained pa the first two days. We wanted to stay for four days, but Lagen island resort was fully booked before and after our three-day stay, so too bad for us. But we are still so thankful that everything went well, and the sun finally shone brightly that morning, with the bluest of skies and fluffy white clouds.

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Blushing with K-Palette Lasting Cheek Tint

When it comes to makeup, I've always stuck with the bare essentials. I can live on just face powder, and lip color. It was only two years ago that I've come to appreciate eyebrow pencils and liners. I got hooked on K-Palette Lasting 2-way Eyebrow Pens, and eventually had eyebrow microblading from Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic. Mascara, eyeliners, and blush powder are reserved for events and special occasions. With blushers, my skin tend to feel drier when I use them. Then a few weeks ago, I was able to try for the first time the cream cheek tints from K-Palette. I'm in love!

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Escape to El Nido (part 2)

Our amazing first day in El Nido has set the tone for the rest of our stay on this island paradise. Everything was booked with Lagen Island resort's activities coordinator upon our arrival, so we all know what to expect during our stay. Despite the rain showers during the island-hopping on day one, we still had a great afternoon and was looking forward to Tour 2 the next morning. The half-day tour will cover the most awaited visit to the small and big lagoons, snorkeling in Miniloc Island resort, and beach side lunch.

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Escape to El Nido (part 1)

El Nido is in my wish list of travel destinations for the longest time, and last weekend, I got my wish and was able to experience the beauty and wonders of the islands with my family. After our first day, gusto na namin agad mag plan for our next trip! It's a different world out there! While my photos don't do justice to how beautiful El Nido is, I will just let my pictures do the talking and briefly share what we did over the three glorious days in this little piece of paradise.

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