Family Friday: A Giant Leap to Homeschooling

Second Friday of the month:  Schooling / Parenting

Yup. You read it right -- homeschooling. Me. My boy. Us. Starting this school year, we are taking one giant step in his education. While many are back to school, we are homeschooling.

We can't escape that question.  Each family has a different reason.  Ours is mainly for the best interest of our child. Since we did not choose a traditional school for both our kids, family and friends always ask why.  In my head, I'm saying "Why not?!?"  Instead, I always choose to say we believe in a more progressive approach to teaching and learning.  We wanted it for our children. We are not the type to conform with the norm. Having our son taught us that. Actually, he did go to a traditional school for Nursery, and sadly, it was not a good fit for my unconventional little boy. And now, with homeschooling, there's an even bigger WHY?!

Since we began school-hunting for him again after nursery, I've researched a lot about different school settings, and it opened our eyes. Children are more fortunate now because there are many kinds of educational institutions to choose from.  I even posted a comprehensive feature about traditional vs. progressive schools here.  So, after attending a number of school tours and orientations, J and I were united in our decision to put our kids in schools that will fit them, that can recognize their individuality, that can help them to think out of the box and allow them to enjoy learning.

Each child is unique. Each child has different learning styles. Each child has different needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  
The girl did wonderfully at her school, and will continue to study there. My boy is not the typical student, so a traditional school setting is out of the equation. We've known it since he started pre-school.  I don't want to go into details, but let me just say we've had our share of challenges and triumphs since then. It's was a long and trying journey for us, especially this year, coupled with fears (mine mostly!), doubts and uncertainty.  I really prayed hard for guidance, for signs that will lead us to choose what's best for him.  I am thankful for friends who gave encouragement and moral support. We weighed our options carefully and did a good amount of research before we finally gave homeschooling a go.

As we were planning and looking at our options for him this school year, we've already discussed with the boy about the possible scenarios for his schooling.  He realized the changes ahead, but we see he is now ready for this new set-up.  We attended orientation and training to prepare us for this new journey ahead.  The speakers and consultants were supportive, encouraging and inspiring.  We are more convinced that homeschooling is the best fit for him.

It's me! The pressure is on me - the "parent teacher"! I am the problem, hehehehehe... 
Scared, excited, overwhelmed, so many mixed feelings with this daunting task ahead.  Literally, the education of my boy is in my hands! Grade 5 is not a walk in the park!

Over the summer break, I discovered more about our boy -- how brilliant he is, how stubborn and annoying he can be, how creative and restless he is, how funny and corny he can get.  I badly need a bottomless well of patience, energy, and humor! Looking at the homeschooling manual, the books, the lists, the schedule, I can't help but doubt myself if I can do this with my boy.  I told him we are going to be a team - we have to help each other to achieve our goals.  He's fine. I'm a wreck! 

I can't share much yet since we have not started.  The girl starts school on the 23rd, so we promised he'll have the same first day.  I will definitely blog about our homeschooling (mis)adventures as we progress.  For now, pray for me!!! =)  Sidelines and attending blog-related events will also take a back seat with this new "lifestyle".

Homeschooling our son is a family decision - a choice we made whole-heartedly and with much optimism.  I know this will be life-changing, not just for him, but for us as a family.  Game on!

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