Tokyo Eats, Good Eats

Ah, Japan... So many good food, so little time! 
That's how I feel to this day. I was a bit frustrated that I wasn't able to visit some of the recommended dining places in Tokyo, like Nabezo shabu-shabu, rotating sushi restos, and some wagyu beef eateries that abound. Buti nga nakapag-Ichiran kami! =) There was just not enough time and we have five kids with us who have different food preferences. Thank goodness there's the familiar Mc Donald's, 7-11, and Yoshinoya for their quick take-out meals.

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A Year of Many Firsts -- Thank You, 2017!

"It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is gratitude that makes us joyful."

2017, you were awesome! I think this is one of the best years for my family, and for myself. I have so much to be thankful for and I honestly don't know where to start.

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Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all so excited for our upcoming holiday vacation in Japan! It's gonna be our first trip there so I want to make sure everything will be in order and we'll all be in the best of health in the days leading to our trip. Kaya todo vitamins na ang mga kids and I'm trying to keep our environment clean. Mahirap na... I don't want any of us to get sick during this most wonderful time of the year.

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It's iQUSHION Ergonomic Flip Flops for Me

When it comes to footwear, comfort and style are my main priority. With my current on-the-go laid back lifestyle, you'll often find me wearing sandals, flats or sneakers. I only wear flip flops to the beach, by the pool, or when going to pilates studio. I don't wear them for long walks coz they're straight flat and no foot support whatsoever. My perception of flip flops changed when I was introduced to iQushion by FitFlop. 

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Pre-holiday Fete with Mothers Who Brunch and Uashmama

Whenever my friends Mish and Sab from Mothers Who Brunch (MWB) invite me to their events, I really make an effort to attend simply because I know they'll prepare something truly special, and we'll have a wonderful time together (aside from the fact that I'll discover amazing products from their presentations, and most importantly, they feed me well.... heeheehee). As expected, the recent MWB gathering was such a treat as I learned about this innovative Italian brand of washable paper products by Uashmama.

Brunch was held at the beautiful Viking Range Showroom in Alabang. I'll consider this my first holiday party this season kasi everything felt and looked so festive! The venue was transformed by the Badoy sisters of Boqueria Lifestyle Market, spruced up with an assortment of Uashmama paper bags that fit right into the different settings. This newest #MomFindsPH is so simple yet versatile. Stylish too! And did I mention they're completely washable?
Spot the paper bags on the table setting.

Styling by Boqueria Lifestyle Market

What is Uashmama?

Pronounced as "wash-mama", Uashmama was born in 2011 in the town of Montecatini in Tuscany, Italy, run by the Marconi family.  All of the products are 100% made in Italy. The family started out by producing traditional bread bags made of this new washable paper and sold it in their local community. With the versatility of the material and positive market feedback, they’ve grown the product range to include home, table, and fashion lines.
To this day, the iconic paper bag remains to be the best selling item across continents. Now, Uashmama is available in the Philippines, thanks to the official distributor, INEXPH Inc.

Uashmama paper bags are made with eco-friendly virgin cellulose fiber. They come in pretty colors and different sizes, used here as bread bag and countertop produce storage, as well as for fresh greens for our salad and even potted herbs and plants!

To add some excitement during the event, our hosts cooked up a creative challenge for us to style an area and showcase the use of Uashmama the best way possible. Winning group will receive Uashmama bags!

With my teammates Patty and Maget, we were assigned the coffee table and this was what we came up with.
Pwede na diba, kahit medyo naubusan na kami ng Uashmama bags and props to use. :D

The "bathroom group" won the challenge with their smart use of different bags around the space. Congratulations, ladies!

MWB will not be complete without good food, right? So, as expected, kitchen divas Mish and Sab prepared some delectable dishes like creamy polenta and the egg and mozzarella loaf using organic vegetables and pantry supplies from EarthOrigins Marketplace. They also presented ideas on how we can gather at home for the holidays using Severin kitchen appliances like the spiralizer (for the salad) and sous vide machines (for the steak). 

The Italian-inspired brunch was catered by Joy of Yogi Brunch, who lovingly made the vegetarian menu. Well, we really felt and tasted the love, Joy, because everything was superb! My favorites were truffled butter spread on toast, arugula-basil pesto and roasted garlic aioli with pasta. I even bought a jar of pesto to bring home. Grabe sa sarap -- I never expected na wala palang meat dish sa buffet! The sous vide steak was perfectly cooked by Nino, the better half of Mish.

Aside from our happy tummies, awesome prizes from the sponsors were raffled off as well, kaya mas masaya pa! =)

Hooray! I was one of the lucky few to win a Uashmama purse (which my girl sequestered when I showed it to her)! Of course, I was not able to restrain myself from shopping that day, so I got myself this lighweight Uashmama Otti Metallic handbag with detachable shoulder strap. I've been using it everyday since.

Thank you, MWBxUashmama for the lovely brunch and all the amazing goodies for us to enjoy! I was in very good company that day which made the trip all the more memorable. What a way to usher in the holiday season!

Learn more about MWB at Facebook.com/MothersWhoBrunch
Follow Instagram @motherswhobrunch
Check out Uashmama and shop online at Facebook.com/uashmamaph
Follow Instagram @uashmama_ph

All unmarked photos provided by Mothers Who Brunch.

Take a look at my first holiday gathering with MWB: Mothers Who Brunch Holiday Potluck Party

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A Steakhouse Like No Other: COWRIE GRILL by Manila Hotel

I love beef. I love steak. It's been a while since I've had one good steak meal, kaya it was a welcome treat for me when I got invited to dinner at Cowrie Grill in Greenhills. That was my first time to dine there and let me tell you, it was one of the best meals I've had in months. While I knew that Cowrie Grill was by Manila Hotel, I never expected it was the famed steakhouse of the hotel until my recent visit.

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Holiday Clothes Shopping at ZIPPY Kidstore

Dressing up kids 9 to 14 is not the easiest task. I mean, as big kids, they have already developed their own tastes and preferences, so nahihirapan na akong pumili for them. Many times, I buy something that end up not being worn. There are only a handful of shops that sell stylish clothes that cater to this specific age group so that's another challenge for me as a mom with a tween and a teen. One brand that got my approval is ZIPPY Kidstore from Portugal.

She took home the coral color of that white embroidered blouse, and this denim jacket with matching jeans

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Am I Really Fit?

I believe I've only had three phases in my life where I seriously got into a fitness regimen. First time I hit the gym was during college. Second wave was gym and badminton sessions after work, when I was still single. And at present, I practice Pilates. I am now in my 40s and I feel good about my health. Through the years, it was all about the physical appearance, muscle-building, strengthening my body, kasi nga I've been underweight since forever! As long as I am not sickly, okay na ako.

We know that looking and feeling good is not a true measure of good health.
What's happening inside my body? What does it mean to really be fit and healthy?

My Pilates fitness journey began in 2014.

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Japan's ROOTOTE Bags Now in the Philippines

Our favorite styles of bags are tote and backpack. These styles are the most functional and practical styles for my family's everyday use, like for work and school, and even of travel. While we already own a few that we use and abuse, I an continuously on the look-out for bags that would serve the different needs and functionalities that will our busy and active lifestyle, especially for the kids. My latest discovery is this Japanese bag brand that carries both styles w love, and they are finally available here! From Tokyo to Manila, let's welcome ROOTOTE!

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2 Easy Recipes with Healthy Chunky Tuna

As a home cook feeding a family with different preferences and diet needs, I want to serve meals that can be prepared and cooked within 30 minutes or less. It's a challenge. I want things tasty yet simple.

Admittedly, I am a lazy cook. I don't enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy eating, hahaha... but I think normal naman yun no? Moreover, I like the ingredients to be practical and easy to find. One staple food in my panty is the versatile canned tuna. Several months ago, I saw this new blue can of premium tuna on the grocery shelf and decided to try it. Gold Seas was a delicious discovery of healthy chunky goodness. Siksik talaga and walang lansa! Weeks after, I was surprised with a package carrying samples of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks and got to try their other variants. I became a convert to Gold Seas.

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What's New at Toast Asian Kitchen?

We love Asian food and there are many dining places that we go to for specific cravings, be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Filipino. For Asian fusion, there's only a handful, and TOAST Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room is up on my list of must-visit. 

I've shared in detail how I enjoyed my first visit to TOAST here just weeks after they opened. Masarap kasi talaga yung food nila. I was immediately impressed by their well-thought out menu which made for a pleasurable get-together with a couple of my blogger friends. A few weeks later, I even brought my whole family there to celebrate my birthday. This just goes to show how happy and satisfied I was with TOAST.

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What You Should Know About Japanese Encephalitis

There are several alarming health-related news circulating on social media in recent weeks that have created paranoia and panic among the public, especially for parents like me. While I am more aware about dengue, I am part of the majority that is not fully informed on Japanese Encephalitis (JE). Anong sakit ba ito? Saan galing? Pano makaiwas diyan?

I only knew about isolated incidents from my immediate circle of friends who already had their kids vaccinated against JE. They paid between P2,500 to P4,000 per dose, including the professional fees (rate depends on the doctors and hospitals). The hype definitely raised a lot of concerns coz we all have young children. With the increasing reports in the news and online media, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Sanofi Pasteur have come together to shed light on this disease.

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