Everyday Art with T-Pencil and Crayola

It's no secret that the girl and the boy are very much into drawing - it's their number one pastime.  They draw random stuff everyday, even on a tiny piece of scratch paper they can get their hands on.  I even set up the kids' own Instagram profile so we can share their art and other forms of creative expressions.  They like me to take photos of their art sometimes. =)  

Getting creative during the CRAYOLA Family Art session held at GYMBOREE, Shangri-la mall

Among their favorite art materials are these assortment of coloring pens and crayons we collected over the years, all from the brand that we grew up with - Crayola.

Here are just a couple of artwork the girl and the boy created in the past.

The girl likes to color her work (above), while the boy sticks with pencil drawings, but does it with great attention to details.

Two weekends ago, we attended the fun family art session hosted by Amalgamated Specialties Corporation (Amspec), makers of Crayola products and T-Pencilin partnership with Gymboree Philippines.  We love Crayola. =)

All the kids, and even the parents, were excited to use the rainbow of colors and art materials prepared for everyone.  There were Twistable crayons, colored pencils, markers, Pip Squeaks, and more.  These Crayola markers are washable too no worries about staining their hands and clothes.  Since the boy and the girl use these materials everyday, whether in school or at home, it gives me peace of mind knowing they're all non-toxic.

Aside from re-discovering these coloring products through my children, I want every parent to know - especially those with small kids that like to chew on crayons - that our favorite Crayola is completely safe, kid-friendly and not-toxic including the labels:
  • Pigments used are non-toxic
  • Labels used non-toxic soya inks, paper is acid- and bleach-free
  • Passed European EN 71.3 safety testing
  • Crayons should not smell like rancid butter

Both T-Pencil and Crayola are registered with the Food and Drug Administration.  For T-Pencil, all raw materials – from its cedar wood, lacquer, rubber, ferrules or metal parts – are tested to ensure the absence of toxic elements.  

We've used (and thrown out) all sorts of pencils, many from party loot and gifts that came in cute characters and designs.  But some are hard to sharpen, and the core easily breaks even while sharpening!  Don't you hate it when a piece of the "lead" gets stuck in the sharpener? And we all know the health hazards of lead!  So, how to spot quality vs. substandard pencils?
  • T-Pencils should smell like cedar
  • Graphite points (not made of lead) should be centered - if not, it will easily break while sharpening
  • Glued to the wood, encased from end to end

Now we know.

That's Mr. Wood of Amspec, assuring us parents that they will continue to innovate and manufacture products for children that meet the highest quality standards, and most importantly, safe and toxin-free.

The energy and excitement was evident during the family art day and creativity flowed freely among the participants, kids and adults alike.

My twosome were in their element that afternoon.  They did some arts and crafts projects, and learned new drawing techniques from the Gymboree teachers who facilitated all the activities for toddlers and big kids.  

It was fun to see children of all ages doing art projects and bonding with their parents, and seeing their happy faces with their finished works of art.

Everyday is art day in our home, but I'm glad my kids were able to share and showcase their love for drawing with new friends, thanks to Gymboree and Amspec.  Crayola and T-Pencils are mom-approved!

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Note: SoMoms group shot courtesy of Amspec.

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