Roti Paratha, Yum!

This is a food find I've been holding off for months now.  I almost forgot about it until yesterday, while planning for our dinner.  I saw two packs sitting in the freezer (which I bought a few weeks ago) and got inspired so I thought I'd finally share this with you today.

Ever since I tried Spring Home's Roti Paratha late last year, purchased from Unimart (supermarket in Greenhills shopping center), I've been craving for it from time to time. Since it is not commonly served in our favorite Asian restos, I consider this a treat. And to my surprise, even my picky-eater of a son loved it too!

Among Asian breads, roti and naan breads are two I've tasted and really enjoyed eating.  Though I can't recall when and where I first had them, I've learned there are many variations to these Indian flatbreads, specifically roti, which is made from unleavened whole wheat.  It is usually cooked on a cast iron griddle and puffed up over a flame.  It is also popularly know as roti canai in Malaysia and Singapore. Paratha is a flaky version traditionally mixed with ghee (clarified butter), and is fried flat to a crisp.

Honestly, I became more confused with the names since this pack says ROTI PARATHA, and technically, these are two slightly different flatbreads. I'd be happy if anyone can enlighten me about these breads. For this post, let's just call it roti, plain and simple.

This frozen roti comes in Plain, Wholemeal, and Onion variants. I only had the chance to buy this Onion flavor and it's simply delicious!  I lost the receipt but as I recall, a pack costs a little below P100 (roughly $2), with 5 pancakes per pack that are ready to cook straight from the freezer, anytime of the day.

To cook:
Take out frozen roti disc (do not thaw), remove plastic sheets, and fry directly on a hot non-stick pan. No oil needed since the roti already contains vegetable margarine. The manufacturer replaced the ghee with margarine so it is cholesterol-free. Fry for a few minutes on each side until light brown. It may puff up while cooking, but will deflate once it's off the heat. Serve immediately.

Imagine a crunchy, flaky crust...soft and chewy inside, all the same time. And fragrant too! Munch, munch...yum-yum!

I'll get the the Plain or Wholemeal variants next time, and will add butter for more flavor and sprinkle with sugar before serving. Great for breakfast or snack. I once made chicken curry and it's a perfect match to our onion roti.

I have not seen any other brand, aside from Spring Home, that sells 'instant' roti, and I've only been able to buy this at Unimart, Savemore and SM supermarket. They are not always in stock.

If you love roti and similar flatbreads, you can now have this at home anytime, and I guarantee you will like this too!

Price update as of July 2011:
Unimart = P87.75 per pack