Mom-Finds: Hydrating Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream

Last Friday of the month: Beauty / Shopping

Like water for my skin -- that's how I feel every time I apply this gel cream on my face... no exaggeration! You know me, I rarely feature beauty products on the blog and you're assured that whatever I share here are products that really work for me. My new face cream discovery from Laneige has made me a convert.

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Fun Friday: The Boy Goes To Congress

Third Friday of the month: Field Trip / Tour

What are the three branches of government? Who is your representative? Who presides over the House of Representatives?  
These are just a few of the questions from the boy's current social studies lesson for the first quarter. We're learning about types of government around the world, and also about the Philippine government. Parang nag-aaral din ulit ako coz I really didn't have any interest about this topic ever since I was a student. A field trip is always a good thing. It creates excitement for a rather unappealing topic or lesson. Here, we were able to visit congress and gain a better understanding of what we're trying to study, and also for me to teach the subject better.

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Look Who's Hooked on Crunchy Garlic

Crunchy. Toasted garlic. Sweet and salty. These are some of the "qualifications" that the kids look for when ordering a chicken dish. Actually, mine too! We all love garlic, especially with beef and chicken. Garlic makes everything smells so delicious and adds that kick to flavor. My latest restaurant find is BonChon Crunchy Garlic.

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Serendipity in Discovery Suites

Second Friday of the month: Family Life / Home and Living

Blessed is an overused word already, but in this case, I can really say our recent staycation was another unexpected blessing. I tell you, my kids are the happiest every time we are treated to overnight accommodations like our stay in a Serendipity Suite of Discovery Suites Ortigas. There were so many surprises as soon as we checked in which made this particular weekend more memorable.

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Foodie Friday: Cream Puffs, Crepes, and Croquembouche

First Friday of the month: Pastries / Baking Class

I started baking when I was in elementary. I can't recall what I made first, but I remember buying a box of brownie mix and tried to bake it as instructed in the box. Then, I moved on oatmeal cookies until I learned more about cooking and baking during high school practical arts and home eco classes. Last month, I was able to attend a private baking class by Chef Christa Mendiola where she taught how to make one of my favorite pastries ever -- the cream puff!

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What to Expect at KIDZANIA Manila

Do you remember a time when you imagine or dream of what you want to be when you grow up and role-play with siblings or friends? Did you dress up the part and take out all the props and toys you can find to pretend with? Well, level-up na ang mga kids ngayon with global edu-tainment brand KidZania opening it's doors to the public tomorrow, August 7, in Bonifacio Global City. 

KidZania Manila Main Square
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Flashback to My Most Popular Posts

You might be wondering why it's not Mom-Finds today. If you've been a loyal reader, you'd know that I have a theme for each Friday of every month, and that every last Friday of the month will be about a recent shopping find, or a newly-discovered product or service. Either I was just too busy to notice the calendar or I am really getting old and forgetful! This July pala has five Fridays, so dapat Freestyle Friday last week and today is the last Friday of the month!

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Emergency Health Care is Just a Prepaid Card Away

Health is wealth. This is not just a saying for me coz I really believe nothing is more important than the safety and good health of my family. Prevention is key, but as parents, we always need to be prepared for emergency health needs and address our overall wellness. 

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Mom-Finds: Adult Coloring Books to De-stress

Stress-relieving, therapeutic, addicting. Coloring these elaborate patterns and prints actually relaxes me. Once I start on a new print, it's so hard to stop. I just take a break once my hand hurts and get blurry vision altogether, heeheehee! Lately, I found myself going offline and moving away from my laptop and other gadgets longer than usual just to keep coloring. And that's a good thing. Even my girl wants to color with me!

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Fun Friday: Cook, Snap, Eat, Chat with Mothers Who Brunch

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation / Hobby

I cook when I'm in the mood. I have an appetite for a wide range of cuisines, and also have fun taking snapshots of food then posting on social media. For me, it's about sharing my recipes, what I eat, and my foodie finds. Learning new tips and tricks in photo styling and framing really interests me. That's exactly what happened a few weekends ago at the Viking range showroom during the Mothers Who Brunch event.

Bacon Egg Cups
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Kid-Style: Rain-Ready OOTDs

Rainy season is here and I'm both happy and sad. Since it's back to school also, rainy days can be a major inconvenience and cause class suspensions. On the upside, it's always fun to dress up and have different sets of outerwear to keep us dry, especially for my kids. As a practical shopper, I always check out SM Kids for trendy and affordable outfits for my tween boy and sporty girl.

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Family Friday: New Homeschooling Year

Second Friday of the month: Schooling / Parenting

We did it! First year of homeschooling is over. The boy is now grade 6. It was a rocky road for both of us since June last year and I didn't want to rant or share anything negative here. For those of you following my blog, you may have noticed that I was not blogging as much as I used to, and haven't been attending events as often. I have to make those choices to spend more time homeschooling. It was not fun at all, I tell you, but it's all worth it.

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