Me and My #TeamMom

This may sound cliché, but I do feel blessed to have groups of friends, old and new, that act as my support group and cheering squad in different aspects of my life. They are my #TeamMoms. And just like me, we all have own victories and challenges to share and learn from while we grow as individuals and enter different phases of motherhood.

(L-R) Cai, Jackie, Chessy, me

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Be There Like Never Before

It's all about speed these days -- be it for travel, correspondence, business transactions, and communication. In our digital world, we all want faster connections. We need it. Well, the good news is that Smart is heeding our call with it’s nationwide network modernization program, delivering faster connections and wider coverage in and around the country.

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DIY Breakfast Bowls for Beginners

What's in a breakfast bowl? Usually a thick fruit smoothie base topped with the good stuff like fresh fruits and nuts, oats, granola, and all sorts of superfood mix. And it's cold and thick. It can also be a simple bowl of yogurt with whatever add-ons you crave. Yan ang hilig ko ngayon and many of my friends are also making their own versions at home. You can too, try it!

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Senti Summer

Earlier today, we took out M's old Instax to check if the films are still usable. I got to take selfies with each one and got the prints immediately. Iba yung feeling na hawak mo na yung picture compared to scrolling through files and photos from albums in our phones or computer. It's been years since I had our digital photos printed. Holding and looking at these prints brought me back to their toddler years. Ewan ko ba kung anong nakain ko at bigla ako naging senti today. Hence, I blog.

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Okada Manila Unveils Grand Dancing Water Fountain

Dubbed as Manila’s biggest and most lavish integrated resort development, Okada Manila is set to unveil the world’s largest multicolor dancing water fountain, plus many of its key amenities and facilities on March 31 with live musical performances.

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Musings at 44

"Be the best version of you."
I'm still striving to be a better version of myself. Conscious effort talaga! As I celebrated my 44th last week, I realized not much has changed over the past year. Remember my last post here as a mid-lifer? Ganun pa rin naman. Priorities remained the same, but I guess dumami yung goals and wants ko for myself and my family.

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Coding Classes for Kids and Teens

It's the digital age, and many tweens and teens are very much into YouTube and gaming. My girl has started creating her vlogs while the boy's interest in programming and gaming has grown over the past few years. Last January, he was finally able to attend a coding class at Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK) and there was no turning back. He loved it! This summer, he already picked his course and I'm actually pleased that he is serious about learning more. 

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Toast To Good Food at Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room

Foodie Friday:  Restaurant / Dining

My usual Thursdays with my boy is to accompany him to his M.A.PE classes (music, art, PE) that starts with swimming in the morning, then drums and painting after lunch. Yesterday's schedule was light. He's done with first sem drums and art, so our afternoon freed up. This invitation to lunch came at a right time and the venue was conveniently located, kaya after his swimming class, we went straight to the newly opened Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room in Ayala Mall the 30th in Pasig.

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Off-Road Birthday Adventure in Jungle Base, Tanay

Third Friday of the month: Recreation / Leisure / Celebration 

A day spent outdoors, in the mountains of Sierra Madre, communing with nature and merry-making with friends, unplugged...welcome break from the usual weekends in the city. This was one memorable birthday celebration for M's classmates two weeks ago and we're thankful that we got to tag along on this awesome adventure.

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Mangrove Planting with 3rd Graders

My girl and her fellow third graders had the opportunity to travel to a mangrove forest in a remote area in Lian, Batangas. This educational trip was part of their unit study about “Exploring What We Can Do For the Regions” for Social Studies. The field trip was done in collaboration with the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (www.ptfcf.org) and Lian Kingfisher Association. I was one of the parent-volunteers and I'm excited to share our experience with you!

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BLISS BOWLS, Deliciously Healthy Smoothie Bowls

First Friday of the month: Foodie Finds / Healthy Food

I love fruit smoothies. My favorites are blended frozen strawberry-banana, ripe mango, and mango-banana combos. Sometimes, I add chia seeds and honey in the mix. When juicing and green smoothies became a fad, I never got into it mainly because I didn't like the idea of drinking and mixing raw veggies in my fruit shakes. Hindi lang ako sanay na iniinom ang gulay unless it's in soup form. But I know they're healthy. Then came these power breakfast smoothie bowls that I see posted on Instagram. It got me curious but have never tried one before until BLISS BOWLS opened.

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A Later Bloomer's Appreciation for Beauty and Wellness

A new year means getting older, and hopefully, wiser and healthier! Age does matter. Priorities change. But the funny thing here is that I've never been more conscious about my looks than when I hit 40. Parang biglang nagpakita yung mga fine lines, white hair, blemishes, and eczema out of nowhere! Weird noLate bloomer kasi ako. =) Siyempre, as I got older, I've learned to embrace my uniqueness (flaws and all), build on my strengths, and seek out products and services that help me look and feel beautiful, inside and out. Food and clothing aside, beauty and personal wellness have been at the bottom of my priorities for the longest time. Well, not anymore.

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