Sweet Smiles All The Way with Oral-B

When I was younger, I had several dental procedures that went from regular cleaning to tooth fillings and major tooth extractions. I think I had all my molars filled in my earlier years due to poor brushing habits and dental caries. Good thing I did not end up getting a root canal. After college, I also suffered from tooth decay and gingivitis mainly caused by plaque buildup, and I wouldn't want that to happen again!

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Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park Opens in Frontera Verde, Pasig

Jump, bounce, jump, dunk, jump, climb, jump, eat, party! You can do them all at the first and biggest indoor trampoline park in the Philippines. I am so excited to announce that JUMP YARD is now open for the whole family to enjoy a one-of-a-kind high-flying experience!

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Kiwa Korean Grill Fine Dining Restaurant in Solaire

First Friday of the month: Restaurant / Foodie Finds

My family loves Asian cuisine. Whenever we think of family restos, we usually end up dining from favorites that offer Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. It's always a safe bet for us, even on special occasions. For families like us who are always on the lookout for good Asian food, you can now include Kiwa Korean Grill, the newest fine dining destination down south, in your list of go-to Korean restaurants.

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Seared Scallops on Sautéd Kale

Over the weekend, J and I headed to S&R to grab a few items, including his frozen peeled shrimps/prawns. His stir-fry shrimps was a hit so he got inspired to cook it again. While he got his pack, I saw these jumbo sea scallops that I've been eyeing for the longest time but was scared to buy. It's pricey, so I wanted to make sure I can find a good recipe and be able to cook it right to avoid wasting these beauties. But what the heck, I was so tempted and craving already, so J agreed to just go for it and buy a pack. Bahala na kung anong luto! =)

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Mom-Finds: I'm Shoe Dreaming

Last Friday of the month: Shopping / Shoes / Finds and Faves

I'm not a big shopper but I love fashion and enjoy browsing the merchandise through shops, both online and retail. Though I've purchased a few new items I'm currently loving, I have decided to share my online finds instead -- literally, "finds" pa lang, as in I found them online, hahaha, coz I didn't buy any of them (yet). Puro shoes! Nasa wish list lang. I've been crushing on these shoes that I've spotted (mostly on Instagram) since last year, plus a few more recently.

Ballet shoes color wheel from Crane Boutique
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Revisiting Ark Avilon Zoo in Frontera Verde

First month of the year and we have five Fridays pala! =) I was supposed to publish this feature yesterday but my computer was not cooperating and I didn't feel too good either. Hence, no Friday post. Boo-hoo! Still, I'll follow my Freestyle Friday theme -- anything goes, more photos less text. If you're confused about what I'm writing about, click here to get an idea. Anyhow, good timing naman kasi I wanted to feature our most recent trip to Ark Avilon Zoo and what you can expect to see there now.

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The Joy of Unboxing a New Gadget

Whether it's for Christmas or for their birthday, even with no occasion at all, there's always the thrill of receiving and unboxing a gift, especially when you know it's a gadget! Our kids, the digital natives, know what they want from their gadgets. Aside from the features that allow them to learn, play games or watch videos, they also want fast internet connection to go with it.

Screen grab from Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans video

This new year, I bring good news once again from SMART. Smart Bro is now offering the coolest gadget bundles with reliable connection that the kids and parents will surely appreciate.

“You are sure to find the perfect Smart Bro gadget deal that you need, because we have designed our plans to suit a wide range of lifestyles – from the kids who are into educational apps and exciting games, to the techies who connect to multiple gadgets and consume a lot of data for work and leisure,” said Michele Curran, head of Data and International Services at Smart.

Excited to bring home and surprise your kids with their own new gadgets?

Watch the unboxing videos and choose which Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plan is best for your family. Happiness!!! =)

2 Acer Iconia One 7 + 4G Pocket Wifi : Gadget Plus Plan 599
Promo until January 31, 2016

If you have two kids, no worries about sharing or getting another unit coz this plan comes with two Acer Iconia One 7 units,  1.7gb worth of data usage, and 1.1gb for iflix, Fox, and Spinnr.

iPad Mini 2 16GB : Gadget Plus Plan 899 
(No cash-out, 30 months lock-in)

Lenovo Tab 2 A730 (3G) : Gadget Plus Plan 399

How to avail of Smart Bro gadget deals:
  • Head over to the nearest Smart Store with a valid ID, a proof of address and proof of income 
  • Accomplish a form indicating your choice of gadget and plan. 
  • You can also opt to sign up online with free nationwide delivery via the Smart Online Store at store.smart.com.ph.
And here's a bonus: Smart Bro gadget deals come with FREE 30-day subscription + FREE 1.1 GB data for top entertainment apps like iFlix, FOX via Viewstream, and Spinnr! What a treat!

Now is the perfect time to surprise or reward the kids with their very own gadget (if they don't have one yet) with the Smart Bro Gadget Plus Plans and let the unboxing begin! We're in the digital age and these gadgets allow them to explore, to experience living the smart life as they learn and enjoy even on the go. =)

Get more info and details here: smrt.ph/kidstechtalk

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Fun Friday: Micro Toys and Crafts for LPS

Third Friday of the month: Recreation / Hobby / Toys

Do you know what's LPS? At first, I was clueless, until I realized those were "Littlest Pet Shop" toys that my girl is so addicted to lately. I told her it's an old toy already. She said it's new and she watches it on YouTube too. It made a comeback pala and has released many series of toy collections aside from the cartoon show.  So, for the past several months, these tiny "pets" have been her playmates, which also made their way in our bathroom and invaded the bedroom.

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That's a Wrap!

I still feel like I have a holiday hangover. Do you feel the same way? The gastronomic feast we all had is still haunting me. And the leftovers -- ahhh, they are my life-savers! Since we've had no house help for almost six months now, I've been dragging myself to whip up something edible in the kitchen. With all the take-outs and excess servings from pot-luck parties and food deliveries, all I had to do is keep them fresh and ready for the next meal.

Let me get to the point. What saves me a lot of time from prep and heating and cleaning up are my trusty kitchen helpers. GLAD products are my everyday heroes, and I was super duper happy when they sent me a care package filled with GLAD items that I use and abuse. Ang saya ko talaga! Thank you! I've mentioned how GLAD helped me here, from being maidless (but not helpless). It deserves a solo feature today.

Here's how GLAD makes my life so much easier, while saving me time and money with their Cling Wrap, Press 'n Seal, and resealable plastic Storage bags.
  • Keeps food fresh and protected.
  • Cling Wrap now comes is a Mini size that's perfect for smaller food and surfaces.
  • Leftovers go straight to the ref after it's covered with Cling Wrap or Press 'n Seal
    • Can be heated immediately the next day to two in the microwave and food is ready to be served again.
    • No need to transfer to another plate. 
    • My favorite Press 'n Seal is even leak-proof!
      • It's opaque and has a sticky side that seals the edge of the container when you press it down all around.

  • Resealable plastic storage bags also comes in a smaller size that is great for the kids' baon and for food portioning
    • Keeps food sealed in and ready for storing in the ref and freezer
    • Can keep marinated and breaded raw food fresh and safe, ready to cook by portion
    • Ideal for travel - sealed tight and extra secure with the wider seal, so safe to pack in bags or coolers.

You know your priorities have changed if you get excited from getting Cling Wrap and resealable plastic bags. Just like with women and shoes, there's no such thing as too many GLAD in the kitchen. They keep what you love fresh.

Actually, they're not just for food. I also use the Cling Wrap for packaging, and the plastic storage for storing almost anything -- accessories, toiletries, for organizing clothes when traveling, and the list goes on. I'm truly glad there's GLAD! (I've been itching to use that line, hehehehe!)

How else do you use GLAD? Share your tips here!

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Family Friday: My Birthday Girl is 9 Today

My not-so-little girl is 9. It's like every year after she started going to school, I say to myself that I don't have a baby anymore and that time flies so fast. Indeed, it has. While his brother is already in the tween stage, I am taking comfort in the fact that she still wants to remain "small" and to "stay a kid forever" -- her own words. She'll forever be the baby of the family.

When she turned 8 last year

We did not plan anything special this year except giving in to her request that she wants to go swimming with her cousins, just like how she celebrated her birthday last year with her (girl)classmates.  We'll do that tomorrow. Today, she'll treat her second-grade class to a simple lunch. Tonight, we'll have our traditional family dinner at a resto of her choice, and then candle-blowing on her requested ice cream cake at home.

Let me keep this post short and simple as I dedicate this to M on her 9th birthday. Here are some precious photos from years past and sharing my hopes and wishes for our little lady.

From here on, I hope you remain persistent and motivated to get through challenges and to achieve your goals. Keep trying, never give up.

Enjoy life's many adventures. I hope we can travel the world together. Explore!

Be humble. Show respect. Be kind, always. 

Stay curious. Keep asking questions. There's so much to learn and discover. 

Continue to hone your talents and pursue your interests.

I  hope you become more confident and self-assured. Don't be afraid to stand out and to express yourself.

I wish you find true friends, have the best times and create wonderful memories with them.

Be your brother's best friend. Love one another. Act silly together.

Always look at the bright side. Stay positive, stay healthy and happy.  

Remember that we all love you very much. We are always here to guide, to support, and to cheer you on. I know there's so much in store for you this year. Here's to being 9!

Birthdays past:
School party planning:

All about M on my Instagram today. =)
Here's the girl with her requested frozen custard cake (ice cream cake) I ordered from Rita's. During lunch at school, we treated her classmates to Shakey's Bunch of Lunch and a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of her usual birthday cupcakes. Happiness!

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Foodie Friday: Masaganang Bagong Taon

First Friday of the month: Food and Dining

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! 
I hope you all had a memorable and meaningful yuletide season spent with loved ones. Today is the first day of 2016 and the first Friday of the month. You know what that means -- Foodie Friday here on the blog. With that, I'd like to begin by giving thanks to the Almighty for a bountiful year that has passed, and hoping for continued abundance in the next twelve months.

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Sharing is Caring, Teaching is Loving

Christmas season always makes me sentimental, especially when it comes to family. We had very happy Christmases and I do cherish the times I've spent with my parents and the learning moments I had with them. As a parent myself, my wish is for my kids to have good memories with me as well. I hope to pass on what I've learned from my parents while at the same time help my parents keep up with the times.

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