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Second Friday of the month: Personal / Motherhood

My Mom-Friday is 5 years old today!!! THANK YOU!
I deserve a drink! =)  

Sorry for the lame title. =)
I can't believe I was able to keep up with the writing... it didn't come easy, you know.  But I enjoyed it, even if I stayed up late just to finish a blog post.  I'm really glad and thankful that I've grown to love being a blogger - being Mom-Friday, that my family and friends recognize this as a part of my life, how my blog gained me new real friends and wonderful opportunities, and the joy it brings me - having a creative outlet and receiving words of encouragement from friends, and from readers all over the world.

It's been five freakin' years!!! And it's Mother's Day again on Sunday. Ang tagal na rin... though I still wished I was able to do a blog make-over.  That will come, soon.

If you have not read it yet, click on the photo to read my very first blog post and learn how and why I started My Mom-Friday. =)

Blogging has been, and still is, therapeutic, fun, introspective, nostalgic, exciting, fulfilling, enriching.  I truly believe that with everything I've experienced since I started My Mom-Friday five years ago, I've become a better parent, better wife, a better version of myself.  Of course, there was a phase where I felt so unproductive as a homemaker.  I just can't explain it, but there's this energy, when you're online, that really sucks you in, and you get hooked - you get addicted.  I think I'm learning to balance it better now, and has spent (a bit) less time online, compared to the past two years.  

What keeps me going?
  • Continuous self-discovery - Blogging makes me a better individual, a better mom. The exchange of knowledge is limitless.  I learn so much from my friends, from the online communities I belong to.  The emotional support is overwhelming.  They are a gift.
  • Spiritually rewarding - I feel rewarded when I receive feedback (good or bad) from friends and followers, knowing I've affected them somehow, inspired them, or helped them in any way. Knowing that readers enjoy what I share, or learned something from me, is the best motivation to continue to blog.  This is the best feeling and makes blogging truly worth it.
  • Blog partners - They are the unexpected icing on the cake. I never asked for it, but they came. Their trust and support make me feel that they appreciate what I do, that I am credible as a blogger, and that my online voice counts.  I must be doing something right, something good. I am grateful.

My heart is full.  I feel very happy knowing I was able to share much of myself to all of you, and gained so much more in return. Having this blog allowed me to meet many fascinating people and experience new things. My blog has enriched my life.

I'd love to know how I can improve My Mom-Friday.
What other topics do you want to read about?
What do you like and not like about this blog?
Tell me anything! =)

Here's my card, you know where to reach me. =)


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