From Monggo to Captain America with #SigeSabado Playbox

We're in the middle of summer and I am running out of activities to keep the kids occupied. If we don't do something, I'll lose to the iPad! The boy has drum classes twice weekly but the girl... well, we all decided not to enroll her at any summer program this year. She agreed to guitar lessons when she turns 8, which is next year.  I did prepare a calendar for them this summer, and so far, it's going pretty well.  But there are days when they just don't want to follow what we've planned for the day.  Two weeks ago, this big playbox arrived from Breeze - it was heaven-sent! 

Summer days at home can be boring sometimes, even if we have planned an activity already.  Just like on ordinary weekends, a surprise project is always welcome. With the Breeze #SigeSabado Playbox that we received, the kids were able to choose from 8 different crafts and projects - complete with materials!  I love it when they get their hands dirty, literally, doing crafts and creative projects.  Sige lang ng sige! It's all part of the fun while it stimulates their minds and senses!

I'll share the two activities that we chose to do the other weekend. You can click on the title to see the complete instructions:

We layered some paper towels and cotton pads at the bottom of the pot, soaked in water.  This will be the bed for the monggo beans.
The girl was smitten with the watering pail, so based on that alone, she decided to grow bean sprouts, heehee! Actually, she already did this project in school, twice. She still gets the thrill every time she sees her seeds sprouting.

This planting activity teaches her responsibility in taking care of her plant - making sure it's watered daily, and gets enough sunlight.  She checks on her pot every morning and gives me updates on her bean sprouts.

Look...after just 2 days, they're sprouting already! We can't wait for them to grow, and grow!

And look at how tall it grew! This was last Sunday.

When I was in college, a classmate made tie dye shirts and sold it for P75.  I think I bought three in different pastel colors.  I never tried making one.
The #SigeSabado Playbox came with a tie dye kit - I was the one most excited to do it!
I checked online for possible patterns, and I came across this Captain America tie dye design.
So cool, right?!  I only used the blue and red dyes and followed the instructions with some adjustments.  I mixed each color in 2 cups of hot water plus 1 teaspoon rock salt.
Blue dye was poured in a wide glass pan so the shirt can soak in it.
(I think it should have been 3 cups water to soak the whole shirt in blue.)
Red dye was transferred to a squeeze bottle for target coloring - no need to dip the red portions in the mixture.

Tedious and a bit messy, plus a long waiting time. The leftover red dye was for the girl and I made a simple pattern for her.
You have to agree, this was worth the effort and mess. Et voila!
I still have to look for white fabric paint for the star at the center.
This will be for J, who wanted to buy a Captain America shirt since it aired in the theaters. =)

There are still 6 more fun activities lined up to keep them busy in the coming weeks.  And I am worry-free from dirt and stains along the way, thanks to Breeze!  This is a genius project - thank you for this fantastic #SigeSabado Playbox! 

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Good news:  
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