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My birthday came and went. It was just like any usual Monday, even more stressful actually, kasi it's the girl's assessment week. In short, it was like lessons and studying the whole day for me, from homeschooling the boy, then reviewing the girl until dinner time. So, no birthday "leave" for this mom.  At least a break from cooking that day. We just went to a Japanese resto for dinner to celebrate.  I turned 42.

Although it felt like an ordinary day, there were still some highlights during the week that I am very much thankful for. To tell you the truth, when people ask me how old I am, I stop and think twice, coz I really don't count anymore, hahahaha! Basta I know I reached 40 already, and always say in jest that I'm forever 28! Walang ko-kontra! =)

I didn't intend to feature my birthday for today, so I don't have much photos to share. But for posterity, I decided to give it a go. You can view some of the happenings during the week on my Instagam feed @mymomfriday.

My birthday week in pictures:

Last Sunday, a day before my birthday, I treated my side of the family for lunch. It's our tradition when one of us is celebrating a birthday, we just eat out. After a simple lunch of Taiwanese fare, we went for some cool treats at Rita's Ice. It was a really nice day spent with family, and the kids had fun together.

My mom made this carrot cake for me, which we ate the following day, on my actual birthday. The girl even said, "Is that for you? Good. At least you have a cake now, last time you didn't have a cake!" I'm the one who always buys the cake for everyone, so obviously, walang bumibili ng cake when it's my day, unless I buy my own. I'm not complaining ha, we just laugh about it every time they remember and tease me about last year. 

March 9. We did a homeschool project where the boy made his own grilled cheese sandwich which he shared with me, while the girl surprised me with that cute card at the top. She drew her signature characters, but I thought it was a cat -- it's a dog daw! She just added a kitten afterwards, hahaha! The flowers were from a friend from an agency, a lovely surprise. Before we left for dinner, the boy finally gave me his card (below) -- part of his art and language project. He wrote a poem. B+. Heehee! For my birthday dinner with my in-laws, it was Japanese.

If you're wondering what the hubby gave me... well, wala. Hindi na uso sa amin yan. =) We just ask and get what we want next time coz we don't plan it anymore. How romantic, right? Hehehehe... but we both agreed to that, no complaints, no expectations, no big deal. If we didn't get to have a date, we just schedule it. It's quite challenging with clingy kids.

In fairness, the kids were extra behaved and more obedient than usual, coz "it's mommy's birthday", and J took on half the load in reviewing the girl for next day's assessment.

Here's our photo after we came home from dinner and time to blow the candles.  Siyempre wala rin family picture! J took our photos instead. =)  Wacky daw!

I looked forward to Wednesday 'coz I considered this dinner treat from my friends as my birthday break -- our traditional girls' night out every time there's a celebrant in the group.  

Dinner at Locavore was superb.  Super busog lahat.  We capped the night at my friend's house with cake, coffee, lots of chismis and more sensible conversations. =)

Birthdays are always made special when spent with family and close friends. No frills needed.  Let me insert my bonus for the week -- this little new venture of selling limited edition leather bags. This first collection is now sold out! =) A very nice birthday gift na rin! I also opened my new MomFriday Marketplace, which is still being improved, so do check it out and register.  I really have so much to be thankful for! Here's to being 28! :p

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