DIY Breakfast Bowls for Beginners

What's in a breakfast bowl? Usually a thick fruit smoothie base topped with the good stuff like fresh fruits and nuts, oats, granola, and all sorts of superfood mix. And it's cold and thick. It can also be a simple bowl of yogurt with whatever add-ons you crave. Yan ang hilig ko ngayon and many of my friends are also making their own versions at home. You can too, try it!

This craze started after my initiation to smoothie bowls from Bliss Bowls. Just look at their drool-worthy, all natural smoothie bowls. They have the healthiest ingredients that I cannot really source and replicate on my own. Basta, ang sarap and nakakabusog ito. Tap photo to learn more. In the meantime, I'll share with you my very simple versions that you can do at home.

Many of my friends who are seriously into smoothie bowls are making theirs like pros and I am really in awe of their beautifully prepared healthy bowls. Medyo intimidating yung mga ibang ingredients which you don't normally find in regular grocery stores. Hindi ko kayang i-career ang pag-gawa nito. I want mine fast, fresh, and easy to prepare. I just use whatever fruits I have, or will buy fruits that I really like.

This summer season is my favorite kasi we have a bounty of avocados and mangoes in the market which I've been enjoying for the past several weeks now. These are my favorite fruit shakes as well and now I can easily transform them into smoothie bowls. I've shared these on my IG already and some friends asked me how I made them.


What I use:
  • Cut up fresh fruits, then freeze / or buy frozen fruits like strawberry
  • Toppings - granola, corn flakes cereal, coconut chips, chia seeds
  • Coconut water (if I remember to buy) or plain water (add liquid by the tablespoon to keep the mix thick)
  • Honey, condensed milk, or your preferred sweetener (optional)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Ice (optional)
  • Osterizer blender

Think of this as beginner level DIY smoothie bowl. ;)  

Mine may not be the healthiest breakfast bowls but they're just a basic mix you can easily replicate. I also don't measure. Adjust portions to your taste.  Trial-and-error lang talaga.

Blended frozen strawberries, banana, coco water, chia seeds, malunggay powder, honey
Granola, coconut chips and fruit slices.
Needs improvement. 1 teaspoon of malunggay powder was way too much for this serving, heehee.

Mixed with condensed milk and topped with banana slices and chia seeds.
I cheated with some ice and a little water 'coz my fruits were not frozen.

Frozen pink dragonfruit (pink fruit inside, white is more common) and strawberries, banana, coconut water. I added 1 teaspoon of sugar kasi matabang for me.
Chia seeds, granola, coconut chips. Light and refreshing (this one leaves a stain on the lips).

Frozen strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt, honey, topped with fruit slices, chia seeds, granola.

When I am too lazy to blend fruit smoothies, there's yogurt.


A luscious, no-brainer breakfast bowl made with my favorite Greek yogurt and whatever fruits or toppings I have.  Sometimes eaten straight from the cup! =)

Strawberry and Mango are my preferred fruits mixed with yogurt.
No need to freeze fruits. Dried mangoes are just as delicious.

Option to add honey, granola, cereal, and whatever fruits, seeds and nuts you fancy. No rules.

Breakfast, lunch, snack... enjoy these healthy and delicious DIY smoothie and yogurt bowls anytime! Let me know if you tried one. Share your experiments too! 

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