Coding for Kids and Teens - Junior and Master Coder Classes

While many from my generation would not understand what this is all about, the digital natives -- our children, can quickly grasp the concepts of coding.  It is the language of the present and the future. If you've been following me on social media, you may have seen some snapshots of my son during his coding classes and from my blog feature on JACK - Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge, published last summer. He already finished three different courses and he's asking for more.

Google Tilt Brush summer program at JACK

JACK began with a summer program that offers basic coding courses such as Scratch, Minecraft, and Robotics that use block-based programming.
This year, JACK raises the bar on coding education by being the first in the country to teach formal coding languages specially designed for kids and teens.

Starting this July, students can enroll in Junior and Master Coder Classes to learn languages such as Java, C, and Python. Your kids can participate depending on their age group.

Junior Coder Class: 8 to 11 years old
Students become Junior Ninja Coders as they learn the basics of computers and the Internet using Python

Master Coder Class: 12 to 17 years old
Students of any skill level can attend and can progress from:
  1. Ninja (beginner)
  2. Ronin (intermediate)
  3. Samurai (advanced)
The Master Coder Classes are also divided into three different tracks:
  • App Development
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Game Development

Depending on the chosen track, students can master a specific coding language:

The most popular coding language, JAVA is used for Android phones. Java is taught in the App Development track which students can use to build their own apps.

A classic programming language, C is taught in the Electronics Engineering track where kids can design their own robots and command them to do different tasks.

One of the easiest languages to master, and also one of the most fun, Python is the language taught in the Game Development track. Allow kids' imaginations to run wild and innovate by building their own games.

JACK, students are taught in a fun learning environment that makes coding seem like child’s play. Apart from learning how to develop apps and games, or build robots, coding also teaches young students valuable life skills. Through coding, kids and teens learn the value of curiosity, creativity, and analytical thinking – better preparing them for the future.

My boy can't wait for his next class. He will start as a Ninja in one of the Master Coder Classes. Based on teacher Gabo's assessment after finishing his summer program from JACK, he can now take JAVA or Python next. He dreams of creating his own video game someday and we are going to support him on this one. Thankfully, there's JACK!

Want your kids to learn code?
Enroll them now at the Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge. 
Junior and Master Coder classes will start on July 22, 2017.

For more information, visit jack.com.ph or contact +63977-8410482

Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK)
Penthouse, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Email: learncoding@jack.com.ph

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