My Scott's MOMAZING Moments

It's still the month of May so I shall continue to celebrate motherhood with this special feature about one of my more memorable Mother's Day. This year, I was invited to be one of the guest moms at Scott's MOMAZING event to share some special moments I've had with my children. It's not everyday that I get interviewed by celebrity moms, and in a very public setting pa! =) So indulge me as I share my experience here.

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My New Skin Care Regimen at 42: Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo

I've been worried about how my skin got so dry and nothing seem to work on my skin anymore. I expressed this dilemma in a few of my beauty-related posts last year. I also went to a derma to re-assess my skin condition. I had phases where I need to switch or rotate brands, Olay included, just to recondition my skin again because it became more sensitive, dull, and dry. I started to observe these changes when I was nearing 40. Two weeks ago, I happily reunited with my old reliable Olay -- this time with the new Regenerist Miracle Duo.

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Fun Friday: DreamPlay at City of Dreams Manila

Ahhh...DreamPlay! Three weeks ago, we brought the kids and their cousins to the newest interactive entertainment and play center in town. DreamPlay, located at the Retail Avenue of City of Dreams Manila, allows the kids to play, create, and learn in a fantasy world with the larger-than-life DreamWorks characters like Shrek, Toothless, the Madacascar animals, and Kung Fu Panda.

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Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables and Pineapples + Doleicious Giveaway!

The summer heat can be unforgiving and I found myself craving for more fresh fruits and grilled food these days. After my #DoleChefMom cooking session some weeks ago, I got more inspired to create simple dishes that will incorporate juicy pineapples. I think this new imbento recipe is worth sharing, and also a perfect dish to serve on a warm summer day.

I've been experimenting with quinoa for the past couple of months now, and so far, I like cooking it with chicken and assorted vegetables. I also discovered that adding some curry powder complements the flavors of my quinoa mix. Naturally, when I received an abundance of Dole Pineapple Tidbits, juices and sauces, food ideas came to mind, and one is to add pineapple in my rice dishes. In this case, I added to my favorite quinoa recipe, which is far healthier and more nutritious than our staple steamed white rice.

Pineapples can greatly enhance and sweeten a dish that even kids will love to eat. You can follow the recipes created by Chef Rosebud, which I shared here

For today's recipe, you can expect this to be light, refreshing and healthy, as you can see in the list of ingredients. I love the colors too! You can add and subtract the type of vegetable you want in the mix. When I made this dish and was taking photos, I realized I was missing the bell peppers! Horrors!!! Instead, I added a tomato. But I still recommend you use bell pepper for better flavor, especially after you roast it.

Now, let's get cooking. And by the way, there's a Dole-icious giveaway waiting for you at the end of this post! (",)  May recipe ka na, may pa-raffle pa! 


Baby eggplant
Bell pepper
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Curry powder
Liquid seasoning
1/4 cup Quinoa
1/2 cup Dole Pineapple Tidbits
3 tablespoons Dole Pineapple Juice (or juice from the can of Tidbits)
Lemon wedge

To prepare:
Pre-heat oven to 200°C
Wash, cut and slice all the vegetables. Adjust quantity of vegetables based on your preferences.
Toss everything in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, rock salt and ground pepper.
Lay all the veggies flat on a lined baking tray (see photo above). 
Place in the oven and cook for 20 - 25 minutes.
Wash quinoa.

To cook:
While veggies are roasting in the oven, cook quinoa in a small pot as instructed on the pack. While boiling, add a pinch of salt.
Cook for about 20 minutes, until soft and fluffy (see photo above). Set aside.
Take out the veggies from the oven.
In a pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil and toss all the roasted veggies in.
Add the pineapples and pineapple juice. Mix well.
Add the cooked quinoa.

Mix everything together and make sure the quinoa and veggies absorb the pineapple juice.
Add a pinch of salt and sprinkle curry powder. Taste, and add more salt or a few drops of liquid seasoning if you wish. Let the flavors marry for one to two minutes, then remove from heat.
The curry flavor should be faint, very mild only. But feel free to add more.

My quinoa with veggies and pineapples is like a one-pot-dish. I think vegetarians will like this. A complete meal in one plate. But the more I look at it, I think it's even better as a side dish to grilled meats, heehee! It can also replace a cold salad, especially with the juicy pineapples in there, don't you agree? =)  

Squeeze over some lemon if you like, and serve immediately. Serves 2 - 4.

Guess what?
After the girl picked out the cauliflower, we decided to make the leftover as taco filling, topped with grated cheese.  Ta-daaa! Pineapple-Veggie-Quinoa Tacos! Nom-nom-nom!

I hope you can try this juicy, healthy and Doleicious dish with your family. Kids can even help in the kitchen with washing and chopping and tossing of vegetables. Let me know if you have a different veggie combination with the pineapple and quinoa. Would love to try something new too! =)

As promised, I'm sharing my blessings from DOLE with this Dole-ightful and Dole-icious Blog Giveaway!  JOIN NOW and share the good news to your friends!!!

#DOLExMomFriday Giveaway
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1 Microfiber Kitchen Towel

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Six Years and Counting...Keep Calm and Blog On

Second Friday of the month: Blog / Personal

Tomorrow, May 9, this blog will turn 6. 
Wow! THANK YOU for being a part of my blogging journey. Six years. Honestly, I don't know how long I can keep this up! I just write and share whatever I want every week. As long as you are reading, I will keep on writing.

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Summer Kicks from Sugar Kids

Women and shoes. We can't have enough. I'm so thankful I have a daughter whom I can share my "girly" interests with, and of course, to be my shopping buddy. She's just 8 but she has her own sense of style already. It's funny that she also enjoys looking through racks of clothes, when in the mood, but more for shoes! When I told her we'll be going to Megamall with her cousins to buy shoes, she's raring to go!

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Foodie Friday: Shakshuka with Bacon

First Friday of the month:  Mom-Cook / Recipe

Shak what? Shakshuka (shakshouka). It's a Middle Eastern (from Israel or Tunisia) dish that's usually served for breakfast, often with pita or challah, but also a hearty evening dish. I've been seeing several photos of this vibrant dish online since last year but I keep forgetting to give it a try. Early this week, I saw it again on Goop's Instagram post. The next day, I decided to just make some since I have the main ingredients on hand.  

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Fun Cooking Session with the Dole Chef Moms

I consider myself a struggling (lazy) home cook. I can say I know my way around the kitchen and happy to be able to whip up simple dishes in minutes. But the main challenge is to come up with dishes that are considered healthy and will also gain family's approval. I always welcome new ideas and tried-and-tested recipes from family and friends. That's why, when I was invited to be a part of the Dole Chef Mom Program, I quickly accepted. Why? First, I do buy Dole products for my family, and second, I'll be learning new dishes with my friends who share the same belief that cooking and preparing meals should be easy, fun, and healthy for the family.

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Mom-Finds: Snap Circuits Educational Toy

Last Friday of the month: Toys / Shopping

The boy has recently been introduced to circuitry as part of his science subject. While I struggle to find "fun" learning tools and materials for him to work on, I got lucky when I stumbled upon this toy last year when I was shopping for holiday gifts online.

You see, half the time I don't enjoy buying toys for my kids coz I know most of the stuff will just be a waste of money and will soon gather dust somewhere. Okay, I'm not a fun mom, I know, I know. Except maybe for Lego and other old reliable toy brands I grew up with, I'm not a good judge of what will click with kids these days.

Discovering Snap Circuits proved to be one of the best toys I've ever purchased. Of course I asked the boy first and showed him the photo online if he wanted one. I bought 3 kits -- one for the boy, two as gifts. You can see the product links to Amazon at the end of this post. But before you scroll down, see what's inside first.

We got the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100.  Let the unboxing begin.

I'm sorry I can't explain each and every part coz I have not studied it thoroughly. I just let my boy discover and learn about the parts on his own (parang test na rin niya yan, heehee), so I just took pictures up close and hopefully you can see and read yourselves. =)

Snap Circuits® makes learning about electronics fun and simple! No tools required. 

What's inside this Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 kit:

  • Block Layout with all the parts, and it's quantity, illustrated
  • More than 30 different parts with labels, including:
    • Motor Fan
    • Lamp
    • Jump Wires
    • Alarm Integrated Circuit
    • Music Integrated Circuit
    • Multi-Snap Wires
    • Switches

  • All parts are mounted on plastic modules and easily snaps together
  • Includes a colored Experiments 1-101 manual
  • Uses AA batteries (battery not included)
  • Suited for ages 8 and older

All you need is to follow the manual and you can create the different projects in no time!  Of course, you have to understand how the parts work and what NOT to do while building. 

This boy gets a quick grasp of what he has to work with, and soon enough, after following the manual on two easy projects, he was already able to slightly modify the design for this project - the Lamp and Fan.

Spot the difference between the manual's layout and this boy's design. It worked, and that's what's important.

His lessons will involve more projects from Snap Circuits, that's for sure, and he will be graded for them as experiments. All he has to do create and explain to me how they work, para may grade siya! =) Science is his favorite subject.

Watch this 12-second sample demo of the boy's simple lamp and fan project.

See more at: www.snapcircuits.net
You can purchase Snap Circuits on Amazon.com.

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Better Laundry Days with Suds

As a homemaker, I am in charge of running the household, managing the helpers, planning our meals, and running errands including scheduling grocery and laundry days. And that's not all of it. With the load of responsibilities, I want to have efficient helping hands at home and reliable outsourced services for cleaning and maintenance of household needs to make our lives more comfortable and give me peace of mind.

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Engineering For Kids Summer Adventure Camps 2015

We're half way through summer season and the kids have been enjoying the break so far, especially my girl. The boy is still into the final quarter of his homeschooling year, as I've shared here, but I make sure he's also able to spend some fun times with his sister and cousins.

About two weeks ago, we got invited to the launch of the summer Adventure Camps of Engineering for Kids. We missed the event kasi the kids had their painting class that same day, but we're happy we were able to attend a trial class last Thursday.

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Fun Friday: Batik Dyeing Workshop

Third Friday of the month:  Events / Crafts and Recreation

Paisley is one of my favorite prints. It's swirls and intricate details make it more alluring and kinda exotic. This is the print I wanted for my first batik dyeing project. I was actually not supposed to be at the event due to conflict of schedule, but unexpectedly, it freed up and I immediately asked if there was still a slot left for me 'coz I really wanted to attend. To quote Paulo Coelho, "and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." So, I made it, and I even won the contest! Meant to be? I believe so!

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