Why Invest in a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF)?

How do we pursue our passions without going broke? We all have our dreams and wishes. We all have something we are passionate about, and realistically speaking, we need money to fund most of our passions to make it happen. This is where investing comes in and to seek better banking services to help us make sound investment decisions.

I am the last person to be talking about finance and investments coz I am really clueless when it comes to that area. As in, hindi ko talaga ma-absorb ang finance lingo, like when people talk about stocks, investments, banking terms, etc. 

Growing up, it was just peso-dollar savings and time deposits for me, even until I started earning on my own. After I got married, it's but natural for me to let J decide when it comes to our finances and investments, even if I handle the day-to-day expenses and savings deposits. At one point, we did get a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) and enjoyed good returns over a short period of time. I still didn't know much about that investment and just trusted J and the bank. We liquidated our UITF and some dollar investments after we bought our house eight years ago.

This year, we are looking into new investment opportunities again, and one of our plans is to open a UITF account with Security Bank 'coz I've heard very positive feedback about the bank's personalized services, and their winning the Bank of the Year for 2015 speaks volumes about their performance as a financial institution. It was good timing when I got invited to their event on how to pursue our passions without going broke with a presentation on Security Bank's UITF products. I took it as a sign to proceed and invest with them. =)

While the talks were truly inspiring, I personally do not know what my one true passion is. I want so many things in life, and have varied interests and endeavors. What remained constant was my dream to travel and explore the world. That's one of the main reasons why I'm seriously interested to start investing with Security Bank's UITF and help make our savings grow for a more comfortable future.

During the event, Mr. Martin Belgado, head of Security Bank’s Asset Management Group, gave us a better picture of what UITF is all about and how their products can suit different risk appetites of clueless future investors like me. Basta wala akong masyadong knowledge on stocks and bonds and other investment instruments, so UITF is ideal for people like us. We just leave everything to the experts, sila na ang bahala sa investment ko. That's why we decided to invest again in UITF.

I will not attempt to explain UITF in my own words. Para accurate ang information, I will share the exact descriptions given to us by Security Bank.

  • UITF an easy and convenient way for the average Filipino to be able to invest in the financial markets.
  • UITF pools together the funds of many different investors and is managed by a team of professional investment experts. These seasoned managers choose the appropriate investment outlets in order to provide UITF clients with attractive returns. 
    • Investment outlets include: bank deposits, government and corporate bonds and equities
  • UITF investors achieve instant diversification as the funds are invested in several different securities.
  • Investors can top up or cash out anytime, no holding period.
  • You can check the value of your investment daily with Net Asset Values per unit (NAVPU).
  • UITFs are Trust products and not deposit products. They are not covered by PDIC. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
  • Management and regulation of UITFs are governed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Security Bank UITF Minimum Investment = Php10,000 for Peso UITFs
Minimum additional participation = Php5,000

Security Bank offers 8 types of UITFs to suit your risk appetite and how long you want to stay invested -- either for short term or long term growth. The longer the investment horizon, the better the prospects for higher gains. Details of each type can be found in their website.

Mr. Martin Belgado, head of Security Bank’s Asset Management Group

We already opened a UITF account and since our intention is for medium to long term, we chose the SB Peso Asset Variety Fund which "aims to achieve long term growth by diversifying mainly into select equity investments listed in the Philippine stock exchange and other marketable instruments like government and corporate bonds. The Fund will be characterized by a balance of fixed income and equity investments in the portfolio."

Opening an account was made so much easier and more convenient by Security Bank with their Human Switch Kit. Personal service at its best. I simply went online to check about opening an account, and there was a pop-up at the bottom about an easy switch. I clicked on it and this appeared.

The Human Switch Kit eliminates the hassle of going to the bank to open an account. I simply filled out the form on the website and after about 5 minutes, a sale associate called me to set an appointment!

We opened a joint checking account with the UITF so J and I had to personally sign all the documents. Having a bank representative go to our house was the best solution to process our account coz J has work and would not be able to personally visit the branch during banking hours. That's BetterBanking service that no other bank can offer. Thanks to Security Bank for making it easy to open an account and invest with the Human Switch Kit.

Now, all we have to do is continue to invest more and eventually pursue our passions, achieve our goals faster, and realize our dreams.

Learn more about how you can invest in Security Bank UITF hereor visit any Security Bank branch near you.

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