Do You Have a Connected Home?

Let me get straight to the point - do you have a connected home?
We now live in the digital age, whether we like it or not.  I have embraced technology (and all the gadgets that go with it) and how it allows my family to learn, to discover, and share experiences, whether over the phone, social networking online, or video chats.  J and the kids are even more tech-savvy than me!

It actually took me longer to accept and appreciate how technology connects us all.  In spite of my being an active blogger, if you ask me, I still prefer actual phone conversations if I'm unable to meet face to face with friends and family. We can't live without our trusty landline, and we've been with PLDT for decades! My mother-in-law happens to be the most heavy user of our telephone line at home, chatting with her friends and relatives everyday - yes, everyday. She celebrated her birthday the day after Christmas, so you can imagine how busy our phone was with birthday and holiday greetings, not to mention online video calls from my sis-in-law in the USA.

My daughter, talking to my mom and telling her wish list of toys!

A #ConnectedHome is really all about family - togetherness, sharing joys and pains, milestones and experiences, celebrating and communicating, not just within these four walls of our house but reaching out to family and friends across the globe.  Even on ordinary days, my husband and I get little surprises like Facebook messages and a creative story from my boy.  Here's one of his narratives, sent to us via email. It's really quite fascinating, if you get to read this.

Before we moved to our house now, we used to have PLDT DSL and we've been a happy subscriber for years.  We are hoping PLDT Fibr will be available in our neighborhood soon 'coz all of us, including the kids, are heavy internet users.  Then, we'd be able to watch our Clickplay movies with better online video streaming.  Movie-watching is one of our family bonding activities at home.  Plus, they're also playing more online games with daddy lately, so internet speed is also a factor.

We need reliable, family-sized connection that's also budget-friendly especially now that both kids are in elementary.  We're expecting more subject-related research work will be done online. Also, their growing awareness and interest in online video games, apps, and joining social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram had me helping out and monitoring their usage as they connect with friends.  We need one connection that can be shared by the entire family, meaning we can use multiple gadgets and connections all at the same time, anytime.

And speaking of kids on Facebook, did you see that adorable boy Diego from PLDT Home's latest TVC? Watch it here. Diego was asking his family how to get a girlfriend!  And Diego has his own FB Page and gives out online advice - #letsaskDiego and post questions here on facebook.com/AskDiego! So cute!

Different homes have different needs and ways of connecting.  Experience limitless sharing with PLDT Home DSL's strong, reliable, family-sized connection, which can deliver speeds of up to 10 Mbps, with internet plans for as low as P990/month bundled with a landline.
Get the plan that's best for your family's connection needs.
  • One connection for the entire family, no need for a separate one
  • One connection that powers multiple devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • One connection for simultaneous use - enjoy the internet all at the same time; a connection so strong it's meant to be shared
That is how a Family-Sized broadband connection for the home should be, it should allow your family to enjoy limitless sharing.

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