Mom-Friday Make-Over: Top 3 Headers

Yay!  Finally, after a full week of anxiously waiting, carefully selecting, rationalizing, and making the layout, I am proud to present my 3 favorite candidates for my new image header contest.

These three are completely different from each other. Each one caught my eye and made quite an impression when I first saw them.

Presenting, my 3 fab finalists, in no particular order, with my personal interpretation:

Entry of L.T., Philippines

This header is a combination of two entries from sender L.T.  Both were very colorful, very detailed and looks hand-crafted, and the artwork reminded me of my boy and girl so I instantly gravitated towards this beautiful card.  I also like to do arts and crafts so this reflects a part of my personality. Adding to the appeal is its warm, autumn shades. So I layered them together and came up with this scrapbook-shabby chic design.

Entry of J.L., Canada
I just found this photo so attractive, so vivid and colorful, and quite symbolic too.  These Russian nesting dolls, a.k.a. Matrioschka dolls, are true representations of mothers -- carrying their child, nurturing them and giving life...one after the other, literally (",)  The original photo has a vertical orientation so I just cropped the best portion and made a simple, clean layout for the image to stand out.

Entry of C.D., Singapore
Poetic. This was the word that came to mind when I first saw this photo. An arresting photo that I didn't feel the need to edit it save for some saturation adjustment and cropping it to size. I just made my own interpretation of this very simple yet dramatic shot of a lone flower amidst a lifeless surrounding.  Just like this single bloom, a mother can bring hope, light, life and love in any situation.

So there.  Now comes the most difficult part of choosing the winner.  Which one do you think I should put up here?  I told you they are all so different, they're like opposite poles from each other with their own unique charm and appeal.  Eeny, meeney, miney, moe... maybe I can let them share the limelight and split the year among the three, hmm...
I decided I may still revise the fonts and tweak the layout as needed after choosing "The one". Only a weekend left for me to decide so I'd appreciate any feedback and let me know what you think.

TO THE FINALISTS, please DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT.  I want to allow other readers to be objective on any feedback they may have (",)

Good news is, you will each receive your own personalized JEL Stickers.

Again, Thank You to everyone who supported me on this "project" and for sending your precious photos and works of art.

Watch out for the announcement and launch on the 9th!


  1. I love J.L.'s entry the most. It's very laconic of what your blog is all about. I hope she gets your vote! :)

  2. wow!!! those are really nice entries :D i was trying to find something from my pics but i couldn't find one that would suit your blog :(

    i really like the Matrioschka dolls :D evokes nesting and motherhood and they're just really cute :D

  3. Based on your explanation, LT's entry has more meaning BUT if you based it on attractiveness and the way the header sort of pulls you in then my vote goes to JL's entry. All the entries are really good, so either way, it's a win win situation :) Good Luck.

  4. Hard to choose but the 2nd one caught my eye. But the first one relates to you too.

  5. Thank you for your votes! the new header will be up on the 9th so 'stay tuned' ;)


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