Mom-Finds: Snap Circuits Educational Toy

Last Friday of the month: Toys / Shopping

The boy has recently been introduced to circuitry as part of his science subject. While I struggle to find "fun" learning tools and materials for him to work on, I got lucky when I stumbled upon this toy last year when I was shopping for holiday gifts online.

You see, half the time I don't enjoy buying toys for my kids coz I know most of the stuff will just be a waste of money and will soon gather dust somewhere. Okay, I'm not a fun mom, I know, I know. Except maybe for Lego and other old reliable toy brands I grew up with, I'm not a good judge of what will click with kids these days.

Discovering Snap Circuits proved to be one of the best toys I've ever purchased. Of course I asked the boy first and showed him the photo online if he wanted one. I bought 3 kits -- one for the boy, two as gifts. You can see the product links to Amazon at the end of this post. But before you scroll down, see what's inside first.

We got the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100.  Let the unboxing begin.

I'm sorry I can't explain each and every part coz I have not studied it thoroughly. I just let my boy discover and learn about the parts on his own (parang test na rin niya yan, heehee), so I just took pictures up close and hopefully you can see and read yourselves. =)

Snap Circuits® makes learning about electronics fun and simple! No tools required. 

What's inside this Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 kit:

  • Block Layout with all the parts, and it's quantity, illustrated
  • More than 30 different parts with labels, including:
    • Motor Fan
    • Lamp
    • Jump Wires
    • Alarm Integrated Circuit
    • Music Integrated Circuit
    • Multi-Snap Wires
    • Switches

  • All parts are mounted on plastic modules and easily snaps together
  • Includes a colored Experiments 1-101 manual
  • Uses AA batteries (battery not included)
  • Suited for ages 8 and older

All you need is to follow the manual and you can create the different projects in no time!  Of course, you have to understand how the parts work and what NOT to do while building. 

This boy gets a quick grasp of what he has to work with, and soon enough, after following the manual on two easy projects, he was already able to slightly modify the design for this project - the Lamp and Fan.

Spot the difference between the manual's layout and this boy's design. It worked, and that's what's important.

His lessons will involve more projects from Snap Circuits, that's for sure, and he will be graded for them as experiments. All he has to do create and explain to me how they work, para may grade siya! =) Science is his favorite subject.

Watch this 12-second sample demo of the boy's simple lamp and fan project.

See more at: www.snapcircuits.net
You can purchase Snap Circuits on Amazon.com.

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Better Laundry Days with Suds

As a homemaker, I am in charge of running the household, managing the helpers, planning our meals, and running errands including scheduling grocery and laundry days. And that's not all of it. With the load of responsibilities, I want to have efficient helping hands at home and reliable outsourced services for cleaning and maintenance of household needs to make our lives more comfortable and give me peace of mind.

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Engineering For Kids Summer Adventure Camps 2015

We're half way through summer season and the kids have been enjoying the break so far, especially my girl. The boy is still into the final quarter of his homeschooling year, as I've shared here, but I make sure he's also able to spend some fun times with his sister and cousins.

About two weeks ago, we got invited to the launch of the summer Adventure Camps of Engineering for Kids. We missed the event kasi the kids had their painting class that same day, but we're happy we were able to attend a trial class last Thursday.

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Fun Friday: Batik Dyeing Workshop

Third Friday of the month:  Events / Crafts and Recreation

Paisley is one of my favorite prints. It's swirls and intricate details make it more alluring and kinda exotic. This is the print I wanted for my first batik dyeing project. I was actually not supposed to be at the event due to conflict of schedule, but unexpectedly, it freed up and I immediately asked if there was still a slot left for me 'coz I really wanted to attend. To quote Paulo Coelho, "and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." So, I made it, and I even won the contest! Meant to be? I believe so!

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Birthdays with Dancing Iron Man (Men) and a Limo Ride

The past weekend has been especially exciting for the kids. The girl had an all-girls birthday playdate last Saturday, and come Sunday, the family celebrated the baptismal and first birthday party of my nephew. The events were filled with unique and unexpected surprises that made them more memorable.

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Family Friday: Summer, Study, and 20 Questions

Summer break began just a little over two weeks ago in this household. The girl's school ended the school year late, while the boy has just started fourth quarter of homeschooling. You can say we're not on vacation mode yet. Far from it, if you ask me. But I eased up our study schedule starting this month so we can accommodate some fun for the kids, especially when friends invite them to parties or play dates.

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Join the #SugodManny Movement for Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

I am not a boxing fan. My lolo was. Back in the 80s, I see him watching boxing matches on TV. I never really got interested in this sport coz I feel it's just too violent. But ever since Manny Pacquiao became popular, I learned to appreciate it just a bit, and admired the man. I know that every Filipino is rooting for him in each match, and I'm pretty sure my lolo would be the first to grab a front row seat if he were still here with us.

This is Manny's biggest fight and even if I'm not a big fan of boxing, my family and I admire Manny Pacquiao. The whole country is behind Manny!

If you follow me, @mymomfriday on Instagram, you might have seen my MomFridayVideogram showing our "knockout moves" which I posted last week. :)  Here's a screen grab.
Our knockout moves on video, click to view.

I joined the movement initiated by Smart to unite everyone in supporting our pambansang kamao by posting photos or videos and tag #SugodManny.

Join me and rest of the country on social media to rally behind Manny Pacquiao on his upcoming fight this May 2 in Las Vegas.  Use #SugodManny and post your own knockout move -- it can be funny, fierce, cute, it doesn't have to be a boxing move.

Click http://smart.com.ph/sugodmanny for more info.

I still don't know where we'll be watching the fight Usually, we watch his fights at home, but for sure there will be a lot of venues with pay-per-view offers. There's also mobile video streaming.

If you want a front row seat for the May 2 event but can't go to Las Vegas like us, then look no further -- SMART is offering LIVE and commercial‐free video streaming of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight through the Viewstream app on your mobile device for PhP499 only!
  • PhP499 offer is for a limited time only for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers
  • Charge your subscription to your Smart postpaid bill or deduct from your prepaid load
  • No credit card needed
  • Bonus - watch exclusive training footage shot in the US plus more videos of previous fights, also on Viewstream
Are you excited for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? How about you -- where do you watch Manny's boxing matches? =)

Spread the love and support the pambansang kamao with #SugodManny!

Enjoy exclusive Manny Pacquiao stickers on Pico Candy, Viber, Line, and WeChat. There are also Manny Pacquiao-themed camera templates on the Camera 360 app.

You can view more exclusive videos on Smart’s social media channels:
Instagram: @SmartCares

Viber Public Chat: http://chats.viber.com/Smart

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Easter Eggventure Island in Century City Mall

Hello everyone! How did you spend the (Holy Week) break?
We don't usually plan anything during the Holy week, and on occasion, we simply drive to an out-of-town destination or do a Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday. This year, we had nothing planned and only looked forward to the Easter Sunday event we got invited to at Century City Mall. We're excited because it's our first time to join an egg hunt and celebration like this! =)

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Mom-Finds Round-Up from Chicify, L'Indochine, and Calima

Last Friday of the month:  Shopping / Fashion / Accessories

I can't believe the first quarter of the year is almost over.  It's gonna be Holy Week next week and many are expected to be taking a vacation or long break. I will also be having a short break online -- I consider it a sacrifice, as I've done in the past. No blog post on Good Friday. But today is the last Friday of my birthday month and I want to make this a really exciting post. I've been on a "shopping drought" lately, if you noticed, so let me end the quarter with these unique finds that are all worth your hard-earned moolah! =)

Compared to the past years, I haven't been able to attend blogger events even if I wanted to, mainly due to my homeschooling and fetching duties, among others. I was actually surprised, and lucky to be able to attend and have fun at three events -- all in one month! This was totally unexpected and a welcome change to my routine.

Enough with the back story and let me show you my #MomFridayFinds for this month! I will also post the albums of each event on My Mom-Friday Facebook page. 

Get ready to shop after reading this! =)


During the Chicify Shopping Party, I was able to view most of the brands they carry and was quite pleased with the price points and variety being offered. Since it's an online store, having the party was a great opportunity to actually touch and feel, and fit the clothes, which made me buy this Chicify 'Chin Culottes' in gray, and a Sexy White Tee. There were cool animal printed dresses, tunics, and summery maxi dresses that you can choose from, as well as statement pieces like this ethnic clutch from Quiver and accessories from House of Heirloom. Leather "mandals" from Cole Vintage are best-sellers as well.

I also got to bring home this very light and comfy navy jersey top courtesy of our friend Pam of Willow Clothing. One of the most versatile designs that will flatter any figure is the batwing, and this one comes in short sleeves or pullover. Anybody, any shape and size, can wear this style. There were dresses and two-way button-down shirts too! You can find Willow Clothing over at Chicify.com or in SM department stores (Megamall, Makati, North Edsa, Cubao, Mall of Asia, BF Parañaque), and The Ramp (Glorietta and Trinoma).
(Photos of Willow Clothing from Chicify.com)

Easy online Shopping at: 


L’Inodchine (pronounced Lahn-doe-sheen) recently conducted their first L'Indochine Workshop at their flagship store in SM Megamall. I will tell you more about it on another blog feature.  For now, I'll focus on their interesting array of well-curated items with modern Asian style that the shop has been known for since it opened in 2013. You can expect hard-to-find items from India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand.

The lifestyle concept store features a limited collection of fashionable pieces, home furniture and accents that will surely add a boho touch to your style and exotic Asian feel for your home. From intricate batik printed wooden trays, eclectic Cermin Dinding Rono mirrors from Indonesia, to embroidered bags and clutches from India and Thailand, you're sure to discover some very interesting "treasure" in the store.  These make great gifts too.

3rd level, SM Aura Premier, BGC
4th level, SM Mega Fashion Hall
(Photos on the collage provided by L'Indochine)


Calima Jewellery (British spelling) was founded by Bogota native Claudia Hernandez, a long-time Manila resident who pioneered in pre-Columbian jewelry in the Philippines almost two decades ago. Calima jewelries are authentic artisan-crafted pieces that include hand-made reproductions of the El Dorado pre-Columbian treasures, only seen in the world famous Gold Museum in Bogota. 

It was just last Wednesday that I got to meet the woman behind Calima, and my friends and I were in awe at how each piece of jewelry was made -- very exquisite, and reasonably priced. According to Ms. Hernandez, these one-of-a-kind pieces are made using the "lost-wax process" (an ancient process casting metal sculptures from wax molds).  Her eye-catching pieces are crafted from brass metal and plated with either pure silver or a mixture of 24K and 18K gold, giving them depth and intense colors. The designs incorporate selected semi-precious stones like carnelian, sodalite, amethyst, jasper, onyx, and agate, resulting in the most stunning pieces that celebrate ancient craftsmanship and cultural ingenuity.

Look what I tried on -- a chain of gold and carnelian beads with a golden lizard pendant. This is on my wishlist! (Thanks Tina, for this close-up shot of the necklace). In addition to jewelry, Calima also sells colorful hand-woven Wayuu bags (mochilas) and belts intricately hand-crafted by members of Colombia's native Wayuu tribe. Every purchase helps the indigenous tribes that created them.

G/F 6053 Palma St. Galeria Lagman Bldg.
(At the back of Rockwell), Poblacion, Makati City

What did you like from my finds? Anything that caught your fancy? =)

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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Fun Friday: Oreo Playdate at Fun Farm in Sta. Elena

Third Friday of the month:  Travel / Recreation

It was a school holiday last Feburary 25 so it's a perfect day to set out for Laguna and bring the "Oreo families" to the farm.  The Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Cabuyao is a favorite back-to-nature recreational destination, making it the ideal venue for our playdate and bring the whole gang for a day of outdoor adventure with Oreo.

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Afternoon at the Museum: Fundacion Sansó

We've been planning to go a museum since last month, but didn't get the time to do so. There were several choices in mind, and this newly opened Sansó museum in our neighborhood was the most convenient.  We don't know what to expect from this place, and not one of my friends have visited yet. In line with the boy's art subject, we are trying to get to know a few world-renowned artists.  He already read about the father of cubism, Pablo Picasso. This time, it's master Juvenal Sansó.

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Family Friday: Just Another Candle on the Cake

Second Friday of the month: Personal / Motherhood

My birthday came and went. It was just like any usual Monday, even more stressful actually, kasi it's the girl's assessment week. In short, it was like lessons and studying the whole day for me, from homeschooling the boy, then reviewing the girl until dinner time. So, no birthday "leave" for this mom.  At least a break from cooking that day. We just went to a Japanese resto for dinner to celebrate.  I turned 42.

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