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I've written about it a few times on this blog - I'm far from being a beauty junkie.  You count on your fingers the number of times I've talked about cosmetics here.  Funny thing is, if you saw my maiden post on My 3 Things, you will see that my very first #my3things photo happens to be my basic make-up kit.  Of course, there will be days when I'll be in the mood to try a different lip color, put on more coverage, or even try to open up my eyes more (wishful thinking). =)

On those odd days, this happens: 
  1. BYS Lipgloss & Lipstick Duo - I received my first set of BYS cosmetics last month and I fell in love with their lipsticks!  Its matte finish is soft and still glides smoothly on the lips.  No dry, flakey feeling even after hours without touch ups.  Look here, the color held up even after having my lunch and afternoon snack.  I can finally give my lip shimmers a break for now and make room for these fantastic Australian-brand lipsticks.
  2. Eye of Horus Natural Mascara - Last November, I received a surprise beauty gift box from Glamourbox.  The box contained an assortment of samples from premium cosmetic brands and I took this out first 'coz I have not bought a fresh tube of mascara in ages.  It's not a sample size but the full-sized tube! I know I rarely use one, but after trying it, I think I can start adding a coat of this light, natural mascara to my basic make-up routine.
  3. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - This is my all-in-one anti-wrinkle cream foundation / concealer / sunscreen which I use during special occasions, or when I'll be out the entire day.  Considering some sun exposure, this is so convenient to use since I don't have to pile on a separate sunscreen and foundation.  I like the smooth finish and full coverage that stays put the whole day.  I alternate this BB cream with my favorite mineral face powder.
Ladies, do you have a favorite make-up product? What's your #my3things #beauty?

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