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Online shopping is a hard habit to break. The ease and convenience of shopping with just a few swipes and taps make it all the more enticing and satisfying. It saves me a lot of time and effort while being free from traffic! For international purchases, I've been ordering from Amazon for almost two decades now. Items are shipped to my sister-in-law in the U.S., who consolidates all our orders in a balikbayan box. We just have to wait long since it takes at least a month by sea to get here. But I got introduced to My Shopping Box, an international parcel delivery and courier service company that ships orders from the U.S. and Europe, by air or sea, and delivers directly to our doorstep here in the Philippines.

I was excited to shop for more workout gear which I can wear this new year, hee hee, so I quickly registered for a free account at My Shopping Box, got their U.S. shipping address, and headed over to Amazon. 

This time, I don't have to shop for the whole family and buy many items to fill a box.  Even with just a few pieces ordered, I can have it shipped immediately to our house.

My Shopping Box (MSB) site is quite simple and easy to navigate. 
Once you sign up, you can view your account details and use their U.S. or Europe shipping address for your orders from your favorite online shops. Here are some of the popular shops that cover almost every retail product you can think of -- from food to fashion items, kitchenware, home accessories, toys, books, crafts, and many more!

Follow these steps to avail of the company's excellent shipping service:

Step 1:  Sign up here, for free

Step 2:  Fill out the account information form

Step 3:  Set your Billing and Delivery addresses in the Philippines

Step 4:  Copy the U.S. or Europe shipping address of My Shopping Box (see left sidebar of the webpage)

Step 5:  Start shopping! :)
Paste/use the MSB Shipping address once you checkout from the online store

The example below is my Amazon shopping details, with three out of four items I ordered.
The U.S. shipping address used is the one I copied from my MSB account dashboard.

After I checked out and paid for my orders, I simply waited for the items to be delivered to the MSB warehouse in the U.S.  I track my packages through my Amazon account and MSB dashboard.

So, how much is the shipping fee?
Of course, I needed to know how much it would cost me to have items delivered door-to-door.  Here's a reference from their website. You can use their calculator to guide you. 

I suggest you get an estimate shipping cost first before you checkout from the online store. If the shipping cost is okay with you, then proceed to checkout and ship your orders to the MSB address in the U.S. or Europe. 
"A package has both an actual weight and a volumetric weight and we charge based on whichever of the two is greater. We round up the respective weights to the nearest whole number to arrive at our final shipping cost."

For me, their rates are reasonable especially if you saved a lot on the retail price of your orders.  The total shipping fee will really depend on the size and weight of your orders.

Once your items are received by MSB, it stays in their warehouse until you authorize them to deliver and pay the shipping fee. You can check your "My Shopping Box" tab -- here you'll find your Pending items for shipping and payment.  Choose AIR Freight or SHIP Freight for your orders and authorize MSB to deliver.

For the three smaller and lighter items, I chose AIR since I plan to use them na this new year. The total door-to-door delivery fee is about US$60 and delivers in 12 days. Not bad at all.

This last item I chose to use SHIP freight coz it's more practical, and didn't mind waiting longer for it.  It's bigger and heavier so it's more expensive to ship by air.

Track your "Packages in Transit" from your dashboard.  Tracking numbers are listed.

At first, I was doubtful if the package will arrive as promised kasi nga peak season pag holidays diba, and super dami ang nag-ooder from international stores. Just like in previous years, we shop in October and we wait for our balikbayan box to arrive before December.

I am happy to announce that the first batch of my orders arrived straight to my doorstep after two weeks via air freight, considering it's peak season! Ang saya-saya! As of this writing, I have one more item in transit and is expected to arrive any day now.

Good experience overall and I'm satisfied with the service of My Shopping Box. Now I have a faster and easier way to get my orders from the U.S. and even from Europe! 

Sign up here and create your My Shopping Box account na rin! :) 
You can also download the My Shopping Box app on iOS and Android.
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