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My Mom-Friday is a home and lifestyle blog that celebrates the many facets of being a mom.  All entries are written, edited, and published by Michelle Lim.

Ownership, Policies, Sponsorship, and Disclosure
(Updated: 2017)
  1. Content : All text and photographs in this site are the property of Michelle Lim, a.k.a. Mom-Friday, unless otherwise specified and credited.
  2. Features :  Published entries are solely based on my personal experiences, my varied interests, tastes and preferences, my own opinion and knowledge of a product or service.
    • Featured products and services are all purchased/paid by me, unless indicated as gifts or compliments of friends or sponsors.
    • To maintain honesty, transparency, and integrity on my blog, I only feature products and services that are aligned with my values and blog's direction; what I like, use, are relevant to me and my readers, those I have personally encountered and tried for myself or for my family.
      • I only share what I can confidently recommend to my readers and friends
    • If I have not actually seen nor experienced/tried a product or service yet, I cannot share or write about it.
  3. Advertising / Sponsorship:
    • Sponsored/paid posts are disclosed, labeled as "sponsor", and acknowledged in the blog entry.
    • I agree to feature and endorse what I like and use, what interests me, and what I can confidently share and recommend to my friends and readers. (see #2, item 2 above)
    • Only sponsored posts are guaranteed and have scheduled dates for publishing. Otherwise, for brands and agencies, kindly read this note to manage your expectations.
  4. Seeding and Solicitations : I don't believe in soliciting/asking for products or services in exchange for a blog feature or social media promotion.
    • Product samples and complimentary services are voluntarily given/sent to me by generous companies/brands, sponsors, and establishments. I don't ask for them.
      • The complimentary products/services help me learn more about the (new) item/establishment before I decide to share it on social media (see #2, item 3 above).
      • I also receive tokens from media events I choose to attend, and occasional gifts from readers and blog-loving friends.
      • Samples and gifts may be acknowledged on any of my social media channels: FacebookInstagramTwitter. There is no guarantee to be featured on the blog or on social media, unless it's from a sponsor.
    • If products/samples garnered mostly negative or unfavorable feedback from me or my family after trying, I will refrain from writing about it as a courtesy to the sender/brand.
      • I avoid ranting and posting negative features on the blog.
  5. Blogger / Media Events:
    • I attend functions that are interesting and relevant to me and my blog.
    • Since my days revolve around the schedule of my family, I only attend if the date/time and location are convenient.
      • I rarely attend evening and Sunday functions.
    • As a former advertising/events/PR practitioner, I understand that there is a level of expectation from media guests to write about/feature the brand presented at the event attended, though not required. To be fair with the organizers, if I know I cannot find the time to write about it, I decline the invitation.
    • If I did not attend an event, post-publicity releases shall be declined (unless it's from a sponsor).
  6. Press Releases and Guest Posts:
    • I receive quite a number of press releases and other publicity materials at any given time. Requests for guest posts also come my way. Given my weekly Friday categories and limited time to write, I cannot accommodate most(or all) of them.
      • Marketing and promotional plugs, event announcements, and similar press releases shall be politely declined.
Advertising and Sponsorship Arrangements
  1. This blog is open to advertising, promotional tie-ins, and sponsored campaigns.
    • I shall accept proposals for projects that are mutually beneficial, are aligned with my values and interests, and within my blog niche.
    • I accept ads and sponsorships from brands I believe in.
  2. Ad Units can be in the form of:
    • Box Ad - 300x300 px (on sidebar)
    • Banner Ad - 728x90 px (below main header or bottom of homepage)
  3. Sponsored posts/campaigns can also be cross-promoted on my social media channels for added reach and publicity.
  4. Select projects/campaigns are arranged by Nuffnang and Mommymundo Momfluence Network.
  5. If you are interested to advertise or partner with my blog:
    • Kindly read my WHO and WHAT pages first (tabs below main header) to learn more about me and my blog, and to assess if My Mom-Friday will be a good fit to your brand.
For advertising, collaborations, other questions and concerns, email: mymomfriday@gmail.com

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this page. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. =)

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