Mom-Friday OOTD: Shrug It!

Introducing... my first ever "outfit of the day", a.k.a. OOTD, post in the blog, not counting the Mom-Style features.  I'm not good at this.  I mean, to begin with, this is not a fashion blog despite having a few style posts here and there.  I don't know how to pose, I don't even have a covetable wardrobe! =)  For the new year, I counted only two #momfridayOOTD posts on my Instagram.  See them below.

This is a completely random post, but I'm feeling it today.  So, here's something new and unexpected for you, but please excuse the awkward pose... and the cropped head... and the un-styled shot.  =)

January 28, 2014 :  I wore my (really old) white tee and black pants with flats when I brought my kid to school.  I then changed to pointy pumps and thew over this long, billowy green printed shrug to dress up the whole look for a luncheon event.

The shrug did it. Got lucky with this piece brought in from Bali by my friend. Can't find one locally that's as nice as this one.

Scoop neck tee:  U2
Pants:  Paige Denim
Suede heels:  Calvin Klein
Pom-pom trimmed cotton shrug: I Shine 365

Two weeks ago :  Here's my first #momfridayOOTD IG post, after I had my new year spa-pedi session I shared here.  I'm in a blue ELIN Bernice dress, tied with a Zara heather gray cardigan.

That's it.  How do I look? heehee...
Check the hashtag #momfridayOOTD on Instagram to see my other OOTD posts.  But don't expect too much! =)  No fuss, easy dressing, and don't expect designer labels here either. =)

'Til the next one!

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