Fun Friday: The Artsy and The Sporty

Third Friday of the month:  School Events

This is a proud-mommy-moment kind of post. I know I don't say it enough. Oftentimes, I just say "good job" or "you did great", but rarely do I say "I'm so proud of you" whenever they accomplish something significant. Sometimes, I share their works or activities on my IG and FB. Kaya eto na lang ang short tribute ko to show how proud I am with my two highly spirited kids. Both recently had their respective culminating events -- one in the arts and the other in sports.


The boy attends art class as part of his homeschool curriculum under TMA Homeschool. He's lucky to have abstractionist Camille Ver as his teacher.  For the first quarter, the class made four projects using different forms of artistic media.

At the end of the quarter, the art students will showcase their work through an art exhibit. All the students, parents, and some guests were "toured" around the exhibit while the kids explained who they created each artwork. This is part of their "test" and will be graded for this. They had this exhibit last summer too, which was counted for his Q4 in 5th grade.

There were so many impressive works from the different age groups. Pwede nang ipa-frame! =)

He used to do a lot of pencil drawings as a pastime at home and refused to color them or try other art materials. Kaya I am amazed that he's able to create something beautiful with different materials now after being exposed to various media. 

The boy proudly presented his works to me and I'm really happy that he enjoys every session in art class. That's the most important part of all of this.  Tuloy-tuloy na ito for the rest of the school year. 

After the viewing, we had some salo-salo with the parents and kids to close the short program.  I am actually looking forward to their next projects and frame his works soon. =)


Here naman is a snapshot of my girl -- in flight during the long jump portion of their PE culminating activity last Tuesday. This was the first event that morning. Watch the very short video clip I took.

The Long Jump

With both my kids' school activities, I always try to be present to show support. Since I don't fetch the girl at the gym whenever they have PE, I didn't know how well she performed during the regular sessions. I only get feedback from co-parents and a few classmates about how well she jumped or ran or competed with the boys in her class. 

The High Jump

With the way she performed during the culminating, na-impress din ako! =) 

At the PTC earlier, her teachers and coaches were saying she should try out for football varsity kasi mabilis daw tumakbo, has good form, and has the right attitude during games and races. Proud moment ko ulit!  

Here she was, getting ready for the baton race. Serious, but still knows how to have fun.

Baton Relay

Photo by Aldwin Ku

She was top 2 in her class for the long jump and high jump, and she won the girls' 100 meter dash as well. 

When I asked her if she wants to join the varsity, she said no. She just wants to have fun in P.E. Well, that's good enough for me. =)

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