Auntie Arnie's Ready-to-Heat Heirloom Recipes

I'm slowly getting my blogging mojo back (fingers crossed) and lately, I've been drawing inspiration from new experiences and discoveries that I cannot wait to share with you. I used to follow a weekly theme for my features, like Foodie Friday for the first Friday of every month, Family Friday for the second Friday, and so on. Today is the first Friday of April, hence this food post. I was introduced to these great-tasting meals during the event I attended yesterday. Yup, this is hot off the press! =) So, say hello to Auntie Arnie's!

In an ideal world, this mom will whip up a storm in the kitchen and serve yummy healthy meals for my family - breakfast, lunch, meriyenda, baon, dinner, every single day. But life happens, adulting is difficult enough, and some days, cooking a decent meal is just not possible. I resort to instant meals, food deliveries, fast food, and store-bought frozen ulam. We all know they're not as good as a home-cooked meal.

Kaya naman I am so, so happy that AUNTIE ARNIE'S is here! Homemakers like me can now be #savedbyAuntieA!

Auntie Arnie's Heirloom Recipes -- beloved homestyle dishes prepared by culinary experts, with select ingredients from partner farms and butchers, and preservative-free.
Each batch are immediately blast-frozen to maintain flavor and freshness.


There are 9 heirloom recipes, frozen and ready to heat. 

We got to try them all, which were prepared in minutes - from freezer to table. My friends Mish and Sab of Mothers Who Brunch, who organized this launch, showed us how easy and fast it was to serve our favorites via microwave or stove top heating. Complete heating instructions are on the label.

You have to try it to believe. Ibang level ng "instant food" ito!
  • They come in potluck packs; store up to 6 months in the freezer
  • Tastes like they're home-cooked, fresh out of the kitchen
    • like how our lolas, moms or favorite aunties make them
  • Restaurant quality
  • Preservative-free
  • Very presentable even when you have guests coming over
  • Each ulam can be good for 2 to 4

I tell you, lahat masarap!!! What you see on the packaging is close to how they actually look like when served! Siyempre there were some food styling involved here, but walang daya sa quality and quantity from each serving! 

Here are my favorites:

I love this popular hearty Spanish stew, made with ox tripe, ox feet, chorizo and garbanzos.  

Chicken meat stuffed in taro leaves, rolled, and cooked in coconut milk. It's not spicy.

Grilled boneless chicken thigh fillets -- still juicy and flavorful!

Crispy chicken cubes in zesty orange glaze.

Rice lovers would enjoy their Yang Chow Fried Rice and Paella Negra (aioli not included).

Coming soon are these pasta sauces and specialty butters -- all mouthwatering when served with noodles or toast! For me, the Not Your Ordinary Butter and Cacio E Pepe are the bomb!

I am going to stock up on these frozen dishes to save me on those hectic days when I need to serve tasty comfort food in a flash.  Prefect back-up when our helper goes on vacation or even when I get too lazy to make anything in the kitchen, hehe. =) Panalo talaga si Auntie Arnie's!

Auntie Arnie's food products are now available at:

La Contessa Deli
81 Xavier Residences, San Juan City
To inquire about available stocks, call (632) 6383988 / 09998-5865102

Order online: Honestbee

Photos of the callos and laing are from Auntie Arnie's.

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