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After almost four years of blogging, this is the first time I'm allowing someone to take over my Friday feature.  I have a scheduled post for today but have not gotten around to final editing since I had been plagued by headaches and migraines this week.  I actually panicked 'coz I had no back-up post for today.  Thankfully, my boys here were playing their father-son game on the iPad last night and it gave me an idea.

This is an impromptu post which turned out to be a perfect opportunity to share one of my boy's many interests with you, and at the same time, allowed him to apply what he has learned in narrative writing from school.

Let me introduce to you my boy - please indulge him with his first official blog post. =)

* I did some minor editing below, but he wrote this whole piece on his own while drinking his milk before bedtime.  =)  All screen caps are from his actual games.

I asked him to describe the games he's playing, the objective of the game, and how to play it.  Here's the boy's take on Clash of Clans, and Minecraft.

Clash of Clans

This is clash of clans.
It is a cool game.
It's a strategy game.
You can make cool defenses to protect your village.

You may also attack enemy villages to win resources and trophies.
To win a battle, you must destroy the enemies' town hall or get 50% destruction.

The town hall is the main building in your village and must be protected to win when you are attacked.

The resources are elixir, gold, and the rare dark elixir.
What you need to win: cannons, mortars, air defenses, archer towers, and wizard towers.

You may join clans, or make clans to combine your strength and blow away your enemies.
I don't literally mean blow away ok.

*As of this writing, the father and son tandem are members of a "clan" and they both engage in online chats with other members and "elders" who invited them to join the "clan".  The boy is new at this and it's their latest bonding activity.  This is also an introduction to social networking for the boy.  He did ask me for a Facebook account last Christmas but I held off.


This is minecraft.
It is a sandbox game which can make your creativity real there.
There are 2 modes to play: creative & survival.
this is the sand box part where you have unlimited recourses, flying powers & can breath underwater.

the real game mode where your objective is to make shelter for you, because when there's no light, the monsters will come out.  In Minecraft, light is extremely important because monsters can't spawn in light. 

First, I suggest chopping wood from trees to make wooden planks for shelter. Make more wooden planks to make sticks. 
Next, I suggest you make tools, once you're done, we may start mining stone, of course if you made a pickaxe.

Now with stone, we can make stone tools witch are stronger then wood. Mine more stone to make a furnace so we can make torches. To get charcoal, we need a wooden plank and wood, smelt them into charcoal then craft torches. That's all the basics I can teach you.

Thanks to all readers! Have a nice day!


Truth be told, I have no interest in what they are playing - video games or whatever you call them.  I really have no clue.  This Fun Friday post proved to be more special as it allowed me to understand a little more about what's keeping him glued to his iPad during his down time.  What I appreciate in the games is he's able to do strategy planning.  I still can't understand some of the terms he used here, if some of you did, then that's fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed his blog post and had a "peek" into the mind of my creative 9-year-old boy.

Have you tried any of these games?  Do you play any video games or iPad games?

Have a fun Friday! :)

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