Pre-Holiday Gadget SALE from Digital Walker Starts September 30

Christmas comes early this year with this awesome tech and gadget sale by Digital Walker store! I rarely post sale and promo announcements here but this one is hard to pass up since we are customers of Digital Walker and my gadget-geek hubby and kids are already eyeing several items to shop for this weekend. Sharing is caring, so I'm sharing this great news and giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect during this 3-day sale starting September 30 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall.

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Welcome to TICKLES Gift Shopping Wonderland

You know you're an 80s kid when you trooped to Greenhills and shopped for trinkets, gifts and novelty items at TICKLES. I was one of those girls who regularly check out this treasure trove for quirky finds. Since school is just minutes away, my friends and I used to buy stationery, stickers, cute school supplies, and other kitchy items we fancy. Fast forward to almost 40 years, a spanking new flagship store opens in SM Megamall and a new generation of shoppers will be in for a treat in this happy shopping place called TICKLES!

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Why This Homemaker Loves the New #MySmart Mobile App

In my home life and social media work, I am heavily dependent on my mobile phone and other gadgets. Time is considered a commodity now and I put a high price on it, that is why I try to choose where to spend my time on. I also avail of express services and the conveniences of online transactions and mobile apps as much as I can. While I consider myself a full time homemaker, it doesn't mean I have all the time in the world to be physically present in managing our household needs, and that includes monitoring our utilities and subscriptions. Mobile apps are my handy helper and I'm thrilled to share that My Smart mobile app is now live!

What is My Smart?
  • A self-service platform that allows subscribers to manage all their Smart Communications Inc. accounts in a single, unified app that is always on and free to use
    • i.e. balance check, view and retrieve account information, activate or deactivate an array of services, redeem points, etc.
  • My Smart puts the customer is in control of his personal account/s anytime, anywhere. 
  • My Smart App is available via Web, Mobile, and Mobile App (Android & IOS).
If you are a Smart subscriber, check out these My Smart services made available for you:
Login: my.smart.com.ph

Here's my #MySmart mobile app which I installed today.
Simply install and Login. You can instantly view your account, choose an array of options and services that you can avail of at the touch of a button.

Get the My Smart mobile App now and start managing your account the smart way!
You can also login on the web for a complete online experience: my.smart.com.ph

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Fun Friday: Mothers Who Brunch, Shop, and Get Pampered

The title said it all. One fine Saturday, I had the pleasure of being treated to a day of pampering, shopping, and dining at Discovery Primea Hotel in Makati. The Mothers Who Brunch (MWB), led by my friends Mish and Sab, organized this intimate gathering. I know they always prepare something special for their guests at every event, so I was really looking forward to this weekend "me time" treat for us moms!

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Family Friday: All About J & M's Painting and Anime Drawings

Second Friday of the month: Hobbies / Recreation / Kids

Ever since my kids were little, drawing has been one of their hobbies and a favorite activity for quiet time. I've featured some of their past works years ago on the blog and on Instagram as #ArtOfJandM. It's only recently that I've started taking notice again of what they've been creating. Please indulge me as I share some of their more current artworks that triggered some proud mommy moments for me. I am hard to please when it comes to my kids' works, but napabilib din nila ako with their latest artworks. :)

His doodling got less and less over the years, and homeschooling made it possible for him to explore art again. Noon puro robots and original game characters ang drawing niya. This year, he began taking painting classes at Art Smart. They teach him basic painting techniques and use acrylic on canvas.

Teacher said he is skilled, but sometimes tends to rush his projects. I've observed that he needs to be more meticulous and patient, and should work more neatly. Minsan ang daming patak ng paint on the sides and teacher will help him cover and clean it pa! Here are some of his works so far and I am looking for a spot in the house for each of them. =)

This painting below is for me. I'll claim this. =) He initially chose a blue and orange photo of a different jelly fish, but I wanted this more colorful version. It took me some time to convince him and told him to paint it for me, hehehe. Eventually, he obliged but did not quite finish... he missed some shading and shadows, but tinamad na kasi time is up na daw! Haaay!

He's currently working on this cupcake. Once he's done, I'll share the finished work on Instagram. =)

Drawing cartoons was always her favorite and she knows she's getting better at it. Pero she has her moods -- sometimes she will hide her work coz it's private daw, and there are days when she will request me to take a picture agad and let me post it on Instagram. She still prefers pencil drawings and rarely colors her works.

From creating her own animal characters to animé illustrations, she now gained the confidence to teach her classmates who are interested to learn and draw anime. Here are two mystical characters from a series she made last month.

M's latest drawings are all about anime girls. Since school started last June, she's been bringing home some of her doodles and comics. Earlier today, she created another original character named Necko Chan. Her characters all have "Chan" daw at the end of their names... don't ask me why! I can't understand her explanation, heehee.  

Here's a sample. May frontal rendition and side view. Mahirap daw yung side view, she is still practicing.

Their school is now on their term break, so she asked me if she can invite friends over and they can draw. Kaya bigla tuloy ako napa-organize ng "anime drawing workshop" dito sa bahay! M and another classmate with be the "teachers" for beginners and advanced levels.

Everything is almost set, and I am all out to support this hobby coz I also enjoyed drawing even as a kid. In this digital era, drawing with a pencil on paper is as organic as you can get when it comes to expressing one's creativity. Especially for the younger generation, it makes them appreciate art even more since it's their original work, drawn by hand. No gadgets, no complicated or high-tech materials needed. Just pure inspired drawings that spark their imagination.

"This is you, mommy. I copied the exact shirt and shorts you're wearing now, see...?" 
I look so young in that drawing diba, hahahaha. But at least she got the ponytail right.

"I can't do boys. Ok... I'm going to draw our family..."  
This was a stolen shot, kasi hindi pa ata tapos, but I love it already. =)

More of our family's art:

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Foodie Friday: Filippo's Tuna-Garlic Pasta in Olive Oil

Healthy cooking will always be the goal of any homemaker and cooking mama. It's a bonus if the dishes are quick and easy to prepare. To achieve that goal, it's a must to have the best and freshest ingredients you can find. In my pantry, staples include premium sauces and oils which are the usual base for most of my cooking. And for today's recipe, only fine aromatic olive oils can enhance the flavor of this very simple pasta dish.

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Share and Discover Good Finds with #MomFindsPH on Instagram

Last Friday of the month: Finds and Faves, Shopping

It's the last Friday of the month again and this time, instead of sharing my latest find, I'd like to take this chance to invite you all to follow MOM-FINDS on Instagram. I've been featuring my Mom-Finds since my first year of blogging and I'm very happy that readers share feedback about the products and services that I feature. It's one of the more exciting parts of my blog, when I get to share something new to try and recommend to all of you. Eventually, when I got into Instagram, the platform became more popular for sharing shopping and market finds.

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All Out Surf with the Eraserheads

So much from the 90s pop culture, music, and fashion are making a comeback. I became a young adult in that era and I'm one of those who can appreciate the revival of some 90s trends like the grunge look, earthy matte lipsticks, and alternative rock music. And when it comes to Pinoy rock, the Eraserheads tops my list. They became so popular when I was in college and was even touted as the local Beatles of our generation. "Pare Ko", "Ang Huling El Bimbo" and "Ligaya" are just a few of their now iconic songs. Their last stage performance was in 2009, and just recently, SMART was able to bring them back together for a special private performance.

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From PokemonGo to Instagram Stories

Third Friday of the month: Hobbies / Recreation

When August came around, there have been so many new stuff to try, and the hottest of which is the worldwide phenomenon -- PokemonGo.  Naturally, J and the kids immediately got the app as soon as it was launched in the country last August 6. It was a Saturday, so the kids were too happy to be able to register their own accounts and started playing with the rest of the world. Two days earlier, I was the one excited to try Instagram Stories, the latest feature on this popular social media platform.

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All-time Favorite Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc with Gabi

Fact: My family loves sinigang. Sinigang na baboy, sinigang na hipon, sinigang na maya-maya, sinigang na bangus, sinigang na corned beef. These are the different ways I cook sinigang. For me, the best part about serving this classic Filipino comfort dish is when my two picky eaters actually devour most of the vegetables mixed in the soup, which makes this an instant favorite in our home.

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Family Friday: Keep Calm and Carry On with Homeschool

Second Friday of the month: Parenting / Education

We just started our new school year this month and the boy is now grade 7.  I can't believe we are on our third year of homeschool! It doesn't get any easier, and to be honest, there are more days where I still find it hard to find joy in our homeschooling journey.  Kaya I continue to seek inspiration from successful homeschoolers and from online resources.

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Unbeatable Smart-Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Plans, Open for Pre-Orders Now

It's gorgeous. It's mesmerizing. It has groundbreaking features. The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is coming very soon and now being offered for pre-orders by Smart. Registration started last August 6 for both Smart Postpaid and Smart Infinity. The best news is that for the approved pre-order applications, you can get your Note 7 units as early as August 17!!! If you are thinking of getting a plan, now is the time, and here's what Smart has in store for you.

For Smart Postpaid : Surf Plus Plan 999
  • Only 999 plus cash-out of P1,200 / month for 24 months = P2,199 per month
  • Comes with 5GB data for all your surfing needs
  • 30 call minutes and 100 texts to all networks
  • Free data access for the app of their choice every month—i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more
  • Approved postpaid pre-orders from the following Smart Stores between August 6 to 19 will also receive a free Samsung battery pack and clear case
    • Smart Wireless and Business Centers: Rockwell Powerplant Mall, SM Megamall / Aura / North EDSA / Baguio / Clark / Festival Mall / Molito / Cebu / Davao, and Smart Online Store

For Smart Infinity Plans:
Roaming Plan 8000 (24 months) - comes with 2 Galaxy Note 7 devices
Roaming Plan 5000 (30 months) - comes with 1 Galaxy Note 7 and 1 Galaxy S7
  • Members may experience their new devices with discounted outbound roaming rates, 15GB data allocation and a hefty monthly consumable allocation
  • New Plan 5000 and Plan 8000 members from August 6 to Aug 19 will also receive a complimentary
  • Level Box Pro speaker

To know more about Smart Infinity’s exclusive offers, existing members may contact their Infinity Relationship Officer or the Infinity dedicated hotline *800. For new membership, call 848 8806.

“Smart Infinity ensures our members enjoy the latest gadgets and fast mobile data that they deserve. The Galaxy Note 7 coupled with Smart's ultra-fast LTE technology is definitely a worthy addition to our line-up,” said Julie C. Carceller, Head of Smart Infinity.

I am planning to have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 'coz I was impressed by my husband's S6 Edge from Smart, with it's amazing innovations. With this Note 7's jaw-dropping features, I'm smitten! Sobrang ganda naman kasi, nalito na tuloy ako! =)

What makes Note 7 desirable?  
It features the first ever Iris scanner security function, first mobile HDR video function, high-precision S-Pen, superior DSLR-quality camera with f/1.7 lens that's excellent for low light, an expandable memory up to 256GB and runs on an Octa-core processor for smoother graphics, aside from a water-resistant and uber stylish body!

Don't wait! Be among the first to own a #SmartGalaxyNote7.

Note: All images provided b Smart.

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