Family Friday: My Birthday Girl is 9 Today

My not-so-little girl is 9. It's like every year after she started going to school, I say to myself that I don't have a baby anymore and that time flies so fast. Indeed, it has. While his brother is already in the tween stage, I am taking comfort in the fact that she still wants to remain "small" and to "stay a kid forever" -- her own words. She'll forever be the baby of the family.

When she turned 8 last year

We did not plan anything special this year except giving in to her request that she wants to go swimming with her cousins, just like how she celebrated her birthday last year with her (girl)classmates.  We'll do that tomorrow. Today, she'll treat her second-grade class to a simple lunch. Tonight, we'll have our traditional family dinner at a resto of her choice, and then candle-blowing on her requested ice cream cake at home.

Let me keep this post short and simple as I dedicate this to M on her 9th birthday. Here are some precious photos from years past and sharing my hopes and wishes for our little lady.

From here on, I hope you remain persistent and motivated to get through challenges and to achieve your goals. Keep trying, never give up.

Enjoy life's many adventures. I hope we can travel the world together. Explore!

Be humble. Show respect. Be kind, always. 

Stay curious. Keep asking questions. There's so much to learn and discover. 

Continue to hone your talents and pursue your interests.

I  hope you become more confident and self-assured. Don't be afraid to stand out and to express yourself.

I wish you find true friends, have the best times and create wonderful memories with them.

Be your brother's best friend. Love one another. Act silly together.

Always look at the bright side. Stay positive, stay healthy and happy.  

Remember that we all love you very much. We are always here to guide, to support, and to cheer you on. I know there's so much in store for you this year. Here's to being 9!

Birthdays past:
School party planning:

All about M on my Instagram today. =)
Here's the girl with her requested frozen custard cake (ice cream cake) I ordered from Rita's. During lunch at school, we treated her classmates to Shakey's Bunch of Lunch and a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of her usual birthday cupcakes. Happiness!

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