Prawns in Oyster Sauce

Half the year is over and I have so much to share! I really need to get my blogging mojo back na, hahahaha... but please be patient and watch out for my upcoming features, okay. For today's Foodie Friday post, let me share this very easy and tasty Chinese-style ulam, which is one of J's favorites, kasi mahilig siya sa prawns.

I just posted on my IG Stories but got several messages asking for the recipe. So, here's a full feature na para mas maraming maka-try. Sorry, no prep photos coz I was not prepared to write about this, hehe... anyways, here's the recipe.


8-10 prawns (bulik)
(Rinse, trim, butterfly and de-vein. Rinse and drain well. Add some rock salt and set aside)

1 Tbs. minced ginger
1 Tbs. minced garlic 
Chopped leeks
3 Tbs. Oyster sauce diluted in 4-5 Tbs water 
Drops of sesame oil
1/2 tsp sugar
cracked pepper

To cook:
Heat little oil in wok, and saute minced ginger. Over high heat, add prawns. 
Cook for about 3-4 mins. on high heat, flip until cooked evenly. Remove from pan and set aside.
Lower heat.

In the same wok/pan, make sauce:
Add oil, saute the rest of the ingredients.
Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking (you can add oyster sauce, sugar and water little by little).
Put back prawns in the pan, saute and coat well with sauce.
Cook a few more minutes. Garnish with leeks. Serve immediately.

Previous to this, I made a different recipe - a simple Lemon-Garlic-Butter Butterflied Prawns, pan-fried on a pan.

Hope you'll try both and like it! Let me know! (",)

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