Easy Internet Access and View Account Info with New Smart Bro Dashboard

Don't you wish you can monitor your mobile subscription and internet usage, while still enjoy free access to our favorite social networking sites? 

Here's good news from Smart as they launched their breakthrough portal -  the Smart Bro Dashboard, which allows Prepaid users to manage and view their account easily, and soon for Postpaid subscribers too! 

This is how the SmartBro Dashboard looks like.

What Smart Bro Dashboard offers it's users:
  • Quick access to a real time account information and subscription package
    • Subscriber’s current load balance
    • Subscriber’s current package registered
    • Easy subscription to other services:  Flexitime, Unlisurf, Always On, LTE packages
  • View internet usage and charging for worry-free internet experience
    • Volume meter to monitor Always On packages
    • Time counter to monitor time-based packages
    • Notification will be sent to subscribers when load/package expires
  • Free content while inside the dashboard = Free social networking feeds of Facebook and Twitter via Smart Net

How to access Smart Bro Dashboard:

New subscribers:  
  • Plug in your Smart Bro Plug-it or connect to your Smart Bro Pocket Wifi and open your browser - the dashboard will automatically pop out
Existing subscribers:  

To all Smart Bro subscribers, go ahead and use your Smart Bro Dashboard nowStart shopping online, or conveniently browse through your favorite blogs (like mymomfriday.com *wink wink*) and other websites with Smart Bro while still keeping track of your internet use!  It's really the smartest and fastest way to enjoy and manage your subscription!

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