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"From the leading food storage solutions comes a new line of cooking aids that have gone from just a shelf item to a healthy cooking utility." - Lock & Lock

I've been using my CookPlus ceramic-coated pan for almost anything I've been cooking since I got it last month during our Lock & Lock event.
Cooking demo at the event

From pasta sauces, Korean dishes, to oysters teriyaki as featured here, this Ceramica pan makes cooking more enjoyable for me, and healthier too!

SRP @  PhP 2,099.75 for CookPlus Ceramic 26

CookPlus Ceramic pots and pans came from the same Korean brand of top quality food storage products that I grew to love over the last decade - Lock & Lock.  They're not just about plastic ware now, as you will see on this post.  Their new innovations in cookware will surely make you drool and make you want to own one. 

Aside from the yellow color that perfectly compliments my kitchen's theme, here are more reasons why I love my Lock & Lock CookPlus Ceramic pan, and why you should own one too:
  • PFOA-Free / Non-Toxic - reducing the risks of the dispersion of harmful chemicals
  • (perfluorooctanoic acid: a carcinogen; developmental toxicant found on common industrially prepared cooking pans)
  • Heat is properly and evenly distributed throughout its thick bottom
  • Non-stick, eco-friendly ceramic-coated
  • Bulges on the pan's surface (see top photo) helps distribute oil, and in fact reduces the use of oil when frying
  • Good weight and grip with ergonomically designed handle
  • Available in different bright colors and sizes, casseroles and frying pans
  • So easy to use and clean
I highly recommend this product! I'm moving away from teflon-coated pans since last year, so I do plan to have more CookPlus Ceramic in my kitchen.

Some care tips:
> Avoid overheating without any food in it
> Let it cool before washing
> Do not use abrasive cleaning tools
Photo from Amazon.com

Another amazing Lock & Lock product line is the Boroseal glassware. It's created with the goal of “kitchen to table” dish delivery, having in mind safety, health-awareness, and longevity of product life.

We still use our old plastic Lock & Lock containers and water tumblers in different shapes and sizes. But as part of my gradual move away from plasticware (I'm trying really hard to be eco-friendly with my choices), I found the answer with Boroseal glassware!

What I love about Boroseal:
  • Comes from the Borosilicate glass technology - heat resistant, safe for use in:
    • microwave ovens
    • boiling water
    • open flame
  • Keeps food fresh and safe from harmful bacteria
  • Glass base with air-tight, signature Lock & Lock BPA-free plastic lid
  • Material is free from common industrial chemicals
  • Glass is not made from common tempered glass - reduced risk of spontaneous breakage (in cases of sudden exposure to heat, glass wouldn’t break into tiny pieces)
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Use from kitchen to table - from storage to serving dish

Prices for Boroseal varies with the size and shape of the container. All Lock & Lock product lines are available in leading department stores.  For a complete line of CookPlus and Boroseal, you can visit any of their Lock & Lock stores, click here for the complete list.

‎"Lock & Lock cares for the advancement of the kitchen through new means and ways to prepare food from kitchen to table, while keeping in mind in the care for the environment and the balance of health and wellness."

Incidentally, Lock and Lock will have a Warehouse SALE this weekend, with up to 80% Off!
Sept. 1, Sat: 5pm - 10pm
Sept. 2, Sun: 9am - 10pm
Lock & Lock Mega Store
Lobby of Megastate Bldg., Agno st. corner Araneta Ave., Quezon City
(beside Sanctuarium / near Jollibee Quezon Ave.)
For inquiries, you can call: (632) 410-4149

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