Mom-Grocer: How Much are Your Grocery Items?

First Friday of the month:  Food / Grocery

Have you ever compared prices of goods from different supermarkets or grocery stores where you shop?
Do you consider the prices of regular items that you buy for your family?  
Are you conscious of price differences for goods and services that you avail of?
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Today's Foodie Friday post will be different. Instead of a recipe or food discovery, I'm sharing the prices of food and other items from the supermarket.

I've compiled this short list, a random selection, of common goods I purchased at different stores.  I noticed this while logging our weekly expenses and having all these receipts lying around the work table.

I hope you will find this useful and helpful the next time you go grocery-shopping. :)

See for yourself and you do the math!
Cherry Foodarama - Shaw Blvd. Bgy. Wackwack, Mandaluyong City - Free open parking
Puregold Price Club - Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City - Free open parking
SM Shaw Hypermarket - Shaw Blvd. Bgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City - Free indoor parking
Unimart - Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City - Pay open parking = P30

This is not an attempt to hurt any of the establishments listed, nor is this a direct endorsement of any of the brands I've included in the chart, but rather an eye-opener for me.  My intention here is to show you a sample of items I bought during the past few months, with the realization that by simply checking and taking note of the prices, I can save a few hundreds along the way, parking fee included!

Receipts from all 4 supermarkets
I will try to update this list with more goods and comparative prices, so check back from time to time. :)

I love to know your thoughts.  If you also have grocery-shopping tips, and list of items with comparative prices, do share them here too!

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