Mom-Friday Homeschool Conversations - 6.17.2014

I'm still in the "lesson planning" phase and conditioning myself for the coming week.  June 23 will be the first day of our homeschooling, same first day of school for my girl. The boy seems ready.  I thought of sharing with you this short convo I had with him earlier.  And before I forget, I'm writing it now and this will be a new section on the blog - snippets of our new homeschooling life.

Color-coding quarterly units and topics for lesson plan 

Right before the kids finished dinner, they were discussing about their "plans" for the future, and even asked me about how their actions will "change their future". The boy said he's already thinking about how his future will be like.

After eating, I was left waiting for the boy to finish his dinner. I casually asked him about the short chapter book that he began reading last week and he said he's in chapter 13 already.  The book is part of the English - Reading subject so I told him he already did advanced reading since the lesson guide only said chapter 1-5 will be tackled for the first week.  He was happy and said he doesn't need to read anymore for the next two weeks.  I even told him he can wear a period costume to match the story while we study so he'll have more fun when we do worksheets about the book.

Me:  You know, we can finish it half day everyday if we can. But there will be days we'll have 1 subject after lunch.
Boy: No, I want half day.
Me:  Ok, it's up to you. I'll let you choose the days and schedule.
Boy: But I don't know how to make a schedule.
Me:  I'll let you choose - for example, Monday-Tuesday-Thursday, or you can switch Tuesday with Wednesday.  Our goal is to finish the harder ones early in the week so you can have half days on Thursday and Friday.
Boy: Ok.
Me:  Are you excited to start school on Monday?
Boy: Not really.
Me:  It has to be a teamwork so we can finish early, okay? 
Boy: Okay, but I'm also worried if I don't finish.
Me:  It's okay, we have a goal every day, and daddy will also help. He's the "principal", I'm the teacher.
Boy: Why he's the principal?
Me:  Since I play the role of the teacher, the father will play the role of the principal to check and help reach our goals, and M (sister) will be the playmate.  You know I'm also worried if I can teach you everything, it's scary for me too, you know.  So we have to work together!
Boy: Yeah, I'm not just worried about myself, I'm worried about you too coz my future depends on it, on your teaching!

(Toink) Asar! =) Talk about pressure!!!

'Til the next conversation with The Boy.

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