Foodie Friday: Pan-Grilled (Rib Eye) Steak

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There are days when my carnivorous side would kick in and gets me craving for some lip-smacking slice of juicy steak.  We rarely go to restaurants to get our steak fix.  I manage to prepare tenderloin tips or cubes for salpicao, steak a'la pobre, or hanger steak at home.  I can't explain, but I get intimidated with a ribeye or T-bone, or other premium cuts of meat. Maybe I'm just scared to ruin a perfectly marbled beef.

This beautiful Australian beef on my grill pan is not your regular rib eye, but a Meltique Beef Rib Eye Steak.  You have to try one to taste and feel the difference in the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

When I was invited to the Meat and Livestock Australia Luncheon at Stella bistro in Bonifacio High Street last month, we were served specialty dishes showcasing clean, "green", tender Aussie beef. Meltique Beef was used for the four-course meal and everything was fantastic! My friends and I were all giddy as we received a gift pack from Meltique for us to enjoy at home. It's an imported premium brand so more pricey than what I usually buy.

With fellow SoMoms, Neva, Jackie, and Tina

This steak recipe is not unique to me since most of my friends prep theirs similarly.  Branded meat or not, it's not everyday that I get to indulge my inner carnivore with some really good piece of steak, so I wanted to do it right and stick with the basics.  For this particular meal, the kids decided to help me - one seasoned, the other flipped and added the butter. =)


200g - 250g  good quality cut of beef - rib eye, strip loin, tenderloin (the best you can afford)
1/2 teaspoon Sea salt / coarse salt
Fresh cracked / ground pepper
Optional - seasonings (Bragg Liquid Aminos, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder)

To prepare:
Season beef with salt and pepper (and garlic powder), pat on each side.
Add a few drops of liquid seasonings, if desired (or you can season as you eat).
Leave for about 30 minutes.

To cook:
Heat grill pan and set heat on high.
Cook steak - sear for about 2-3 minutes on each side, depending thickness and preferred doneness.
Flip and sear the other side.  Add a pat of butter and let it melt all over. Wait another 2 minutes.
Flip back again to allow butter to sizzle, then remove from pan.

Plate the steak and let it rest for about 5 minutes before you cut and serve.  
Devour the tender and juicy steak... enjoy with a side of veggies, potato mash, or rice.
Add salt, or liquid seasoning, to suit your taste. 

The kids were in unison in saying the steak smelled soooo good while cooking.  They each had a small cut of meat as a treat from helping.   We hardly used our steak knife for this one 'coz the beef was just so tender you can easily pull the meat with a fork.  This was medium to medium-well and cooked for about 5 minutes.  Look at that pink center!

We cooked this Striploin Steak the same way and just added the Worcestershire sauce. While I favored the rib eye, the little girl and boy preferred this one and ate more than their fair share - considering it was Father's Day, there was not much left for daddy to chew on! =)

So, how do you like your steak?

You can buy Meltique Beef and more Australian beef at S&R.  See more mouth-watering Aussie beef dishes served to us in my Meat and Livestock Australia Luncheon album in Facebook.

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