My Aryana Experience: Diamond Peel and Diode Laser Hair Removal

I've always been very low maintenance when it comes to skin care and makeup. But age is catching up and bare minimum just doesn't cut it anymore. Medyo late in the game na nga ako when it comes to beauty treatments. I've tried some special skin and facial treatments in recent years that did wonders to my age-related skin problems and hair removal needs, but I failed to maintain. 

The good news for me was when Aryana International Aesthetic Center, a beauty and wellness center, opened in my neighborhood a few months ago. I had the opportunity to be treated to a customized program that fit my needs. I highly recommend this to those who also seek safe, effective, yet fuss-free skin care and hair removal treatments like me.

I first visited Aryana International Aesthetic Center three months ago to meet with consultants about my current skin conditions, and also to check out the place and their products.
  • Aryana carries premium Korean skin care line, ID.AZ, also used for some of their skin treatments
  • Features state-of-the-art machines for their skin and body treatments
  • The center is modestly sized with private treatment rooms, cozy elegant interiors
  • Staff and consultants are all courteous, friendly, and makes you feel at home
  • Dermatologist is available by appointment
  • Rates are reasonable and they offer seasonal promotions

Aside from their signature facial, what I really need for my dry, dull and flaky skin is a diamond peel. This also worked to smoothen my underarms before I underwent diode laser hair removal.

What you can expect from a diamond peel:

Pristine Diamond Peel
Non-invasive, chemical-free microdermabrasion using an award winning device with real diamond tips for skin exfoliation. Gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production.
  • First step is gentle cleansing of the face, or other target skin surface (in my case, underarms) before procedure
  • Diamond peel begins
    • Safe and painless -- you will feel a light suck-and-tug like a vacuum as the wand tip is run over the skin in smooth short strokes
    • Takes about 10-15 minutes for the whole face
  • Powder finish with immediate visible results -- pinkish glow, smoother skin
  • Cannot wash the face or treated area immediately after, and avoid sun exposure
  • Can be done as often as once a week, depending on skin condition
  • Benefits:
    • Removes dead skin cells and smoothens skin texture
    • Brightens dull skin
    • Minimizes appearance of wrinkles and blemishes
    • Cleans out the pores during the suction
You can be in and out of the center in 30 minutes or less! 

I had IPL underarm hair removal a few years ago and it was effective in eliminating hair regrowth for the most part. With IPL, the procedure feels warm and stings like ant bites, but tolerable. There are very few hair growth after each cycle and was advised by the derma to simply shave if there any new hair growth.  This time around, with a diode laser procedure at Aryana, it's swift and painless. No down time at all.

Since I have "chicken skin" and visible dark lines on my underarm, I was given a diamond peel first before the diode laser procedure. The 2-step process definitely helped in improving skin texture aside from hair removal. Underarm lightening will be my next project, hehehe!

What you can expect from a diode laser procedure:

Soprano Diode Laser Hair Removal
Effectively and permanently rids of unwanted body and facial hair. Remove unsightly hair on your upper lip, chest, underarms, legs and bikini line in seconds -- pain-free!
  • Gentle cleansing and shaving of existing hair from target skin surface (in my case, underarms and upper lip) before procedure
  • Put on protective eyewear
  • Cool gel will be applied on target skin area
  • Machine will be set to the specific area for treatment with automatic timer
    •  Different calibration for different body parts with hair
    • Calibration will also be adjusted based on the amount and thickness of hair per session
  • Diode laser procedure begins
    • Safe and painless -- you may feel a warm sensation as the laser wand glides on the skin surface where the cool gel gets wiped away (inform the nurse when you feel any discomfort during the procedure)
  • Only takes about 30+ seconds for the upper lip, and about 60+ seconds for underarm -- different settings per patient
  • Avoid washing treated area immediately after procedure
  • Treatment intervals are scheduled every 3 weeks, average of 5 to 6 sessions for underarm
  • Some may experience minor redness or itchiness, depending on skin sensitivity
  • Benefits:
    • Effectively removes unwanted hair different in a painless and non-invasive way
    • No visible hair regrowth after just one session
    • Can cover small to large areas of the body, from upper lip to legs and chest, in a very short amount of time
    • No downtime after every session
For upper lip or underarms, you can be in and out of the center in 15 minutes!

I am very satisfied with the results of the Soprano Diode Laser treatments from my upper lip and underarm. If feels really good to be hair-free on those areas. :)  I also want to go for diamond peels in the future just to prevent my face from looking dull and flaky, para sa ikagaganda ko, hahaha! Seriously, aside from my pilates practice, I really look forward to my sessions at Aryana. It only takes minutes for my skin treatments, kaya perfect for people on-the-go like me and I always leave feeling more confident, refreshed and pampered.

Aryana International Aesthetic Center offers seasonal promos for their services, so be sure to take advantage of this.
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Call now for booking and inquiries: (632) 535-6298  /  +63975-0659030  /  +63910-3716896

Aryana International Aesthetic Center
343 P. Guevarra St., Addition Hills, San Juan City (near Mini Stop corner Wilson st.)
Email: info@aryanabeautyph.com
Monday to Saturday: 10am – 8pm  / Sundays: by appointment.

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