Fun Friday: Zip Line and Circle of Fun at Quezon Memorial Circle

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I've been a Q.C. resident until I had my second child.  I am guilty of not exploring the city where I grew up in.  For sure there are so many wonderful sites and destinations that I may have enjoyed.  Two weeks ago, we went to Quezon City Memorial Circle for the kids' last "field trip" before they go back to school.  It was their first time, while it's the second for me.  My first time was for a location shoot when I was still working in advertising.  Today, the place looks so much better.

We rarely go to this side of town, so I told the kids we're going on a field trip with their cousins. I really didn't know what to expect.  My sis-in-law and I planned this day for the kids so our itinerary included lunch in UP Town Center, and have fun outdoors in QC Circle.  As we entered the memorial circle, the drive way from the entrance was lined with lush shading trees but the skies were a bit gray and cloudy.  It was a Tuesday, and it turned out that the amusement park opens at 2:00pm.

We headed to UP Town Center and checked out the dining places. The center has an elevated open space at the back, and the foursome were able to run and play for a while before we finally settled on a restaurant for lunch.

There was a very interesting selection of food establishments there, offering different cuisines. We ended up at Ginza Bairin since they have safe choices for kids to order, with the usual katsudon and chicken teriyaki.

CIRCLE OF FUN - Entrance Fee = P10 / head
Rides = PhP 50 - 150;  Parlor games = PhP20 per round
After our hearty lunch, we went back to QC Memorial Circle minutes before 2pm and the attractions were opened at Circle of Fun.  We paid P10 per head as we entered the gate.  The kids were excited to go boating, so that's the first on the agenda.

Surprisingly, the amusement park was clean and well-maintained.  There were many attractions to choose from! The rides were also in good condition and the operators were able, friendly, and helpful.

Here I am with the kids in our first boat ride.  P150 for 15 minutes, the boat can can accommodate 4-5 people.  Kids should always be accompanied by adults in all the water rides featured here.  That's the rule.

They got bored and did not finish the 15 minutes because they all wanted to "drive" the swans instead!  And here we are again, this time in two swans with the respective moms. =)

It was soooo hot and humid that day, I think I got sun-burned while riding the swan! I regret that we did not come prepared. I should have brought a change of clothes, bigger water bottles, and hand towels.

After the swan ride, we tried some parlor games like the Shoot the Bottles, and the Pop the Balloon stations (I honestly forgot what the games were called, but that's what we did) and the kids took turns to win a prize. Too bad no photos were taken.  The big kids won small tokens which they gave to their younger siblings.  How sweet, no?

ZIP LINE - PhP 150 for 2-Way ride / PhP 100 for 1 way
Now, on to the most exciting part of the kids' day out.  The Zip Line. It's located outside the Circle of Fun just across the street.  The zip line stretched from opposite ends of the park and we climbed the tower that's three stories high.

The girl was never into adventures like these, even at Fun Farm last year where they have lower and shorter zip line.  The boy and the cousins were all game and zip-lined one after the other. The boy is now strapped in and ready for the big push. 

The guide said the distance is about 200 meters. It's really far from where I was standing!  I had to use the zoom on my iPhone cam to take this shot below of the tower on the other side where they "landed".

The seats and straps were checked, and double checked. I even looked and inspected the pulley and chains and cords, hahahaha... just wanted to be on the safe side.  It's a long and high drop from there.  We suggested to the guide that more railings be installed by the edge and sides of the tower since it's still quite open.  One big push can make you fall over!
Caution:  Kids should climb the stairs with adults. Kids should stay put, no running, pushing, or jumping around while at the tower. Follow the guide's instructions on the proper sitting position.

That's my two nieces below, strapped together in one long and exhilarating ride across the park. Now I wish I tried it too! Did you see the tip of QC monument peeking out from the left. That's how far up we were!

They were transferred to the other line for the return ride.  We waited for them and here comes the boy at the end of his round-trip ride, all smiles and asking for more.

We were already running late for another appointment but these two insisted on one last round together. So while the little girls and I proceeded to the playground, my SIL brought these two up again in the zip line tower for another round trip.  Best day ever for them, that's for sure! We haven't left yet and they were already planning to go back.

I accompanied the girls to playground while we waited for the big kids to finish the zip line. Look what waited for us...

Wide and colorful open grounds, with painted and tiled pathways, fake grass floor matting, and fairly new, big and beautiful playground systems scattered all over the park! There kids and families sitting on the grounds, strolling, and some students were even doing their homework in a quiet nook. Spot the lovebirds in the photo above.

Now, this is a very, very nice public playground that we can be proud of. What a wonderful discovery for us!

I was already tired and parched from our day under the heat so I was not able to take more pictures of this beautiful park and playground.  As you can see, there were more to see and explore at the far end from where I took this shot.

The girls didn't know where to start playing, hahahaha!  They went for the familiar slides first. Then the big kids came and took over the swing on the other side.

A funny thing also happened while we were there.  Some teens and adults were tempted to play and ride the swing too, but apparently, there was a watcher with a p.a. system and warned them off. He spoke in Tagalog and announced that guests should respect and take care of the place and appreciate the beautiful park.  The newly refurbished playground was made for the enjoyment of kids and not for big people to use, and then asked them to go have fun elsewhere as the park is sprawling, hahahaha! Bawal sumakay at maglaro ang matatanda, para sa mga bata lang yan.  

I must say I was very impressed with how the park is being operated and maintained.  I'm sorry if I sound like a snob, but I just never expected this from a very public, government-run (I assume) park and amusement center in any city here in Metro Manila.  It was very different from how I remember the place over a decade ago.  Kudos to the local government of Quezon City for keeping this national park clean, green, peaceful, and beautiful. A fitting tribute to a former Philippine president too.

We already promised the kids that we will go back to the Circle of Fun and let them ride the Zip Line again, as soon as we get another chance.  Some say it's even more beautiful at night with the lighting fountain.

Have you been to the circle lately?

Park Administrator
Tel.: (632) 924-3412
Elliptical Rd. 
Diliman, Quezon City

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