Benefits of Red Light Collagen Therapy by Suaviss

If you Google what the benefits of collagen are, you will learn that aside from improving the health and appearance of our skin, collagen also helps strengthen hair, nails and teeth, reduces joint pains and degeneration, and even boosts metabolism. Collagen is the main structural protein in the human body that holds our cells together. Basically, it promotes skin elasticity which helps reduce signs of aging. I'm in my 40s now and I really felt the changes on my skin over the past few years. Our body's collagen decreases as we grow older, and we can't escape that fact. This is where Beauty Lab Whitening can help.

Beauty Lab Whitening is the first specialized whitening clinic in the world and was first conceived and perfected in South Korea by Suaviss in 2009. 

I was hesitant to try the treatment at first kasi I am not into skin whitening. I'm fine with my complexion, but my skin is dry, dull, and I have uneven skin tone. I also have dark spots around my C-Section scar and on my underarms. What I want in general is to have healthy, glowing, even-toned skin. 

When I first went to Beauty Lab for a treatment, I shared my skin concerns and they told me that skin whitening is just one of the effects of the red light collagen therapy, among many other benefits.

What is Red Light Collagen Therapy?
  • The program combines whitening treatment, R-630 collagen light, dead skin cells management, and home care for a truly authentic and lasting fair skin
  • 15 minutes exposure inside the R-630 Collagen Machine naturally stimulates collagen production in the body
    • Noticeable skin lightening after one session; long lasting skin whitening effects after just five sessions
  • Safe and non-invasive patented technique
  • No oral prescriptions
    • Specially formulated creams and lotions with natural ingredients are applied before and after the therapy -- they lock in nutrients from the treatment, giving the skin a natural vibrant glow

Beauty Lab has trained therapists who will perform the treatments for the face and body. There are two treatment rooms with the patented R-630 Collagen Machine for full body exposure -- the first of its kind in the country.

What to expect from the Red Light Therapy session:
  • First visit, client will fill out a profile form, briefly discuss specific skin needs, and consultants can recommend a program
  • Client can have face only or full body treatments
  • Before treatment starts, client should change and use disposable underwear, shower cap, and slippers provided; remove all jewelry/accessories
  • Step 1 - Proceed to the treatment bed for facial and/or body cleansing and exfoliation 
    • Full face and body scrub cleanses pores, lightens dark areas, removes dead skin cells
  • Step 2 - Pre-conditioning cream application 
    • Inhibits the formulation of melanin cells. Uses hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture
  • Step 3 - Client enters R-630 collagen machine (red light chamber) -- 15 minutes exposure
    • Activates natural collagen cells - gives the skin a healthy pink glow.
  • Step 4 - Post-conditioning cream application 
    • Locks in nutrients from the treatment for long-lasting effects

Be prepared to bare all! I was shy and hesitant at first, hindi ako handa, hahaha... but my therapist, Ms. Jovy, was very professional and reassuring, describing each step of the treatment. You have to go nude inside the chamber. Literally full exposure, but the effects are worth it.

Benefits of Red Light Collagen Therapy
  • Initial effects: 
    • Clearer, brighter, tighter skin
    • Radiant pink glow
  • Long-Term Effects:
    • Improved skin clarity, tone and texture
  • Brightens skin with natural glow
  • Lightens dark spots and pigmentations (underarms, scars), age spots and freckles
  • Kills acne and minimize pores
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens skin supportive structure
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis naturally
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
  • Improves appearance of weathered skin

On a personal level, after going for three sessions of Red Light Therapy, I've observed overall skin lightening, especially on my underarms and around my CS scar, plus more even skin tone. Age spots on my face also faded. Below is my unedited photo, no makeup, right after the treatment. 

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss delivered what they promised and I am loving the visible effects on my skin after every session. Kailangan na mag budget para I can get myself more red light treatments, heehee! I hope they open another branch in the Greenhills - Ortigas area (so it's more accessible to me) to reach more people and share this amazing skin health technology.

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