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I like taking personality tests, whether from experts or from generic tests I find in magazines.  It's entertaining and amazing when tests prove or disprove what I know about myself or discovering something completely unexpected about my personality or skills. One recent test I took was with MindPrint. I first learned about MindPrint from my fellow SoMom, Jenny. Its unique biometric scan that reveals a person's innate intellect piqued my curiosity.  But of course, I was skeptical.

MindPrint uses "Dermatoglyphics" to identify an individual's innate intelligence. Say what???

Dermatoglyphics: the study of fingerprints (derma means skin; glyph means carve). 
Medical experts have established that there is a neurological link between fingerprints and the brain, and a relationship between skin grains and genes.  Our fingerprints are our external brain map. Each fingerprint is unique and permanent from birth.

So, what is MindPrint? 
"MindPrint offers the most technologically-advanced method of understanding an individual’s "innatethrough a biometric scan.  Based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, MindPrint can generate a comprehensive analysis which highlights strengths, opportunities, abilities and limitations of the various parameters of the brain. It also generates personality type, learning style, and recommended career options."

Early this year, I was very fortunate to be invited by MindPrint to have my fingerprints scanned, as well as for my 10-year old son. Truth be told, we don't have the budget for tests like these, so naturally, I could not let such an opportunity pass! After a few email exchanges, our session has been set and my boy and I went for our biometric scans at MindPrint last month.

MindPrint 3-step process:
  • 30-minute Biometric Capture session
  • 3-day Analysis Generation, processed from a secure server in Hong Kong 
  • 1-hour Consultation Session with a certified MindPrint counselor

Each finger print was scanned three times to cover all sides - this way, the reading will be clear and accurate. If you have a wound or visible scratch on your finger, they'll advise to postpone the scan until wound is healed. 

After three days, the results were ready.  We set another appointment and my husband and I went to the consultation session so we can learn more about our boy's in-born abilities, and discover what else I didn't know about myself. =) The timing was perfect for us since my boy is in a transitional stage right now as a student.  The report from MindPrint will be a very helpful tool for us to address his needs and challenges, as well as enhance his areas of strength.

Here's my take-away from our session:

What to expect from MindPrint?
  • It's based on our unique, permanent fingerprints
    • The analysis/results cannot be influenced by age, acquired knowledge, or state of mind - unlike other tests where our current emotions and environmental factors can affect our answers.
  • Consider it a one-time investment with life-time benefits - whether we take the scan at age 2 or 92, results will be the same - it's what we're born with
  • The results will reflect a person's in-born abilities, strengths and weaknesses, not acquired skills
    • It will show a person's dominant personality, learning styles, and innate intellect
    • Knowing and understanding what we're naturally good at and how we best acquire knowledge can help us make better life choices
  • MindPrint analysis complements the standard tests administered at schools and companies

Benefits of discovering our innate:
  • Identify inborn talents and limitations
    • Help develop a person’s self-confidence and natural strengths; lessen frustrations
    • Maximize a person’s full potential
  • Identify best learning style
    • Can help parents / teachers / guidance counselors understand and effectively teach and guide the child / students
  • Improve communication between parents and children, and between spouses
    • Better understanding and acceptance of the differences in personalities
  • Identify career options based on child's innate strengths
  • Understand personality styles
  • In business / work - match job profile to the best suited employee
    • Aid in effective recruitment of new employees
Sneak peek at our evaluation:
Mom = "L"
All this time, I thought I am a "Harmony Seeker" / Efficient, when my innate tells me I'm predominantly a "Result Seeker" / Leader!  Partly, I felt I manifested this personality during my working years. Given the dynamics of working in an office with a creative environment, which was the right setting for me, it reflected my "L" personality type.

Overall, it showed I have a generally balanced skill set and intellect. I have to agree with what Mr. Patel pointed out - that I can excel in whatever I try to do but there lies the difficulty to focus and specialize in one area.  I'm at a point in my life where I cannot experiment anymore.  I am currently in a process of self-assessment, and I am constantly referring to this "manual". =)

Boy = "L"
My boy is also an L.  Hopefully, he can grow into it, be efficient, independent, decisive - since we still cannot see the manifestations of his innate personality.  He has the potential to be a good leader.

His innate scales below is the most telling - it shows that he is predominantly a visual and kinesthetic/tactile learner.  He learns best by doing, and "being on the move" helps his memory to work! That's exactly what he does now, and he gets reprimanded when he can't sit still. We are currently considering homeschooling him, and his MindPrint results will be tremendously helpful with whatever we decide for this education.

MindPrint also provided this list of possible careers options based on his innate intellect. Corporate Consultant? Buyer? Psychologist? Why not? =)

I was certainly intrigued and fascinated with the technology behind MindPrint, especially after speaking with executive director, Kaiz Patel. He and his wife brought MindPrint in the country, and he's also the consultant who explained and interpreted the results for us.  I would recommend this test for young kids. The evaluation will be helpful for parents like me in understanding our child, and provide the best opportunities to maximize their potential.  Suffice it to say, I had several lightbulb moments and surprising discoveries after the consultation - and after going through over 30 pages of the in-depth evaluation report (not considered as medical advise). 

MindPrint is offering a discounted price of PhP12,500 for each scan!
Avail of this limited-time offer until June 30, 2014.
Call for an appointment now!
Be sure to give them my discount code: MP003, or show the coupon below.
(Regular rate per scan : PhP18,000)

MindPrint is the Philippine licensee of the Institute of Multiple Intelligence (IMI) from Hong Kong, specializing in Multiple Intelligence evaluation for children, adolescents and adults.
Confidentiality - Privacy is your right and our duty. Biometrics are encrypted and deleted from the system after generating the Evaluation.
We offer a 100% Money-­‐back Guarantee if proven to be 100% inaccurate.

Learn more about MindPrint here: http://mindprint.ph/
Unit 803 TCI Tower
61 West Capitol Drive, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel: (632) 631-0563
Email:  kaiz@mindprint.ph

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