Mom-Finds: Urban Kid-Style for Tots to Teens from ZIPPY

Last Friday of the month:  Mom-Finds / Kid-Style / Shopping 

I love shopping for my children's clothes as much as I do mine, and what thrills me even more is finding quality and fashionable kids' apparel at reasonable prices. We all know how kids can quickly outgrow their clothes and shoes so I always consider affordability but without sacrificing comfort and style. Here's great news for moms like me -- my girl and I recently discovered ZIPPY from Portugal and I'm now sharing our latest fashion finds here! ZIPPY joins my short list of favorite kid stores.


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Bathe in Perfume + IG Giveaway

Do you enjoy taking long baths? 
Do you love the feeling of soft of supple skin? 
Do you like a sweet lingering smell after a shower? 
Well, I think you'll also like this Soft Touch Body Wash that I've been using for months now.

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DIY Design with Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes

Everybody knows Converse. It's been a favorite brand of footwear for generations, and our youngest has also favored this sneakers over all her casual shoes. Her school allows rubber shoes as part of their uniform so she chose to wear her classic Chucks to school everyday for two years now. Come June, we planned to buy her a new pair. Lucky for her, we got invited to a Converse event and she brought home a brand new Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes that she can customize!

"I can wear this to school!" Yes, you can.
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What to Expect at ROW 101 Summer Bazaar 2016

When I got invited to a shopping party, I could not find an excuse not to go. Shopping = Fun. My blogger friends and I got a preview of what we can expect to find at the ROW 101 Summer Pop Up and it's happening na this weekend -- April 16 and 17 at White Space in Makati!

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Learning the Game of Economics and Family Finance

If there's a chance for us parents to teach lessons through games, then that would be awesome, right? One of my weaknesses is finance. I just can't digest the topic (or I refuse to understand it). To be honest, I'm just not interested in learning and talking about it. But of course, I want to earn lots of money, hehee...who wouldn't?! A few weeks ago, I was invited by Mommy Mundo to one of their Mom School workshops with the theme Family Game Time. With the help of Sun Life, this was the first time for me and the boy to really have fun learning about business and investments, insurance and stocks through a board game!

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From a Tele-babad Teen to Social Media-holic SAHM

Second Friday of the month: Personal / Family

7038**. 7752**. 72752**. 72476**. 0998-985****. Yes, six digits lang noon. I still remember all our old home phone numbers kasi ako ang suki niyan as soon as I get home from school and done with homework or reviews. From our black dial-up telephone unit, I remember chatting with my classmates about anything and everything. Eventually, PLTD added a 7th digit to our telephone number and updated the phone units. Aside from television, our telephone is my best friend at home. Wala pang internet noon and next to sending mail, calling from the phone is the best way of communication.

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Foodie Friday: Oriental Fish Cakes

First Friday of the month: Mom-Cook / Recipe

Hello! I'm back from my Holy Week blog break and with an easy-peasy recipe for this month's Foodie Friday. I got inspired by this dish from fellow blogging mama, Levy. She posted a photo of her fish cakes on Instagram and I immediately asked for the recipe. Since I wasn't inspired to experiment in the kitchen lately, I thought I'd try out simple dishes I spot on IG and FB. We got tired of our usual crispy panko fish fillet, and since it was Lent, I decided to cook fish cakes last week.

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Field Trip to Hardin sa Tabing Ilog Campsite in Nasugbu, Batangas

Third Friday of the month:  Fun and Recreation / Travel

This month's Fun Friday feature is all about my girl's school culminating event for their social studies where the second graders and parents went on an exposure trip to Batangas. Hardin Sa Tabing Ilog Campsite was the venue for their year-end activity. This trip to an actual river was the perfect backdrop that allowed the kids to reflect and showcase what they've learned about Pasig River, it's surrounding communities and rehabilitation, and how it compares to rivers from around the world.

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A Quick Escape to Subic

I can't get my mind off the beach. It's the season kasi. The family had an early taste of summer last month, during Valentine's weekend to be exact. The road trip to Subic was mainly for J's business meeting which extended to our quick beach getaway. I'd say those unplanned trips are the more exciting and memorable ones, don't you think so?

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Foodie Friday: Sultan Mediterranean Grill Opens in San Juan

First Friday of the month: Restaurant / Foodie Finds

If you've been following me on social media, you should know by now that I am a foodie at heart. I appreciate a wide range of cuisines and is adventurous enough to try the unique and exotic. A week ago, I was a guest at the first mediterranean restaurant in our side of town, along Wilson street. Say hello to Sultan Mediterranean Grill!

San Juan has been a foodie haven for years and I feel so lucky to be living in a neighborhood where many fantastic dining places have flourished. Sultan Mediterranean Grill joins the roster of my recommended restaurants in our area, populated mostly by Asian eateries and caf├ęs. Finally, I don't have to drive to a mall to get my mid-east-mediterranean fix. Konting tumbling lang, nasa Sultan-Wilson nako. Heehee!

The interiors are modern and spacious, with white-washed walls and a distinct mediterranean feel especially when you see the accent colors and the wall with gorgeous tiles.  Sayang nga I arrived late and was not able to take more photos of the restaurant anymore coz there was a steady stream of diners coming in. Good business!

My friends and I were treated to some of Sultan's specialties that made us all so full and happy. Even the kids who joined our lunch seemed to enjoy their dishes.

Here's our authentic mediterranean lunch at Sultan:

FALAFEL for starters. These are fried balls of mashed chickpeas mixed with fragrant spices, on a bed of hummus and chopped veggies. Served with pita. I'm not big on chickpeas so I only had one ball. I had to say I liked the soft-crunchy contrast of this one.

Not your ordinary CHICKEN CURRY. As expected, the chicken was perfectly cooked in this thick sauce, with a curry spice flavor that's not overpowering to the palette. It was good.

For sharing, this KEBAB PLATTER lets you choose any 4 sticks of kebab or koobideh (grilled minced meat). 

We had beef, chicken, lamb, and beef koobideh. All the meats were tasty, but a bit overcooked for me. This value-for-money platter goes well with the spiced yogurt sauce (which they have on every table) and any of their rice. The platter comes with grilled tomato.

If you order a regular kebab plate with 1 stick of kebab or koobideh, it will be served with salad, grilled tomato, and rice.

You can always add any Extras to your meat platters, like french fries, grilled tomato and onion, feta cheese. Or maybe upgrade your rice from plain to buttered, or to this flavorful beryani rice. We all loved it!

The 3 stand-out dishes for me are... (drum roll)...

BRAISED LAMB SHANKS -- moist and fall-off-the-bone tender, stewed and braised with spices and served with buttered rice. No gamey, funky aftertaste that I was expecting! Winner!!! The gravy gave it a boost of flavor as well.  

For someone who was never fond of lamb, I even surprised myself by having much more than my usual bite-sized cut of lamb meat.  It was so good, I finished more than half the plate of rice which was meant for sharing, hehehehe! This plate did not leave my side.

Here's the clincher:  All four of us admitted we're not fans of lamb, but it was unanimous that this lamb shank was the star of our lunch.  Definitely a must-try!

Another memorable dish was this traditional Greek dish -- MOUSSAKA. Mmmmmm...

It's creamy and cheesy, with generous layers of minced beef and eggplant. It looked like a lasagna, served with warm pita. Pang-comfort food. This was wiped out!

Hot off the grill, these beef kebabs made up the SOUVLAKI PLATTER. 

Beef was moist, tender and well-seasoned (you can also request for lamb), with french fries and salad on the side. These were perfectly grilled.  I also ate this with more rice! =)

If you're into yogurt and fruit shakes, you can have your fix here. They can combine both in one smoothie. I gave their Mango Yogurt Shake a try and it was just okay for me, not as sweet and creamy like a regular milkshake, which I expected. My friends liked their yogurt shakes. I'd go for a regular fruit shake next time, or just have Iced Tea.

After all the delicious grilled and saucy meats and carbs, time to cleanse our palette.  We were so excited to try their unique ice cream flavors. After the first taste, we all agreed lahat masarap! Serious.

Take your pick, clockwise from top: NUTS & ROSES with chopped pistachio and sweet rose essence; BASIL is creamy and with a basil-fresh taste; SILKY AMBER is a decadent salted butter caramel flavor.

From their successful restaurant in Salcedo Village, Makati to this new branch on a quiet strip along Wilson street, Sultan Mediterranean Grill will surely create another steady following with their flavorful specialties. Its family-friendly ambiance plus reasonably priced meals are major draws as well. For about PhP250, you can already have a very tasty and satisfying kebab rice plate and drink!

Look at us, big smiles talaga sa busog! Thank you for having us, SULTAN! I'll be back, for sure.
The ladies who lunch...at Sultan:  Me, Chessy, Didi, Cai

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Pre-register for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with Smart Now

A new kid on the smartphone block is coming very soon via Smart! Are you ready for the next Samsung Galaxy phone? My husband got his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year and he can't stop raving about it to family and friends. As a blogger and Instagrammer, I personally liked the vivid photos I took with it, and also the "beauty" selfie mode, heehee. As always, we can count on Smart Communications to offer everyone a chance to get first dibs at the latest Galaxy smartphones.

Photo from Samsung.com

Drool over the handsome Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and pre-register now at http://smrt.ph/galaxys7.  Be one of the first to own this beauty.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge under water

What to love about the Samsung Galaxy  S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge:
  • Elegant body of glass and metal finish 
  • Enhanced multitasking and camera features
  • Expandable memory of up to 200GB
  • Larger battery
  • IP68 water and dust resistant certification
  • Compatible with the Samsung Gear VR - to be offered by Smart very soon!
    • World’s first consumer-focused virtual reality headset with 3D and CG animated worlds, as well as 180 or 360-degree live action scenes
    • Get updated on Smart’s offers for the Samsung Gear VR, register at: smart.com.ph/Postpaid/samsung-gear-vr

“With these fresh devices, Samsung has really made good on its promise of going beyond the limits in terms of experience, creativity and performance,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Brand Head.

See more photos from the #SmartGalaxyS7 and #SmartGalaxyS7Edge preview event.  

Excited? =)
I heard it's coming this March na, so register your interest now with Smart: smrt.ph/galaxys7!

For updates on the latest offers, follow Smart’s official accounts:
Facebook :  www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications
Instagram / Twitter :  @LiveSmart

All photos from Samsung official website and Smart Communications' Facebook page.

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Mom-Finds: Summer Trip to Paradise with Melissa

Last Friday of the month:  Shopping / Shoes

March na next week, ang bilis! That also means it's officially the start of our summer season. Where are you off to this summer? Dreaming of paradise? It's always fun to plan our summer outings, and with that is wardrobe planning as well. Time to take out the swimwear and easy-breezy outfits to stay fashionable this season. Don't forget your sandals too. So, for today's Mom-Finds, I can say that your best bet this summer, or in any season for that matter, is a pair of cool and forever comfy Melissa. You can even win a trip to Palawan with Melissa's Take Me To Paradise promo! Read more and find out how.

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