Engineering For Kids Summer Adventure Camps 2015

We're half way through summer season and the kids have been enjoying the break so far, especially my girl. The boy is still into the final quarter of his homeschooling year, as I've shared here, but I make sure he's also able to spend some fun times with his sister and cousins.

About two weeks ago, we got invited to the launch of the summer Adventure Camps of Engineering for Kids. We missed the event kasi the kids had their painting class that same day, but we're happy we were able to attend a trial class last Thursday.

First, take a look below at what Engineering for Kids (EFK) has to offer.  Their programs are anchored on STEM -- science, technology, engineering, and math. Through interactive and fun hands-on learning, students will get inspired to explore, create, design, and develop problem-solving skills.

This summer, EFK offers different adventures every month through the Adventure Camps -- from treasure hunting to outer space and safari explorations, while applying math, science, and learning survival skills too!

Take a look at what they did at the Engineering of Pirates class held at Treston College in BGC:

Pirates' Camp : students will explore the concepts of buoyancy and surface area as they design their pirate ships, make the fastest sails, and retrieve sunken treasures from the deep.

The kids were tasked to design a boat that will float even with a heavy load. Materials are aluminum foil and popsicle sticks, tape can be used as sealant.

The design and structure of the boat should be balanced and "leak-proof", taking into consideration the surface area and buoyancy.

How many marbles and coins can their boat carry without sinking?

With their second prototype, the girl was able to load 25 coins and 31 marbles on her boat until it finally sank, while the boy only had 15 marbles with his design.
Here's the final tally, with 2 prototypes created by each student.

At the end of the class, despite their sinking boats, the kids were able to improve their work and were all proud of their designs.

This catapult on display caught the kids' attention which they toyed with briefly, just to see how it worked. Another very interesting engineering project that awaits adventure seekers this summer!

Thank you EFK for having us on this pirate's adventure class! Next time, they'll make a bigger ship daw to carry more load without sinking! =)

Does your child want to be a spaceman, a superhero, or an underwater treasure hunter?
The EFK Adventure Camps offer an interesting mix of exciting projects and learning activities for kids 4 to 14 years old, with schedules running from April to June 2015.

Let the kids choose their own adventure. Limited slots per camp so sign up now!

Get updates and schedules of classes from Facebook here: Engineering for Kids PH.
Venues:  Spaces by Babyland (Shaw Blvd.), Treston College (BGC)
For inquiries, call (632) 9754867 / +63917-5518705

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