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It's mid-October and we're already seeing tons of fun, cute, scary costumes for halloween on display. Back in the day, we never made a big deal out of halloween -- in fact, we never celebrated it. It was only until I had kids and they started school that they had halloween parades. Naturally, they went to school in costume. We are just so lucky to have relatives abroad who are so generous and thoughtful to send the kids cool costumes to wear. I never really made much effort to dress them up and tried to keep things simple. Same as the halloweens past, this year's costumes will probably be a replay.

As they look forward to upcoming halloween parties, I looked back at how they dressed up before. It's flashback Friday for me once again as I reminisce, and delight at how they've grown and changed through the years -- in their halloween costumes.

Can you name all their characters? =)
(Click on photo for full story,)





2013 (reused costumes)

The girl have not decided if she'll be Elsa (our own gown design up top), or take 3 with Cleopatra. For the boy, it's gonna be his trusty old Harry Potter robe and specs.

I hope you found some inspiration from their characters here and create (buy) your own costumes -- adults and kids alike! Two more weeks to go before halloween weekend. Have fun dressing up! =)

More halloween costumes for kids:

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