Birthdays with Dancing Iron Man (Men) and a Limo Ride

The past weekend has been especially exciting for the kids. The girl had an all-girls birthday playdate last Saturday, and come Sunday, the family celebrated the baptismal and first birthday party of my nephew. The events were filled with unique and unexpected surprises that made them more memorable.

Saturday, 11th of April.
I had a couple of invites for blogger events that same day, but family comes first and I'm always the chaperone of my kids whenever I'm needed.  They don't have a yaya anymore, kaya I go where they go. This was a full day of activities planned by the mom of the celebrant. You can imagine how giddy (and chatty) the girls were the whole time!

They started with a morning swim at an exclusive club. It was hot and sunny that day so the girls swam for a little over an hour before everyone headed to Chili's for lunch.

Then came the Hummer... a stretch Hummer! WOW! The limo was waiting for us after lunch to bring us to our next destination.

It was a special request from the celebrant. It so happens that their family friend owns it and let her have the ride for the afternoon. Ang saya saya! =) Our little princess (and this mom too!) was lucky to be able to join her friend in this special joy ride!

I estimated the limo can fit 24. It was decked out in flashy interiors, leather seats, complete with drinking glasses and stemware, mini bar, and video monitor. Pwedend pang prom ride ng barkada! :D

The limo brought us to Farmacy where we all treated to some ice cream for dessert. The last stop was back to the celebrant's house for an extended playtime. That was one sweet ride. Thanks again to the birthday family for hosting this unforgettable birthday playdate!

Limousine service is from R33limo.com

Sunday, 12th of April.
The youngest member of our family was finally baptized and celebrated his first birthday with a program-filled party that afternoon. It was a train station theme party, injected with a few more things that boys love.

Before the afternoon party started, we had a quick family photo session with Caren Carlos. It was our first outdoor shoot, very casual. Will share this with you on another feature. =) Here's a BTS shot muna.

So back at the party...
I was too far from the stage and didn't have my digicam with me, so sayang, I was unable to take a video and better photos. There was a group of "cowboy" dancers that opened the program. Aside from fun games and good food, the surprise song number of opera singer and Asia's Got Talent semi-finalist Gerphil Flores, and dance numbers from my nieces were some of the highlights of the party (still waiting for videos from the party).

The kids went wild when four (4) Iron Men came out and performed an "electrifying" number that proved to be a crowd pleaser.  My sis-in-law made a good decision to have a wide screen as backdrop to enhance the special effects. Non-stop picture-taking siyempre, except for my k.j. kids na ayaw mag pa-picture!

The boy was also able to score some balloon creations that gave him an armor and robotic arm. He was already getting bored before this happened but went home very happy. Our weekend was tiring and fun-filled, but definitely one for the books!

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