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Paisley is one of my favorite prints. It's swirls and intricate details make it more alluring and kinda exotic. This is the print I wanted for my first batik dyeing project. I was actually not supposed to be at the event due to conflict of schedule, but unexpectedly, it freed up and I immediately asked if there was still a slot left for me 'coz I really wanted to attend. To quote Paulo Coelho, "and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." So, I made it, and I even won the contest! Meant to be? I believe so!

My stars must have been in my favor that day. I rarely attend events since I began homeschooling last June, so this was a lovely surprise. Good vibes all the way and super fun, first time talaga that I participated in something crafty like this.

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L'Indochine is a lifestyle store with well-curated items from around Asia. They have branches in SM Aura and SM Mega Fashion Hall. This one in Megamall is their flagship store which can accommodate events like this.  The good news is, this Batik Dyeing Workshop is the first of many, as they launched L'Indochine Workshops during the event. Watch out for future workshops to be announced on their FB and IG pages. 

So, our Batik Dyeing workshop was conducted by no less than the very creative, master crafter Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast.

She did a quick demo on how to start, what materials we're using, and some techniques that we can do to achieve our desired design. We are making our own batik-printed pillow case for that session. Materials include:
  • Jacquard Pinata Colors 
  • Mixing plate
  • Painting sponges
  • Metal tips
  • Pattern Guide
  • Pencil and paper
  • Pillow cases

There are different patterns, lines, and motifs that we can play around with. One tip is to find a good pattern you can work on, either draw in symmetry, abstract, or random placing of your design. It depends on the effect that you want for your project. Check out the tips on the guide above.

First, you need to sketch on paper to visualize and see how your design will appear on the "canvas" -- in this case, the pillow case provided. I was bent on creating a (challenging) paisley pattern. Bahala na! Effort kung effort! =)

I was so focused on drawing and outlining my design that I didn't have time to take photos of a step-by-step batik dyeing "process".  Here's a look at our table.

Mine appeared to be saturated at first. I wasn't satisfied so I colored in for another layer to make the shade more intense.  

The fabric will soak up the ink. We first placed a plastic lined inside the pillow case, so the ink will not go through the other side of the cloth. I used blue, red, and silver ink.

Done. My first batik pillow case. I attended the workshop with fellow blogging mamas, Cai and Janice. Cai did what her daughter asked to her design, while Janice was inspired by nature.

Did I mention there was a prize for the 3 winning designs? Winners will receive bespoke jewelry from Elena Bautista!

Here we are, the top 3 creations, posing with the judges from L'Indochine -- our hosts Leona and Charlene, and Alessa Lanot. I bagged the grand prize, woohooo!!!

With Alessa, awarding me the gift certificate for a bespoke Elena Bautista numeral ring. Ang laki ng ngiti ko! Heehee... I'm sooo glad I made it to the workshop! 

I learned so much, got inspired, and gained a better appreciation of the art of batik dyeing. Will try it with the kids when I get all the materials. Thanks to Alessa for teaching us the craft, and congratulations also to the duo behind L'Indochine, Leona and Charlene, for launching this workshop series, which I'm sure will be a success.

The ring.
After a few email exchanges with Elena, I received this gorgeous gold ring in the mail! It features Roman numerals our wedding year, the the birth months of my family.

"Our Numeral Ring is an offshoot of our Memento Collection which is anything from a word, a name, an expression or a memory that is dear to you.
I've decided to create the Numeral ring because this represents a memorable NUMBER - may it be an anniversary, a birthdate or a code. I am one who always wants to be reminded of these words and dates as they always serve as inspirations to do better and be happy with what I have right now.
By wearing these "memories", I am constantly reminded of how truly blessed I am."

To view the collection and order your own bespoke jewelry from Elena Bautista,

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