Biscoff Spread = Cookie Butter Love

For the love of cookie butter, today's quickie post is brought to you by our (that means the girl and I) addiction to Biscoff spread.

This post has been in drafts for several months now, and the cookie butter craze has been written about many times over, so I thought I won't publish this anymore.

I know I'm late with the post and had to edit this... so, what changed my mind?

Last month, this arrived:
3.5-pound jar of Biscoff Spread that my friend bought for me from the US last summer.  I was just expecting the usual 14-oz jar but luckily, she found this value pack at a coffee shop and got this for me.  I was ecstatic!

I first tried Biscoff spread just after New Year's day when my first order arrived from Lorena and Loreta. Around that time, Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter was all the rage and it went out of stock since the holiday season last year, so I got Biscoff instead.  We finished a jar in less than a month.  I even included it here in My 3 Things.

Don't get me wrong, I really like both brands.  If you give me a jar of TJ's, I'll still take it! =)  But Biscoff is my top pick.

I prefer Biscoff Spread over TJ's Cookie Butter simply because:
  • Biscoff has more depth in flavor - you can really taste the scrumptious spice cookie-caramel flavor in the spread
  • Very subtle hint of cinnamon
  • Slightly sweeter than TJ's, which I like
  • More spreadable (but a bit more oily)
See ingredients on the label:

I've been posting photos on Instagram since January and here are just a few that shows how we enjoy our cookie butter - both Biscoff and TJ's.

Spread on toast or pancakes and we're in cookie butter heaven!

Biscuit + Coffee = Biscoff, manufactured by Lotus from Belgium.  You have to read this link with FAQs to learn more about Biscoff.

Can you guess how fast / how long we can finish that 3.5-pound Biscoff jar?

Note:  I bought/paid for all my Biscoff cookies and cookie butter spreads. =)

You can buy yours online via Amazon.com or Biscoff.com
Locally, though stocks are always limited, you can buy from:
Healthy Options
Lorena and Loreta on Facebook

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