GoodFood.ph Ready-To-Drink Subscription and Delivery Service

Moms and homemakers like me will always find ways to make our days more organized, productive, and less stressful, even when spending many hours a day online.  Whether for work, socializing, or shopping, I try to find reliable online services that offer the best value and convenience.

From travel needs and electronics, to fashion, food and groceries -- I love the ease and time-saving elements of purchasing our needs and wants at the comfort of our home or on my mobile phone while on the road. Ultimately, we all want to be able to spend more time with family and on things that matter. Weeks ago, I attended an event that introduced us to Nestle's baon subscription service through GoodFood.ph and I was impressed by this initiative. Read on!


NESTLÉ recently launched its NESTLÉ Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Baon Subscription on goodfood.ph, the first ever subscription and delivery service of well-loved NESTLÉ Ready-To-Drink Baon Brands like CHUCKIE, MILO Ready-To-Drink, BEAR BRAND YOGU, and the range of NESTLÉ Fresh Milk.

What is GoodFood.ph?
  • An online food and ready-to-drink subscription service -- the first of its kind in the Philippines
  • Offers a convenient, efficient, and hassle-free way of purchasing your family's baon must-haves and pantry staples
  • Automatic monthly replenishment and door-to-door delivery of your favorite Nestle RTD baon brands and Dolce Gusto coffee
  • Accepts various payment options including credit cards and cash on delivery
  • Regular gifts, deals, and freebies for subscribers
  • Allows consumers to return their used beverage cartons and coffee pods for upcycling
  • Simply Register here and start choosing your Subscription  Plan 

The GoodFood.ph Subscription Plans are very flexible and offer huge savings especially if your family consumes a lot of fresh milk and other RTD. With the monthly delivery, we don't have to worry about running out of stock of our favorite beverages.

My kids are not regular milk drinkers. I'm intolerant to cow's milk while my son has to avoid dairy and food containing casein (milk proteins). But the girl and the husband occasionally craves for Chuckie or Milo. So instead of the tetra drinks plan, I decided to try the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Home Café Starter Plan. It comes with a FREE Lumio Coffee Machine for a 12-month subscription! We also get 1 free capsule box of our choice every month! The adults here drink more coffee than milk, kaya this was a more practical plan for us. 

Here are the easy steps to subscribe, as you can see on the website:

We have been using and enjoying our Dolce Gusto for almost a week now and we are hooked! Look at those layers and froth on my cappuccino! (",)  Hindi na pwedeng instant coffee when we entertain guests!

We're collecting our empty capsules which will be picked-up (for upcyling) on the next scheduled delivery. With this GoodFood.ph subscription, we save time and money, and can even help the environment while enjoying our cafe-quality coffee and freebies. How awesome is that!!!

Through GoodFood.ph subscription service, NESTLÉ aims to be every household’s partner in raising a healthier and more sustainable future for our families.

Let’s all choose the pack that gives back. That's #BaonMadeSustainable and #BaonMadeEasy.
Start your GoodFood.ph RTD subscription service today!

Click here to register at goodfood.ph  and enjoy your monthly hassle-free deliveries.

Official event photos from the press release
Screen shots from GoodFood.ph website

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