My Mom-Friday Slum Book: Getting to Know YOU

Freestyle Friday:  Blog / Readers / Random

January 2014 has five Fridays, which means I get to post all my Friday categories this first month of the year, yehey!!! Today is the fourth Friday (the "last Friday" Mom-Finds will be for next week), so it's Freestyle Friday - anything goes, no assigned topic.

Since it's the start of the year, I'd really want to take this chance to know more about my readers for a change. My blog is turning 5 this coming May, and in all those years, I can't recall dedicating a post just to ask questions about you. This time, please indulge me with this Q&A to get to know YOU, to help me make this blog better and more interesting for you this year and in the years to come.

On the sidebar, you'll see my most popular posts - a nice mix of food, parenting, and recreation features.  I like knowing what topics people search for and enjoy reading here.  So, what else did you like from the blog?

If you grew up in my generation, the slum book / slam book is the coolest way to know more about our friends and classmates, even teachers!  It's like a bio, trivia, scrapbook, all in one cute compact notebook or journal.  

Now, it's your turn. 
Tell me as little or as many info as you like.  Feel free to add or subtract from the list of questions below.  Ask me questions too, if you like. =)

My Mom-Friday Readers' Slum Book
  1. Who are you? (Nickname, or social media handle/profile name)
  2. Where are you from? (city, country)
  3. What age group do you belong to?  (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s?)
  4. What do you do? Occupation?
  5. Single? Married? With Kids? Complicated? =)
  6. Hobbies, special interests?
  7. What's your motto? =)
  8. What do you usually search for or like reading online?
  9. What are your favorite blog posts or topics here? 
  10. What other expectations do you have from me or from my blog? Likes and Dislikes about this blog?
  11. What have you tried/bought/made from any of the products/services/ideas featured here?
  12. Do you follow @mymomfriday on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?  If not, follow me now for instant posts and updates! =)
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I really hope you can share something about yourselves in the comment box. 
I'm looking forward to reading our "slum book"! (",)  If you have friends who read my blog, please share this with them too, so I can get to know them.

If you want to learn some unknown facts about me, you can revisit 25-random-things-about-mom-friday. And of course, there's my WHO page.

I try my best to reply and answer any questions you may have on each entry so check back if you've left one. Thank you and do visit again!
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