Mom-Grocer: What's Your Juice?

If I were asked that question, I could not answer with just one... 'coz we have lots!
See this shot from our pantry?  That's how much we consume, and you will see a combination of these drinks at any given month.

I was just lucky to have most of our regularly-purchased beverages well-represented when I took this shot from my phone.  I've been wanting to post this for the longest time but I keep forgetting to take photos of the juice we drink.  I'm the type who likes to try what's new in the market, so whenever I see something that my husband or my kids might like, I buy a small pack or two.

Over the years, these brands found a place in our pantry.  The variety ranges from:
  • Natural fruit juices/concentrate - Welch's Grape, Old Orchard Apple, Sunquick, Tropicana CocoQuench, Dole Pineapple-Orange/Lychee, Del Monte Fit 'n Right Four Seasons, Tipco juices
  • Fruit-flavored teas - Sola, C2, Arizona
  • Carbonated drinks, colas - Roots Ginger Brew, Mug rootbeer, Sarsi, Sprite, Coke
  • Fruit-flavored juices - Mogu Mogu, Nesfruta, Sunkist, Marigold
You may think the assortment is quite excessive, but with the diverse tastes and preferences of each family member in our household, you will understand why we have this variety.  And it does not even include the hot drinks.

Water is still best.  But we love drinking them because they all taste good, they provide different levels of nutrition, and the most basic is -- of course, they satiate our cravings and instantly quench our thirst for fruit and flavored drinks.

I was not able to take photos of the other brands listed above... but here are most of them in random order:

These brands of concentrate - Gina, Welch's, and Old Orchardwe usually dilute with a little water for a lighter taste.  It's usually my boys who consume more of these.

For natural and flavored fruit juices in TetraBricks, we drink them as is, chilled.
Tipco is my top choice.

Alternative juices for kids' baon to school is single-serve Sunkist and Marigold.

Unfortunately for me and the girl, our favorite Marigold Winter Melon Drink has been
out of stock of months now, while the Lemon Barley has been unavailable since last year.
This brand is not widely available so I buy a dozen when I see them.

My latest grocery find is this very refreshing coconut water from Tropicana.
It's now part of the regular grocery list.

Got these samples last month, and compared with many other powdered juice we tried,
Nesfruta tastes more fruity, and less sugary, which is a good thing.

The girl is also addicted to the grape Mogu Mogu with nata de coco bits.

My boys and I are big iced tea drinkers, and Arizona delivers.
I like that they offer an interesting array of flavors.

Here's the girl sipping her lychee juice.

All our drinks were purchased at any of the following:  Puregold - Shaw, SM Hypermarket - Pasig or Mandaluyong, Unimart - Greenhills.  Nesfruta sachets were complimentary samples.

What's your juice drinks?

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