Mom-Grocer: Yakult Light Everyday

I grew up with Yakult, and has been drinking it since elementary days. I still remember Yakult ladies in blue, pushing their carts with a smile and selling packs of these little cold probiotic drinks from house to house -- and I think they still do to this day.  Yakult has been part of our grocery list for the longest time, and everyone I know drinks, or at least have tried, this delicious health beverage, adults and kids alike. And just recently, they came out with Yakult Light, same yummy goodness but with less calories!

Yakult invited me to a plant tour in their Calamba, Laguna factory last June 7, but sadly, I was not able to make it.  It would have been awesome to see where and how our favorite cultured milk is made. Incidentally, Yakult is celebrating it's 35th anniversary and I believe they still remain to be the top probiotic drink.

I was thrilled to receive sample packs of Yakult Light for the whole family to try.  We're down to our last Yakult pack (red) so it's time to enjoy the new light version with this cool blue label. Compare their Nutrition Facts, side by side above.

Yakult = 60 calories vs. Yakult Light = 45 calories
  • Also contains 8 billion live lactobacillus casei Shirota strain
  • Sweet and tart, same great taste we love, but I noticed a slightly "thinner" consistency (hubby thinks there's hardly any difference)
  • Helps increase good bacteria and decrease bad bacteria = healthier, stronger intestines = better digestion

In my home, the kids prefer other milk drinks.  It's actually J and I who drink Yakult everyday! One main reason is because of Probiotics.  I wrote about it's benefits here before (wellness and nutrition feature):

Yakult Light is priced a bit higher with SRP at PhP10 /80ml bottle. But I saw a pack of 5 in the grocery priced below PhP50, while regular Yakult is less than PhP40 per pack of 5.  I think I'll buy this Yakult Light for J from now on (since having less calories will benefit him more than me, heehee), while I can have any variant I want! =)  

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