Fun Friday: Click-Happy with Instagram

Third Friday of the month:  Hobby / Photography / Recreation

"It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram.  Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it's as easy as pie.  It's photo sharing, reinvented." - Instagram


UPDATE - November 6, 2012:
Instagram launched the profile pages on the web! News announcement here.  
You can now view my page and follow me here:  instagram.com/mymomfriday

Before Instagram launched their web profiles, I shared my musings for Fun Friday, original post below:


Hi, I'm mymomfriday, and I'm an Instagram-aholic.

I am a self-confessed pathological picture-taker.  I even wrote about it here.  I just enjoy taking pictures of just about anything that strikes my fancy, especially my kids of course.  But judging from the photos here, food shots rule! :p

From conventional to digital cameras, from Mac's Photo Booth to mobile phone cameras, I've used them all to simply capture random images of whatever, whenever, wherever.

With the advent of iPhone, the photography apps followed.  Instagram proved to be the most popular, and it's now part of the top social media channels, with it's own recognizable icon alongside Facebook and Twitter.  Photo-sharing will never be the same again.

Add This social services Follow buttons

Well, I actually came late in the game.
I was envious of the filtered images, instant capture and social sharing from my friends then.  It was just so cool!  Finally, when my old phone went wonky, I got myself an iPhone4.  So, naturally, I had to have the free app, and there's no turning back.

12 weeks, 227 followers, and 445 photos later, mymomfriday is one very click-happy IG user.

Captured from my Statigram profile

I think I've shared at least one photo a day since I registered with Instagram last July, and also used it's web applications like Statigram and Followgram.

Facebook-ready profile cover photo - collage from my Statigram account

Enough blabber and more photos... here are the most liked, most commented IG photos according to my Statigram stats.

As of yesterday, October 18, here are my fun metrics and IG activities:

Most liked photos.

Most commented photos.

Hello to my IG friends!

Thanks for the follow! Hope you enjoy my photos! =)

Happy photo-sharing!

Are you on Instagram? 

You can also view my Instagram feeds here on my Facebook page.

Instagram features and profiles cannot be browsed on the web so Statigram provides this awesome service with statistics, and "allows people who do not have an Instagram account to view all your IG photos and comment on them using their Facebook account."

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