Mom-Cook: Polvoron con Queso

I like eating cheese. My family does too. Aside from the usual pasta and pizza dishes, I try recipes where I can make it more tasty and flavorful with the use of a variety of cheeses available to me. If you've been following my Instagram, you may have seen my post where I received dozens of cheese packs from Perfect Italiano.  As soon as I got the package, my mind went crazy thinking about what I can cook them with!

I've been buying Perfect Italiano grated and block parmesan cheese for the longest time. I use it for most of the pasta dishes I cook at home.  The package also came with Mozzarella, and Pizza Plus, which is one of the most versatile mix of cheeses I've tried.  Pizza Plus combines grated mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan in one pack. I added it to some easy recipes which I will share on the blog by installment... you'll see they're not just good for pizza. =)

This recipe was inspired by my cooking class in high school and it's the first time I tried and made polvoron with cheese.  I think I was still in college the last time I made a batch of this popular local snack / delicacy.  Anyhow, this is pretty simple to make, and if you have kids, they can join you with the mixing and molding.  With just five ingredients, and a molder, it makes for a fun kitchen project with the little ones this summer.

The girl requested for cookies and cream polvoron, so half of the polvoron base (w/o the cheese) was mixed with 6 finely crushed Oreo cookies.
* If you want it less milky, use equal parts toasted flour and powdered milk.


1/2 cup all purpose flour
250g - 300g pack powdered milk (about 1 cup; use your preferred type and brand; I use full cream milk powder)
1/4 - 1/2 cup white sugar
1/3 cup Perfect Italiano Pizza Plus
3/4 cup butter, melt and liquify

polvoron molder
lined tray
pre-cut Japanese paper or cellophane for wrapping; or air-tight containers

To prepare:
In a non-stick pan, lightly toast flour over medium heat, for about 10 minutes. Transfer to a large bowl.
In the same pan, melt and liquify butter. Be careful not to burn it. Set aside.
Combine toasted flour, powdered milk, and sugar.  Taste and adjust sugar to desired sweetness.
Sift dry ingredients through a strainer to remove clumps.
Add Pizza Plus cheese trio and mix.
Pour liquified butter into the dry ingredients and mix very well with a fork or wire whisk. Make sure no clumping.

To mold:
Hold the middle part of the molder and press down in the middle of the bowl while compressing the polvoron mix.
Gently push out the polvoron onto a tray, then refrigerate for about half an hour just to set the mold, then transfer to individual wrappers.

In our case, we did not wrap anymore and just popped in our mouths one after the other. I stored the polvoron in shallow plastic containers, with wax paper in between 2 layers.  We just eat straight from the container.  

Don't keep the cheese polvoron too long in the ref since the cheese bits will harden. Store individually-wrapped polvoron in boxes or plastic containers, no need to refrigerate for a day or two.  It's more soft and chewy at room temperature.

The Pizza Plus cheese is so versatile and I'm happy it worked with my polvoron. You can actually use grated cheddar too. I found wonderful recipes for everyday meals and party dishes at My Perfect Recipes on Facebook, and also in Perfect Italiano's homepage here. From their site, you can also download their free e-book where you'll discover the real perfect Italiano! Yup, he's a living, breathing, dashing Italian-Filipino!

The e-book is about the exciting adventures of Cristiano, who tries to use his cooking skills to win his lost love, Isabel. If you have not read their love story yet, you can download the Prologue and the First Chapter here: Cristiano, The Perfect Italiano.

And I'm not joking, Cristiano is an actual person, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram! =)

Perfect Italiano cheese products are available at leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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