What To Expect at the 2016 Philippine Homeschool Conference

Are you curious about homeschooling? Do you want to explore homeschooling for your family? Have you started your homeschooling journey? Are you interested to shop for educational tools and materials? Let me share with you what you can expect from the upcoming Philippine Homeschool Conference happening this October 22!
Presented by the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), the annual Philippine Homeschool Conference is packed with information and inspiration for people who want to learn more about homeschooling, are just getting started, or need “tools” to improve their homeschooling experience.

We began homeschooling in 2014 and I've attended my first conference that same year. Sadly, I missed the PHC last year. This year, I am looking forward to the breakout sessions, just like the first time coz I've learned so much from the resource speakers. They shared effective and creative strategies that helped me improve in teaching my son, and got a lot of ideas on actual projects to prepare and what materials to use to help in our studies.

My son recently graduated from grade 6. He is now grade 7 and we are on our third year of homeschooling.  I must admit, I am still struggling with being a parent teacher and I badly need more ideas to help make study time fun for my visual and kinesthetic learner. I know I will gain so much at PHC 2016 with their lineup of speakers and interesting topics to help parent-teachers like me.

PHILIPPINE HOMESCHOOL CONFERENCE 2016 bears the theme “From Roots to Wings: Homeschooling through the Stages”
This year's PHC hopes to meet the needs and address the concerns of homeschooling families at different stages – from learning more about homeschooling, getting started, and staying the course perhaps even up to the end of high school.

5 Reasons to Join PHC 2016

1. Listen, learn, and be inspired from sough-after homeschooling speakers
  • Deonna Tan-Chi, one of the pioneers of the Philippine homeschooling, and her daughter Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza, homeschooling advocate, will be speaking as a tandem on “Building a Firm Foundation".
  • U.S.-based speaker Andrew Pudewa, international speaker who specializes in issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music will speak on "Motivation: The Art and Science of Helping Children Learn Well".
  • Bo Sanchez, a bestselling author, international speaker and founder of Catholic Filipino Academy, a homeschool provider, will talk on "Wings to Soar: Leaving a Legacy for Our Children".

2. Breakout Sessions designed specifically to your current homeschooling journey

3. Get a chance to win scholarships from different homeschool providers

4. Discover and shop for useful products and services at the Expo
The PHC 2016 Expo will feature products, learning materials, and programs to aid in homeschooling and other education needs.

5. Socialize! Meet fellow homeschoolers and like-minded parents and their children 
(That's me and my friend Thammie catching up during PHC 2014, heehee!)

Check out the Event Program prepared for participants:

  • Conference All-access Fee (Sessions and Expo) = P1,000 per head / Group Rate = P4,500 per group of 5 pax
  • Expo entrance fee = P50 per head
Deadline for online registration payments is October 15, 2016
On-the-day Registration fee = P1,200 per head. 

Participants who wish to bring their children can do so but need to take note of the following:
  • Children 3 years old and below who will be joining their parents in the keynote talks and breakout sessions get in free but with lap seating privileges only.
  • Children 4 years old and above who will be joining their parents all throughout the talks and sessions pay P1000 per head.
  • Parents can also opt to have their children join the Children's Activities in the PHC 2016 Expo area for a fee per activity.
To register, click here: PHC 2016 Online Registration Form

See you at the conference! Do say Hi if you see me there, would love to meet fellow homeschoolers. =)

Follow PHC 2016 on social media to get updates:
Or look for the hashtags #PHC2016 and/or #fromrootstowingsphc

For more details of the PHC 2016 registration process, program, speakers' profiles, and other information, please visit www.educatingforlife.co

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