Vacation in Shangri-la Mactan Resort Cebu, part 2

Here's our day 3 and 4 in Cebu. 
I felt bitin with our recent vacation especially our stay at Shangri-la Mactan. Nonetheless, we made the most out of our trip and tried different activities as a family.  Our plan was really to have a city tour visiting historical landmarks on our first day in Cebu, which I featured here for part 1, and then move to Mactan for more rest and relaxation.

This was my third time at this resort. First was in 1997 with friends, then 2004 with J, and this year with the kids. What we love about Shangri-la Mactan Resort is that they have top notch facilities and amenities that cater to every member of the family, with excellent service and lots of good food choices. Kids will not get bored here coz they have several attractions to entertain them aside from swimming.

Day 3:  May 29.  
Adventure time!
After a hearty breakfast, we went for a swim and took our sweet time to enjoy the resort's facilities.

I missed parasailing when J and I went to Cebu the last time. Now I made sure we get to experience it with the kids, kahit mabigat sa bulsa ang rates. Once is enough I guess, so go na!

So after lunch, we booked parasailing and helmet diving with Scotty's dive center at the hotel. Nandyan na rin so might as well try it!

We were required to fill out and sign a waiver. J was not able to helmet-dive coz he has high blood. Snorkeling nalang.  The dive orientation was given by the head instructor during the boat ride. We were assisted by three more divers during the entire ride and dive. 

We're ready! 
Imagine an astronaut under water -- except helmet lang ang suot namin, heehee! We came prepared, packing our rash guards and aqua shoes for our water activities.

They still use the old-style helmets here. I saw some photos where the helmets are white and looks more contemporary.

I went down first and I must admit, my heart was beating fast coz the sound and the sensation under water was a bit scary -- like the sound of a submarine inside your helmet. Eventually, I felt calm while waiting for my kids to come down and join me.

The boy could not take the sound and ear pressure as he descended so he was brought back to the boat.  M was more adventurous and we went under the sea together. The dive spot was a small area with corals and tropical fish.  We even spotted "Nemo"!  Not too many fishes at that time though.

Helmet Diving, check.

That was a thrilling 15 minutes of underwater adventure for us girls. We paid additional for a GoPro rental so the divers can take our photos and videos while we're under water. =)  We got a USB with all the photos and video.  I am still having difficulty retrieving and downloading the video but will update this post as soon as I upload on YouTube.

Next on the bucket list -- parasailing.

J and the girl were partners and they went up first, while the boy and I paired up.  I wished we had our own GoPro when we did this! 


The view up there was breathtaking. Just sitting there, legs hanging, wind blowing on our faces, gliding in the air, sarap ng feeling!

Watch our parasailing adventure here! =)

Best day ever! 
We had snacks and hit the beach afterwards. We skipped the fish-feeding and pedal boat rides altogether. The kids went back to the play area before we left for dinner at a local sutukil restaurant to complete our Cebu experience.

Day 4: May 30.
Late breakfast then check out time.  We would have wanted an extra day but not possible with the schedule.

The whole morning was spent roaming the gardens, playing in the game room, eating, and relaxing. We left after lunch.

Goodbye, Cebu! You made our summer extra special!

I should mention that we had lechon as our first meal in Cebu, and bought take out lechon at the airport before flying out.  When in Cebu, you must lechon! =)

Have you been to Cebu?  What are your favorite spots over there?

See our historical landmarks tour in my previous post: Cebu: Day 1 and 2

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