10 Cleaning and Care Tips with Cycles and Cradle

As a homemaker and discerning mom to two active kids, I've discovered so many products for every stage of our family life. Between giving birth to the boy and the girl, I've already tried countless home and child care products that address our ever changing needs. We've stuck with only a handful of brands we use on rotation, and that includes Cycles and Cradle.  

Over 8 years ago, when the girl was born, I recalled the baby care kit from the hospital included a pack of Cycles mild laundry detergent. That was the first time I was able to try Cycles. We loved how it made the baby clothes soft and mildly-scented. This year the company celebrates 10 years of making exceptional baby care products and I am honored that they tapped me to share my personal experience with their amazing products. There's no compromise to care and quality with these proudly Filipino brands.

From laundry detergent to body wash to insect repellents, you'll find Cycles and Cradle products that will suit your family's needs at every stage of growth.

I don't have sensitive babies anymore but I still found a lot of alternative uses for some of our favorite Cycles and Cradle products.

10 Cleaning and Care Tips using Cycles and Cradle:
  1. Use Cycles mild laundry detergent on delicate items like undergarments and those absorbent towels which you can't use fabric conditioners on
    • Cycles is mild and softer on the fabric, and non-irritating
  2. Cycles mild liquid detergent is safe for washing barong Tagalog
    • Yes, no need to dry-clean barongs, they can be hand-washed then steamed/pressed back into shape
  3. Cycles liquid detergent is made for babies so it's mild and safe to clean make-up brushes too -- just dilute a small amount in water to soak
  4. Keep a spray bottle of Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner in the bathrooms for instant clean-up when there's accidental pee splatter on the toilet seat
  5. Spray on surface cleaner to wipe mess and dirt off work and study tables, and other heavily-used supplies to avoid cross contamination
  6. As alternative to alcohol, simply spray Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner on telephone and cellphone units, keyboard and computer surfaces, and on iPads/tablet screens then wipe clean.
  7. Carry a handy mini Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner spray when traveling
    • For hygiene and peace of mind, spray it on public toilets or dining tables before using
  8. Cycles Sensitive Anti-mosquito Cintronella Patches are not just for clothes -- shoo away mosquitos and stick them on to school bags, socks, and caps, and even on bed headboards 
  9. The citronella patches come in a resealable pack of 12, so bring one when traveling as it's very convenient to put in your purse.
    • It's not just for kids, I know a lot of adults that attract more mosquitos than others
  10. With the cute designs and packaging of the Cycles citronella patches, it makes a nice addition to party loot bags as parents will appreciate this useful item, for sure.

How about your, what's your favorite Cycles and Cradle products? =)  Any tips to share?

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