Fun Friday: What's Your Favorite Childhood Hobby?

Third Friday of the month:  Hobbies / Recreation

I've been de-cluttering some parts of the house lately and in the process, I've unearthed so many of my old stuff which I brought with me after I got married.  I'm not so much of a pack rat, but rather more on sentimental, especially with things that reminded me of my younger years, who I was, what I did, what I liked then.  These hobbies really helped define who I am today, and how I influenced my children with their own interests.

After I shared this tea set I posted on Instagram last Sunday, I got in the mood to look for more of my "treasures" and the kids' art too.  I remembered listing some of my hobbies here in 25 Random Things About Mom-Friday - see #16 and #17.  =)

My mom influenced me in many of the hobbies I picked up.  First, she was a stamp collector (philatelist), ergo, she started my collection and I grew to love it as well.  I even "inherited" some stamps from 1930s.

I learned so much about each country, it's historical names and culture though the stamps I've collected.  Did you know Helevetia is the ancient name of Switzerland?

Sanrio, Stickers, Stationery 
If you're a girl like me growing up in the 80s, Sanrio will probably be one of your favorite group of cute Japanese characters, just like the boys' fascination for Voltes V and Mazinger-Z!  

I also enjoyed trading scented stickers and stationeries with classmates before.  Remember Scratch 'n Sniff stickers?  I've already shared my vintage Sanrio collection here, so these are just a few from my precious collection which, until now, I cannot even think of using! Heehee..

Music and Lyrics
My parents were music buffs and I grew up listening to 60s and 70s music played on LPs (long playing records) and 45s on the turntable.  Eventually, I learned to appreciate different genres aside from pop, like classical, jazz, R&B, grunge, except for heavy metal.

Back in college, I have friends who bring a guitar to the campus and we used to sing with a lyric book.  I get most of my lyrics by listening and doing the play-pause-play-rewind on our cassette recorder.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this! =) One summer, I went crazy and decided to type (yes, I used a typewriter coz I didn't own a PC then) the lyrics of over 200 songs! That one at the bottom - I compiled and had it hardbound pa! =)

Draw, Design, Paint
As far as I can remember, I like drawing, sketching whatever inspires me at that moment.  But my favorite subject has always been clothes, fashion.  I found this set of art lesson booklets from my father's cabinet when I was in high school, and I took out the courses for cartoon drawing, painting, and fashion illustration.

From sketching prom dresses to evening wear and gowns, I was able to help a cousin and work colleague design their wedding entourage gowns. Eventually, I co-designed my own bridal and bridesmaids' dresses too.

I find watercolor paintings very pleasing to eyes, very cool, fluid, and pretty.  I wanted to take painting lessons when I was working but did not have the time to do it.  Claude Monet is an inspiration and I just like looking at his paintings in books and calendars.  I settled with buying a watercolor painting book and tried to learn on my own.  This was a short-lived hobby.  I wish my kids would get interested so I can have their works framed and displayed around the house! =) 

I just like taking pictures. From high school retreats, exposure trips and social gatherings, I really enjoy being behind the camera and capturing moments, places, and things.  Today, my favorite subjects are, obviously, the boy and the girl.  With the advent of Instagram, we can all take and share photos instantly.  This picture is one of my favorites of them together, taken in 2008.

I learned to bake first before I can cook.  It was around middle school when I started baking ready-mix cookies and brownies.  As I got older, I would rather buy baked goodies since there were so many cakes and pastry shops to try.  When the kids were big enough to help in the kitchen, I introduced them to baking and from time to time, we set a baking day where they can whip and mix, pour ingredients and just watch the cookies expand in the oven.

With my children, it's evident that they have a talent for drawing early on.  We are truly blessed. They draw everyday, with any medium they fancy.  It's their quiet time activity.  Both of them took a summer art class one time, which enhanced their skills and taught them some techniques. In the end, they both found their own styles and has showed a lot of improvements just by drawing and copying different subjects everyday.  The boy has now moved on to drawing and designing on the iPad while the girl is into cartoons.


I think I'll go offline once in a while to pick up a pencil and paper and do some sketches again.
How about you? What were your childhood hobbies?

You can see more of the kids' art from this Fun Friday post here, and from their Instagram @artofjandm. Hope you can follow them too! =)
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