Arroz Caldo and Rice Toppings with My Tacook Ricecooker

Hey all! My Mom-Friday is still alive and active, heehee... just haven't been blogging as much as I used to. So, for today, I'll be sharing something that I've been using for a few months now, and it truly deserves a blog feature. Tiger Tacook JBX Rice Cooker -- the multi-tasking, multi-use, micro computer controlled rice cooker from Japan!

Tacook is first and foremost, a rice cooker. But, this beauty can do so much more than cook rice!

What I love about Tacook JBX:
  • Light and sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Different cooking settings with timer
    • Plain Rice
    • Synchro-Cooking
    • Steaming
    • Slow Cooking
    • Porrige

You can also set it manually, of course, but what I love most about my Tacook JBX is the Sychro-Cooking function. As the name suggests - it's synchronized cooking for the rice and the ulam you place on the tray and it steams at the same time with the rice at the bottom.

Aside from rice, here I made ulam, and even porrige -- arroz caldo to be exact. The Tacook JBX is easy to use and definitely allows me to save time and energy when preparing meals. I tried one of the recipes from the booklet that's included in the box. Find more Tacook recipes here.

Here are two examples of what I cooked with my Tacook.

(tap for full view of recipe)



I have no exact recipe for my Arroz Caldo, but watch and see what I did here.

1 cup of rice with 5 cups of water (or measure close to the level 10 in the pot)
My usual rice to water ratio for porridge is 1:5.  I just add more liquid if it turns out too thick.

1 whole chicken - cut in small pieces, rub with some salt
1 small knob of ginger - cut in matchstick sizes
1 teaspoon kasubha (safflower - a local substitute for saffron) for light coloring
     (I didn't have annatto seeds to soak in water, but I don't mind having a white arroz caldo, heehee)

In a pan with oil, sweat ginger and a pinch of kasubha.
Add chicken and pan sear -- half cook it before putting in the pot.

Best to use chicken stock (or water with chicken bullion) to cook the rice. Then add patis (fish sauce) for a more umami flavor.

Place everything in the pot and set to PORRIGE. Press Start. That's it!

Just wait for the timer to beep and it's ready! Serve with calamansi and patis.

If you're thinking if getting a rice cooker, I suggest you go for this Tiger Tacook JBX kasi it cooks perfectly fluffy rice, and best of all, it is multi-functional, easy and convenient to use.
Cheers to a healthier way of cooking our meals!

Do you have a Tacook? What other dishes have you prepared with it? Share naman! =)

Learn more about Tacook here at Tiger-ph.com.
Find more Tacook recipes here.

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