Up and Away on the Flying Trapeze

I never imagined I would be able to do flying trapeze. I wasn't even aware there's a rig here in the metro until recently. If I wasn't doing pilates, baka hindi ko kinaya ito, hehehe. But I did suspension pilates, and I know I can hang and do inversions, so I literally took the leap and went for it.  Together with my pilates buddies and our kids, we booked a private class last week and had a nerve-wracking and exhilarating experience.

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Eyebrow Microblading at Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

I took the plunge. I had microblading procedure at Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic for eyebrows on fleek. =) I'm late in the game when it comes to eyebrow aesthetics kasi I never had any concerns on that part of my face until two years ago. After college, I just pluck stray hair to maintain the shape of my brows and that's it. In 2016, I learned about microblading from friends who have undergone this procedure. It got me very interested coz you'll literally wake up to perfect brows everyday!

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Tokyo Winter Holiday, part 3: Shizuoka - Mt. Fuji and Snow Town Yeti

The closest to snow we ever got to experience was at Star City Snow World several years ago. When the kids tried ice skating, nag-collect sila ng shaved ice, formed into balls and pretended it was snow, hahaha! Since then, they kept asking when we can exerience actual snow. It was only last December that we got the chance to visit a ski resort in Tokyo, saw the snow-capped Mt. Fuji, and witnessed a (light) snow fall on our last day. Swerte! Very memorable talaga especially for the children.

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Tokyo Winter Holiday, part 2: Tsukiji - Akihabara - Ikebukuro

When we were planning our trip to Tokyo late last year, one of the must-see places I included in our itinerary is the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. My foodie brother and I really wanted to visit the market and sample the freshest seafood we can try, even if we had to drag the kids there early in the morning.

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Sauteed Oyster Mushrooms and Broccoli

First recipe post for the year, yay!!! Humabol pa sa last day of January. Anyway, I did not plan to make a full blog feature on this but a few friends asked for the recipe coz I kept them guessing on my Instagram post here.  So here's a quick one for all of you.

This was a spur-of-the-moment dish when I decided to add another ulam for our dinner tonight, served with embotido and leftover BBQ. It so happens that all my orders of organic produce arrived today, including a pack of fresh oyster mushrooms and broccoli.

I wasn't able to take photos of all the ingredients and a step-by-step which I normally do, kasi nga none of this was really planned, hehe... so I will just describe what I did here. As usual, no measurements 'coz tancha-tancha lang ako lagi when I cook.


5 cloves garlic, minced
oyster mushrooms, sliced (cut off the hard tip)
broccoli florets and stem
2-3 tablespoons oyster sauce, diluted in about 5 tablespoons water
ground black pepper
pinch of sugar
wansuy/coriander, optional
spring onions, optional
toasted garlic bits (bottled)

Boil water in a small pot.
Blanche broccoli and add 1 teaspoon of salt. Boil for 2 minutes and drain. Set aside.

Heat some oil in a pan and sauté minced garlic until lightly browned.
Add mushrooms and quickly sauté.
Pour diluted oyster sauce, pepper and sugar. Heat through. Add blanched broccoli.
Make sure the sauce gets absorbed by the greens and continue to cook for a minute or two.
Add some chopped spring onions and wansuy for extra flavor. Stir well.

Feel free to add a little more oyster sauce (very salty) to suit your taste.

Plate and garnish with lots of garlic bits. Serve immediately.


In other news, this happened after dinner.

"The rare Super Blue Blood Moon is finally here!
A Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon all at the same time! It's the first total lunar eclipse since 2015 and the first Blue Moon Blood Moon visible from the U.S. since 1866!"

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Reality Bites: My Baby is a Tween

M turned 11 three weeks ago. My baby is a tween na! Well, last year pa naman, when she turned 10, she proclaimed that she's officially a tween na dawSiyempre, I don't want to face that reality yet. And before her birthday month ends, allow me to share some of my special and challenging moments with her. She is, after all, my spunky little lady.

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Tokyo Winter Holiday, part 1: Shinjuku - Shibuya - Harajuku

We loved Tokyo! It was my family's first trip to Japan last December and I wished we could have stayed longer. Bitin talaga ang 5 days. My brother and his family joined us on this winter holiday vacation and one of the objectives of this trip was to visit a ski resort for the snow, as requested by the kids. Well, lahat naman kami gusto rin maka-experience ng snow =). 

There's so much to explore in Tokyo alone, so ang hirap gumawa ng itinerary that will accommodate the different interests of the adults, teens, tweens and toddler. I've asked some friends who've been to Tokyo for their recommendations and travel tips. Lots of research too from online resources, some of which I included at the end of this post. Eventually, I was able to come up with a feasible list of activities and places to visit for our group. I would have wanted more sight-seeing though.

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Tokyo Eats, Good Eats

Ah, Japan... So many good food, so little time! 
That's how I feel to this day. I was a bit frustrated that I wasn't able to visit some of the recommended dining places in Tokyo, like Nabezo shabu-shabu, rotating sushi restos, and some wagyu beef eateries that abound. Buti nga nakapag-Ichiran kami! =) There was just not enough time and we have five kids with us who have different food preferences. Thank goodness there's the familiar Mc Donald's, 7-11, and Yoshinoya for their quick take-out meals.

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A Year of Many Firsts -- Thank You, 2017!

"It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful."

2017, you were awesome! I think this is one of the best years for my family, and for myself. I have so much to be thankful for and I honestly don't know where to start.

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Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all so excited for our upcoming holiday vacation in Japan! It's gonna be our first trip there so I want to make sure everything will be in order and we'll all be in the best of health in the days leading to our trip. Kaya todo vitamins na ang mga kids and I'm trying to keep our environment clean. Mahirap na... I don't want any of us to get sick during this most wonderful time of the year.

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It's iQUSHION Ergonomic Flip Flops for Me

When it comes to footwear, comfort and style are my main priority. With my current on-the-go laid back lifestyle, you'll often find me wearing sandals, flats or sneakers. I only wear flip flops to the beach, by the pool, or when going to pilates studio. I don't wear them for long walks coz they're straight flat and no foot support whatsoever. My perception of flip flops changed when I was introduced to iQushion by FitFlop. 

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Pre-holiday Fete with Mothers Who Brunch and Uashmama

Whenever my friends Mish and Sab from Mothers Who Brunch (MWB) invite me to their events, I really make an effort to attend simply because I know they'll prepare something truly special, and we'll have a wonderful time together (aside from the fact that I'll discover amazing products from their presentations, and most importantly, they feed me well.... heeheehee). As expected, the recent MWB gathering was such a treat as I learned about this innovative Italian brand of washable paper products by Uashmama.

Brunch was held at the beautiful Viking Range Showroom in Alabang. I'll consider this my first holiday party this season kasi everything felt and looked so festive! The venue was transformed by the Badoy sisters of Boqueria Lifestyle Market, spruced up with an assortment of Uashmama paper bags that fit right into the different settings. This newest #MomFindsPH is so simple yet versatile. Stylish too! And did I mention they're completely washable?
Spot the paper bags on the table setting.

Styling by Boqueria Lifestyle Market

What is Uashmama?

Pronounced as "wash-mama", Uashmama was born in 2011 in the town of Montecatini in Tuscany, Italy, run by the Marconi family.  All of the products are 100% made in Italy. The family started out by producing traditional bread bags made of this new washable paper and sold it in their local community. With the versatility of the material and positive market feedback, they’ve grown the product range to include home, table, and fashion lines.
To this day, the iconic paper bag remains to be the best selling item across continents. Now, Uashmama is available in the Philippines, thanks to the official distributor, INEXPH Inc.

Uashmama paper bags are made with eco-friendly virgin cellulose fiber. They come in pretty colors and different sizes, used here as bread bag and countertop produce storage, as well as for fresh greens for our salad and even potted herbs and plants!

To add some excitement during the event, our hosts cooked up a creative challenge for us to style an area and showcase the use of Uashmama the best way possible. Winning group will receive Uashmama bags!

With my teammates Patty and Maget, we were assigned the coffee table and this was what we came up with.
Pwede na diba, kahit medyo naubusan na kami ng Uashmama bags and props to use. :D

The "bathroom group" won the challenge with their smart use of different bags around the space. Congratulations, ladies!

MWB will not be complete without good food, right? So, as expected, kitchen divas Mish and Sab prepared some delectable dishes like creamy polenta and the egg and mozzarella loaf using organic vegetables and pantry supplies from EarthOrigins Marketplace. They also presented ideas on how we can gather at home for the holidays using Severin kitchen appliances like the spiralizer (for the salad) and sous vide machines (for the steak). 

The Italian-inspired brunch was catered by Joy of Yogi Brunch, who lovingly made the vegetarian menu. Well, we really felt and tasted the love, Joy, because everything was superb! My favorites were truffled butter spread on toast, arugula-basil pesto and roasted garlic aioli with pasta. I even bought a jar of pesto to bring home. Grabe sa sarap -- I never expected na wala palang meat dish sa buffet! The sous vide steak was perfectly cooked by Nino, the better half of Mish.

Aside from our happy tummies, awesome prizes from the sponsors were raffled off as well, kaya mas masaya pa! =)

Hooray! I was one of the lucky few to win a Uashmama purse (which my girl sequestered when I showed it to her)! Of course, I was not able to restrain myself from shopping that day, so I got myself this lighweight Uashmama Otti Metallic handbag with detachable shoulder strap. I've been using it everyday since.

Thank you, MWBxUashmama for the lovely brunch and all the amazing goodies for us to enjoy! I was in very good company that day which made the trip all the more memorable. What a way to usher in the holiday season!

Learn more about MWB at Facebook.com/MothersWhoBrunch
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Check out Uashmama and shop online at Facebook.com/uashmamaph
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All unmarked photos provided by Mothers Who Brunch.

Take a look at my first holiday gathering with MWB: Mothers Who Brunch Holiday Potluck Party

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