High School Life Away from Home

The boy has been homeschooled since fifth grade. We are currently finishing fourth quarter of our grade 7 school year. There's an overlap, but everything will be sorted out very soon. Today, he starts grade 8 "away from home" -- in a new school, meeting new friends, taking on new challenges, and entering high school in a totally different environment. I was the one feeling butterflies in my stomach while on our way to school this morning. I am getting teary-eyed and feeling emotional as I write this. Ewan ko ba! Bahala na what I will write about. Ako talaga ang may separation anxiety. I never expected I'd feel this way.

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I know I wanted to send him back to a school already since last year, kasi hindi ko siya kaya turuan. I feel like he is not reaching his full potential if I continue to homeschool. We know he's scared and has mixed feelings too about the move, but I feel this is the time to "set him free". Kasoako yung mas affected!

Every single day for the past three years, we were together.
He's my daily companion.
We get on each other's nerves.
We go on lunch dates.
We go on field trips.
I saw his first pimple... and other physical changes.
I heard him crack his voice... getting deeper by the week.
Yet I still do not know other sides to this sweet and brilliant boy coz he tends to keep to himself and spends his free time playing and watching video games. This is his passion. We will continue to support him so he gets better in this field. I think he found his path. Let's see where this takes him.

Now that he is back in school, I am excited for him to explore different areas of interests. My gut tells me this is the right thing to do. I know he will be pushed out of his comfort zone and for sure, madaming reklamo yan, but ito ang kailangan niya. He's been too complacent and relaxed in our homeschool set-up. He needs this change. I want this change for him. I am thankful that we found a school can accommodate the uniqueness of our current homeschool set-up and support his needs and challenges in a school setting. I really hope he will meet friends that will have a positive influence on him, and good teachers who will be patient and compassionate. 

Kahit mahirap, I am still thankful that I was his teacher during his tween years, seeing him grow physically (taller and taller), mentally, and emotionally. He is still the same sweet young man, with no mean bone in his body, always chill in his happy zone.  But I want him to see the bigger world outside of our home, experience and witness the sometimes harsh realities of life, at the same time learn to appreciate his blessings.

Major adjustments for the whole family talaga, but we have to move forward. I am trying to be positive and need to organize so many stuff in my head.

Ang sabog ko ngayon. Now that I am going to be "alone" again at home, I can spend more time managing the household better, starting with purging all the kalat and continue my "Konmari" project. Siyempre, tuloy pa rin ang fitness routine ko with pilates, and will try to balance my time better with J and the two kids. Personal challenge ko is to prepare better meals for the whole family, hehehe... kasi ang tamad ko na talaga magluto sa kusina. Tuloy pa rin ako as tutor to the kids, and hatid-sundo sa school. I can't wait for him to come home and tell me about his first day.

Ano na kaya ang ginagawa niya? 
Is he having fun? Are the kids and teachers treating him well?
Is he being respectful and obedient sa teachers? Is he listening in class?
Am I being so paranoid???

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