Mom-Friday Homeschool Conversations - 10.14.2014

We're in our Q2 (second quarter) of homeschooling and I am still feeling the pressure, the adjustments (the boy is more adjusted than me!), and struggling with ways to teach and think outside the box. I guess I still have not shaken off the mindset of teaching methods in conventional schooling and comparing with the progress of other kids in his level. 

As we attack each week, with a combination of enthusiasm and trepidation, I have come to appreciate the flexibility of our schedule. The best part is having the time and opportunity for my boy to enjoy moments of discoveries, and indulge in his unique interests.

Getting started with coding and game creations

Since most days, it's just the two of us, our conversations can go from anger-filled sentiments, to light and "duh" moments.


Boy: I need help.
Me:  No you don't.
Boy: I need help!!!
Me:  No! You haven't even tried to understand (the instructions, or math problem) and you're already asking for help! Diba I told you to try to answer everything that you can and skip the ones you don't know, and go back to it afterwards?!?!?!
Boy: But I can't do it!
Me:  Just skip it! Move to the next!
Boy: (Frustrated, tight-fisted while holding pencil and banged the table) (Continues to answer)
Me:  (Ignore)


Me:  Let's start... read these pages, and then answer this, up to this page...
Boy: That's too many! (reklamador)
Me:  You haven't started yet tapos nag-co-complain ka na ha!
Boy: Okay, okay!
Me:  (not happy with his tone of voice) What?!!!
Boy: I said ok...


Boy: Can I get a drink?
Me:  Ok, do it quickly.
Boy: (enters the room, not conscious of the time)
Me:  Can you sit down now and continue? We're late already...
Boy: (still dilly-dallying)
Me:  (Shouts his name) Pleaaaase! Don't complain if we extend later, okay!
Boy: No! No extension!
Me:  It's up to you! Remember, I told you that you control if we finish on time or not. You're eating up your break time if you don't focus.


Can you imagine how wrinkled my face gets when we are bickering?! Hahahaha...high blood talaga! I am officially a nagger.  I have to work on being more calm and less impulsive as I tend to snap at him even at the slightest irritation.  I know he's also stressed and pent up with emotions when we get into each other's nerves. But he's still a good boy and doesn't answer back.  Eventually, he follows through and finishes his tasks, kahit overtime na kami.


Boy: Mommy, can you tickle me?
Me:  Later.
Boy: Awww... but you promised... you said mornings.
Me:  Ok, go... (I point to the chaise lounge)
(Brief but hard tickles - he thoroughly enjoys it! ) Done! Go sit down na.
Boy: Ok! (happy and compliant)


Me:  Do you want to eat out?
Boy: Yes, yes!  I want mango shake!
Me:  Ok, but no mango shake at that restaurant... 
Boy: Ok, iced tea!
Me:  Ok... but it's not a free day. You still have to finish your seat work there.
Boy: All of it?
Me:  Just finish this part, and bring these. But you have to promise you will finish everything while we're having lunch.
Boy: Sir, yes sir! (Laughs) Let's go na!

*That's his favorite line when he's in a good mood to do what I ask him, without question -- "sir, yes sir" -- even if I tell him "sir" is for a man.  He knows it but just laughs it off! Ang kulit!


Boy: Do I have to finish this? (reading)
Me:  Yes. Just read it... can you read aloud? It's also a practice for your public speaking.
Boy: I like to read in my head.  Can I sit over there?
Me:  Ok, but later you have to tell me what the story is about.
Boy: Ok. (reads quietly)
Me:  (I get to check my Facebook, emails, Instagram, sched for the week, quick calls, etc.)
Boy: I'm done! Can I have a snack na?
Me:  Yes... you have 15 minutes.  (I take a break too, continue with my emails and FB chats, hehehehehe). 


Our target is to start our lessons not later than 9am and end before 3pm. Sometimes, things just don't go as planned. It's so frustrating and disheartening, thinking about catching up on our lessons and ending the quarter on time. He's been more relaxed than me ever since! It's still an on-going struggle and I know challenges will never go away.  This is not pre-school -- we did not have that warm-up of going though the levels.  We started at grade 5! It's hard. Sadly, I'm not enjoying it yet.

I'm taking it one day at a time.  After the first quarter, I have learned to relax a bit and be more flexible with our schedule.  Plus, more planning is required on my end.  Most importantly, given that I'm raising a spirited child, I need to continuously fuel up on humor and patience! =)

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