Be There Like Never Before

It's all about speed these days -- be it for travel, correspondence, business transactions, and communication. In our digital world, we all want faster connections. We need it. Well, the good news is that Smart is heeding our call with it’s nationwide network modernization program, delivering faster connections and wider coverage in and around the country.

As a blogger, social media manager and homeschooling mom, I really need a speedy connection to fulfill several daily tasks, especially when I'm mobile:
  • Post timely updates for my clients' social media pages and send urgent emails
  • Keep my son engaged in his current lessons with online resources
  • Deliver messages instantly to friends and family on our Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger chat groups
  • Share the latest news and mom-finds on Facebook and Instagram
  • Meet my blogging deadlines
  • Share videos and milestones of my boy and girl
  • Book my pilates classes
  • Make important video calls to my husband when he's away on business trips

These seem to be the simplest things, but with Smart’s faster internet connection, wider network coverage, network improvements in Manila, Cebu, Davao, CDO, etc., we get to share what really matters to those who matter to us. Regardless of the distance or situation, Smart allows us to be there like never before!

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